In Smyrna, Tennessee 1 Nissan LEAF Rolls Off the Line Every 15 Minutes


It’s no surprise to us that sales have risen ever since Nissan shifted North American LEAF production from Japan to Smyrna, Tennessee.

LEAF Battery Pack Gets Assembled

LEAF Battery Pack Gets Assembled

Nissan responded to rising sales by slowly upping production in Smyrna.  The increased production took months to sort out, but soon Smyrna will be churning out LEAFs at a rate that meets demand.

Nissan manufacturing spokesman Justin Saia states:

“In response to strong demand from the market, we announced plans to increase Leaf production six months ago.  We will continue to evaluate opportunities to scale production to meet market demand.”

How often does a LEAF now roll off the line in Smyrna?  Nissan says one LEAF is completed every 15 minutes and adds that Smyrna is running at full tilt with 3 shifts going now from Sunday evening through Saturday morning.  Of course, it’s not just LEAF production that keeps the line rolling, but the other vehicles made there (Maxima, Altima, Nissan Pathfinder and Infiniti QX60) don’t plug in, so the production rate of those vehicles isn’t newsworthy to us.

1 LEAF every 15 minutes.  Wait an hour and 4 more will roll out the door.

Source: Tennessean

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Without knowing the production numbers for the other cars, it is hard to say. But I’m curious what the general feeling is among the workers at the factory, seeing so many Leafs being manufactured. They must feel the EV is a success.

That’s 4/hour… over what, some 130 hours/week = 500-plus Leafs per week?

It’s still the old pace, not an increased one.

I really wonder what’s going on there. Will they ever be able to break past ~25k units/year? They’ve been promising it for many months now.

Really talking out of my league here (maybe king Cole will chirp in) but I think it has to do with the small auto numbers relative to the auto market. The same thing happens to all EVs at this point. We are elated to see a few thousand shy of 100,000 in 2013 and we should be for it is 3x faster than the hybrid curve happened. Still it is hard to place a couple of thousand cars over fifty states in any given month and get the numbers right. I think you posted a graph along side of kdawg’s graph Assaf showing the growth a few weeks ago. A recent article declaring ICE’s obsolete in 2016 was a bit of a stretch for this site to post but there still was a grain of importance in that forecast. 2016-2017 if your graph turns out to be true, will be the years that EV numbers really take off. Your/kdawg’s graph mirrored the hybrid adoption curve which as good as any forecast to follow. But to the original question, I think Smyrna will rise to the need whenever the numbers demand it. And from my visits to the area, Tenn. in… Read more »

Well except Tesla who does not follow the auto dealership rules and “truly” is limited by supply. You gotta love Tesla.

My calcs came out at 2,000 a month also. So the rate hasn’t increased at all if the one every 15 minutes is in fact current production rates.

I suspect Nissan will keep delaying increased production until the new heat resistant battery is ready for production. Why produce more cars that are going to be a warranty liability?

Assuming two 8-hour shifts that would be about 15,000 per year.


The article says they are running 3 shifts.

Wow! Great news. I am so much looking forward to when the lease on my 2012 LEAF expires so I can get my 2014 LEAF. Nissan North America I am yours!!!!!!!!!!

My two daughters have learned to drive and have earned their New York State Driver License on our LEAF. All 4 of us love the car.

Yes, there are other EVs to choose from. I have test driven all those that have been available for me to do so, including the Miles NEV. OK, the big ‘T’ is awesome and if I won the Lottery I might get one, but I would first get everone in my family a LEAF as they are so practical, functional, reliable, and out right awesome.i

New Rochelle, NY

Same here! I want a ’14 bad so I can take advantage of that 6.6 kW charging! Such a great car. I was scared to get it but now I won’t get anything else. My wife and I have the leaf and a Honda pilot so we have a vehicle to take long trips if needed. But 95% of my driving is in the leaf. I wish I could help people see how practical leasing this car really is.

I tend to agree. Unless Nissan falls significantly behind the range or price curves, I’ll
probably get another one when my lease expires in 2016. That is, if they do double the range to 150 miles, and Tesla is not offering much better for the same price, why switch.

Seems like they otta be building 2014’s right now, anyone have info on that?

Nissan is building the Leaf a lot faster than GM is building the Volt is all I can say. For the first time, ever, (can we ignore the month of January 2011?) Cars dot com has more Leafs in US inventory than Volts. Nissan is leading GM 3198 to 3189. And Nissan has yet to build a single 2014 Leaf. Oh, wait a minute, there is exactly one 2014MY Leaf in Cars dot coms inventory. But the point I take from this is that 6 months ago GM had 9200 Volts in inventory and then they crushed their previous sales record by more than 10%.
But they now have just 3189 Volts and I don’t see how they can come close to any records until February at least since Hamtramck is probably closed for another week.
Nissan has built their US inventory up from 2200 to 3198 from June to today, and they may be looking at monthly sales records for the next couple months.

I leased a Leaf in December – absolutely love it. I traded in an old Pontiac that needed some work and I believe over the 3 year lease, I will actually save $$ versus trying to keep the Pontiac running. This is our 3rd car – I have a teenager who I fight for use of the car — he has friends who drive their parents luxury cars who are jealous! (I have a 2013 Altima that has become second fiddle!)

What I will do in 3 years is completely unknown — except for the Leaf will not be replaced with an ICE vehicle! Can’t wait to see what is available by then.