Hyundai Teases 292-Mile Kona Electric: “A Car Of No Compromise”

FEB 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 33

Hyundai released a teaser of the all-new Kona Electric compact SUV that will be unveiled on February 27, ahead of the car’s world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.

Hyundai Kona

2018 Hyundai Kona (ICE)

Sales in Europe should begin this summer.

Pre-orders for the Kona Electric opened in South Korea two weeks ago.

“Hyundai Motor has released a first teaser image of its first fully-electric SUV ahead of the official unveiling, on February 27. The All-New Kona Electric reinforces the company’s leadership in the eco-car segment. Hyundai Motor will be the first automotive brand across Europe to make an all-electric compact SUV available to everyone, coming to the market in summer 2018.”

Hyundai promises one of the most powerful electric motors (expected 150 kW) and two battery pack options (expected 39.2 or 64 kWh). The bigger one will offer up to nearly 470 km (292 miles) under the WLTP test cycle.

According to some sources, the Kona Electric will land in the United States in the first half of 2019, carrying a base price of just under $40,000. It will be offered with only one battery option in the U.S., the larger 64-kWh one.

“Efficiency meets fun-to-drive

The All-New Kona Electric will feature two different powertrain versions offering customers one of the most powerful electric engines on the market with a class leading range of almost 470 kilometres (internal target under WLTP regulations) and a great fun-to-drive character. Furthermore, drivers will benefit from a wide range of convenience and connectivity features as well as active safety and driving assistance technologies.

Hyundai Motor merges the two hottest trends in the automotive market

The All-New Kona Electric enables customers to combine the two worlds of eco-mobility and SUV style. In bringing this car to the market, Hyundai Motor is the first carmaker in Europe to merge these two hottest industry trends.

Hyundai Motor is at the forefront of eco mobility, already offering the broadest range of powertrains. Hyundai marketed the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle, the ix35, and recently introduced its successor, the All-New Nexo. Furthermore, the successful IONIQ is the only car available with three different electrified powertrains in one body type. The IONIQ Electric has just been ranked first in the prestigious ADAC EcoTest 2017.”

All-New Hyundai Kona Electric

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Kona is basically a compact hatch with some SUV styling elements so at the end of the day this is a Bolt competitor (though easier to sell as a crossover)with presumably similar range and performance and slightly higher pricing. If Ionic is any indication it could beat Bolt on charging specs.

But what is a SUV if not a “compact hatch with some SUV styling” ?

Many SUV are not even AWD…

Neither is this one. Sit in one and you’ll know what I mean. This may look SUVish from the outside but it feels like a compact hatch from the inside, including the low seating position.

it nice on the out side but the inside is cheap in ice ,hopefully the electric version will get a better interior,anybody know when the bigger battery for the inoiq is coming ?
jay maybe?

Bring them, bring them all. Competition is great for everyone but monopolies.

I question both the RANGE and the Battery capacity here….. Given automakers’ propensity for hyperbole, I wonder if this 64 kwh battery is basically similar to the (HONEST) 60 kwh BOLT ev unit. That car’s EPA 238 mile rating I went 278 miles with around 4 miles to spare last fall with a light pedal.

But the price seems competitive at least.

(Even GM is guilty of stretching the truth at times: the ’31 mile rated’ PHEV CT6 Caddy no one test driving it has gotten as much as 22 full miles when on battery).

The ~280 miles WLTP means about 220 EPA. That is more than enough. A 150 EPA version would likely sell better in the Pacific states given the current cost of batteries.

If they have not made this AWD then they are making a mistake. It may be very successful in spite of that.

2018 Leaf it 168 miles WLTP combined and 150 EPA.
Chevy Bolt 240 miles WLTP and 238 miles EPA.

Leaf EPA is actually 151 miles combined
Leaf WLTP is 177. If the Kia vehicle is proportional to that then the 292 miles comes in at 249 miles EPA.

The link above is so you can educate yourself and not spread falsehoods.

Maybe a sub-compact SUV? The Nio is shorter and lower than a Leaf, and the Kona is smaller than a Nio. The SUV styling can’t be helping the range either.

