Hyundai Sold Over 8,000 Plug-In Electric Cars In December

JAN 21 2019 BY MARK KANE 26

Hyundai is on the rise

Hyundai once again raised the bar for plug-in electric car sales, achieving in December a new all-time record of 8,174, which is 276% more than a year ago. The plug-ins now account for a record high 5.3% of total volume for the South Korean brand.

The year 2018 closed with 53,114 plug-in electric sales for Hyundai – 144% more than a year ago and an average share of 3.1%. With such great progress, we assume a six-digit result in 2019.

Additionally, Hyundai sold some 168 NEXO hydrogen fuel cell cars in December and 949 in 2018.

Hyundai plug-in electric car sales – December 2018

Hyundai is able to sustain a rate of more than 5,000 Kona Electric per month, which is almost 26% of all Kona sales in December:

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They deciphered the hand-writing on the wall, and instead of hand wringing they are handily moving forward.
You’ve got to hand it to them.

And still in the next article someone will claim Hyundai only builds compliance EVs.

Though we must admit most evs are compliance motivated.

I don’t care how or why, every pure electric vehicle that replaces an ICE vehicle is a good thing.

Hyundai sells more in Europe and Korea than in compliance states. If selling more outside of compliance states is being compliance motivated, Tesla is the biggest maker of compliance cars.

If Hyundai can keep production at 5,000+ Kona Electrics a month that would produce a volume of 60,000+ a year. That’s better than any EV has ever done in a year except for the Model 3 and the Leaf. Even at these production levels, with strong demand overseas, it might be a very long time before we see the Kona Electric in great numbers in the USA.

From the graph it appears that sales were constant for the last two months of 2018. That may indicate that production is maxed out for now. I doubt Hyundai is too concerned about ramping up production until they get a good feel for demand.

The eNiro is already at the 5k-level per month too.

Sales in Korea mostly as of today? Cause I see only symbolic numbers in Norway right now…

Note that Tesla produces as many Model 3s in a week as Hyundai does Kona’s in a month. Just to put things in perspective….

Still, pretty impressive for an incumbent.

Just to put it in a different perspective:

Hyundai-Kia produces halve as many of their Kona-Niro EV siblings as Tesla does the 3, while only ramping up for a 3rd of the time. Sells 250 mile EVs around the 35k mark, which they didn’t even tease before.

BUT gets called a compliancy EV maker constantly.

On the time that Kona v m3 have been released. Kona is on front in terms of numbers.

What numbers?

Looks like great progress. 5000 per month sustained for the Kona is decent volume (i.e. more than just compliance/greenwashing) and if they are able to increase this in 2019 then they could quickly become one of the leading non-Chinese EV manufacturers. Does anyone know if they have more EV models on the way?

The new Soul EV will be available later this year.

From Kia’s website: “…Soul EV hits dealerships in mid-late March 2019, in select markets in limited quantities.”

Are these sales figures for Korea, Europe or world-wide?


Unfortunately worldwide – Hyundai was 20 % of Tesla Sales Numbers in 2018…

I wonder if their PHEV vs BEV ratios are decent indicators of a significant shift towards BEVs. That won’t bode well for companies that are just now rolling out PHEVs like Subaru.

We already know who is the Apple of EVs, but Samsung’s position is unclear. Hyundai should have little problem in ramping up their production if it was not constrained by batteries. I think the most meaningful things here are: a) With the recent increase of prices they don’t loose money anymore. In fact they may be winning some compared to slim margins of ICEs. b) LG Chem cell packs production may be rising a lot. Building battery factories may be much faster than building cars. May Hyundai ramp up production in the coming monthes? I bet they will. Things are going crazy in the sector.

Prediction: Hyundai will be the first large legacy automaker to switch to electrified-only vehicles.

They still tink EVs are a midterm solution, while they bet on fuel cell vehicles. So, I don’t see them switching to mass production of EVs only anytime soon.

I like the ods of that.

This is a considerable ramp up! So we can definitely expect more than 100.000 EVs from Hyundai this year. Very very nice!

It’s great but it’s also a sad commentary on how far back is Detroit and how they keep falling ever further behind.

Once 811 battery production ramps Hyundai/ Kia group will scale production. Right now they are battery constrained. PHEV Niro costs same as BEV and the pure electric outsells the hybrid in the UK. With acceptable range only problem is availability.