“…the Kona Electric will land in the United States in the first half of 2019, carrying a base price of just under $40,000”

Tell me again why Tesla’s mythical Model Y will own the market?

Don’t know about owning the market but this economy class design is unlikely to make its life difficult.

I don’t know. I think I’d be plenty happy with a $40k 210-mile CUV from a low-drama company, rather than a $55k CUV from a high-drama company.

M3 - reserved -- Niro/Leaf 2.0/Outlander - TBD

Tesla’s Y already has competition in 2019.

Tell me again why Tesla’s mythical Model Y will own the market

Possible reasons:

Access to SC network

Access to MC network

Price guaranteed for charging access

All wheel drive standard

Performance package availability

Larger vehicle

More usable space

More battery options

Higher ground clearance

Higher towing capacity

Tesla badge

> Possible reasons:

> Access to SC network

> Access to MC network

> Price guaranteed for charging access

> All-wheel drive standard
maybe, we don’t know that

> Performance package availability

meat of market is not $70k vehicles

> Larger vehicle
we don’t know that, Model 3 is about as large as Bolt

> More usable space
again, we don’t know

> More battery options
two battery options likely for both MY and Kona

> Higher ground clearance
we don’t know that

> Higher towing capacity
we don’t know that

> Tesla badge
sadly yes

Whoops. Should have been:

> Performance package availability
meat of market is not $70k vehicles

> Larger vehicle
we don’t know that, Model 3 is about as large as Bolt

“Access to SC network”

Ignoring Electrify America and other fast-charge networks around the world (Ionity in Europe etc.):

One day (around ~2020) all the Tesla fanboys will wake up and realize every car maker is offering long-range EVs with 150-350kW charging while Tesla’s CEO is busy with space pet projects – and burning $.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Also add with the Chad adapter for Tesla you open up to even more DCFC, slower but still gives a much larger access to DCFC.

I’m sure a CCS adapter is in the works somewhere. If not Tesla then third party.

LMFAO at admitted Tesla-shorter trollftf.

“…one day…”

Yeah, that about sums up your level of desperate and pathetic, whining Anti-Tesla FUD.

And where are all those batteries for all these supposed “Tesla Killers” going to come from and that you are counting n to save your money tied up in shorting Tesla?

Meanwhile, thanks for helping to fund Tesla’s huge expansion with your money lost on shorting!

Model Y will win superior because it lands rockets on barges!!!!!!



Kona EV…. Available this year. Model Y….. Know idea.

I have loved Tesla ever since I saw my first Roadster at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2011. But face it battery production world wide is exploding and the competition is closing in.

292 miles from a 64 kWh battery sounds very optimistic. I’d rather guess less than/around 250 miles. If the price comes in under $40k however it could be a real competitor though.

292 miles from a 64 kWh battery sounds very optimistic.

292 EPA would be amazing. 292 WLTP would probably come up just short of 250 EPA.

Add to the list AP3.0, Tesla customer service, Tesla home power bundle, and so on.

You don’t know that any of these will be but you also don’t know that any of these won’t be hence they were all listed under the heading possible reasons.

Perhaps Model Y and this thing in 2018-19. Is when legacy OEMs close the gap with Tesla. Only took 10-11 years.

In Europe for sure. Europeans prefer European cars by large margin.

Audi E-tron and Jaguar I-Pace will overtake Tesla Model X in European market easily.
In the US Japanese are outselling American cars.
The best selling car in the US: Toyota RAV4
2nd: Nissan Rogue
3rd: Toyota Camry
4th: Honda CR-V
5th: Honda Civic

Provided the limited production capacity will allow to overtake…

“Sales in Europe should begin this summer.”

That’s good

1. Korea
2. Europe
3. Canada (WTF)
4. California (token #)
5. US (1 or 2)

Why does every discussing digress into Tesla bashing v. Fanboys?

15400 preordered in Norway.

Bash this all you want. Cheap Kona interior ok that may be but exterior is not clown car sad like the Chevy Dolt.