Honda Discontinues Accord Plug-In Hybrid


2014 Honda Accord PHEV

2014 Honda Accord PHEV

Honda executives have decided to discontinue the slow-selling Accord Plug-In Hybrid.

The decision comes as Honda turns its focus to some future dedicated electrified models (more details coming in a future post on InsideEVs).

Additionally, Honda announced that it is cancelling its Civic CNG (compressed natural gas) and Civic Hybrid.

Why all the cancellations of green models?  According to Honda, the decisions come mostly due to low sales, as customer’s fail to see the benefit of a certain type of car when either a higher price tag, costly fuel, or lack of fueling stations are factored in:

“With any type of inconvenience customers aren’t willing to compromise.”

States Honda’s executive vice president John Mendel.

Accord Plug-In Hybrid sales topped out at 71 units in a single month and have bottomed out at just 2.  In the first 5 months of 2015, Honda sold only 55 copies of the Accord PHEV.

From our point of view, we put that lack of sales fully on the fact that Honda used the Accord PHV as a project halo car of sorts, pricing it outside the realm of reason.  (The fact the car only went 13 miles of electricity – provided you didn’t drive it too fast or hard didn’t help much either).

In fact, Honda even increased the price of the car in 2014 by $1,000 (up to $39,780), meaning it now retails for $18,675  more than the base model (try to find the value in that proposition); whereas the Prius PHV as a comparison, was priced just $5,790 higher than the base, or $3,290 higher after government incentives are factored in.

Toyota has sold 40,528 Prius PHVs in the US through May of 2015, while Honda has moved just 1,030 Accord PHVs since January of 2013.

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Why did they even bother releasing the plug-in Accord? Ridiculous upcharge compared to the gas version, pitiful EV range….it’s like they wanted it to fail.

Don’t forget how expensive it was!

Hopefully they will come to their senses with fuel cell cars also.

So someone at Honda used “LACK OF FUELING STATIONS” as a reason to discontinue the CNG Civic.
Quote reserved for future ridicule of FCVs.

This also means the 2 largest car retailers in California (Toyota & Honda) will have Zero plug-ins in their line up . Maybe Californians will realize what Country they are in and buy American

I noticed that too. I tried to buy a CNG Civic for a while, but not available in my state. My town has a CNG filling station through our local utility, so it could have worked. No hydrogen within 500 miles though … so good luck to them!

With an all electric range of 0 to 13 miles, they should have no doubt in their minds as to why this car failed. If the Honda Accord plug-in hybrid had an electric range of 5 miles more than the Chevy Volt their supply wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the demand for that car. Next, I’m waiting to hear their reason for why the fuel cell vehicle has failed. I have seen some very intelligent people with very little common sense and this is a perfect example of that.

CARB Zero Emission regulations have provisions for hybrids, too. So, selling these cars is important, and to meet the mandates, not many need to be sold. Clearly, Honda has set a new low for just meeting the minimum requirements. They were the ONLY company to only allow lease / no option to buy EVs, sold at exactly the minimum number they needed. Surprisingly, they extended these leases (there’s no additional CARB credit past a three year lease) probably just to put a little cash in their pockets. Why crush these cars at 3 years and a day, when people still send them money? Crush them when nobody will pay anymore!!! Just good business, at least in their minds. I think they’ve made good choices to get out of these markets that really have no long term expansion plans, and very little regulatory advantages. They can meet all their EPA and CARB requirements with just hydrogen or just an EV, and it appears they will do both until such time as the incentives wither for either, or a clear winner comes out. The fact that they have brought back their EV plans from “the dead” suggest to me that Honda and… Read more »

Oh Honda, how you have lost your way! They used to tout themselves as the “green” car company. They were, after all, the first to bring a hybrid to the US. Unfortunately 15 years later, they are still using the same hybrid system (IMA) on their Civic, Insight, and CRX hybrids. Honda used to be my go-to car company for both reliability and efficiency (with a splash of fun-to-drive). Now I don’t know who they are any more. They have zero cars in their lineup or their immediate future that are of interest to me.

You and me both.
I feel the same way.

Yeah, things in many ways seem to be going backwards. Honda for the longest time was the only manufacturer of CNG vehicles, and now that’s being discontinued also. Chevy is having birthing problems with their CNG Impala, and it is interesting to see if the honda will be discontinued before the Impala is offered for sale (already a year late), making it the first time in around 15 years you couldn’t get a factory CNG vehicle. And for quite some time now, unlike a decade ago, you can’t buy any approved home compressor.

As far as electric products, Heinrich Chevrolet in Lockport just REMOVED its public 30 amp charger docking station. (Many dealers around here, that sell electric products didn’t have EVSE’s to begin with – Basil, Paddock, etc.- I’m not against them not buying them, since I’d rather them give me a better deal – But the fact that they are removing preexisting ones, and many of the ‘free for 3 years’ will revert to pay operation soon enough, means that it is even less ‘friendly’ to charge in my area).

My first car was a Civic Hatchback, and my most fun to drive was an AP1 S2000.

Now I don’t even give Honda a thought.

Kinda breaks my heart.

“According to Honda, the decisions come mostly due to low sales, as customer’s fail to see the benefit of a certain type of car when either a higher price tag, costly fuel, or lack of fueling stations are factored in:”

[hfcv picture] [shocked spitless emoji]

Farewell Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid. We hardly knew thee. :-\

I wonder, will Honda put a bunch of cash on the hood to clear these out? Or will they let them sit around until they sell for MSRP?

The Accord PHEV was overpriced, there is no doubt. But the car had several things going for it. It was fun to drive, very stylish (although the color pictured above is awful, the car looks really slick in black), and got great mileage in hybrid mode. For someone who only needs 13 miles or less for their commute, but also wants high mileage for long trips, it was a good fit (much like the PiP – only better looking/handling).

Hey, I guess if you want the only PHEV with 6.6 kW charging (not lumping the i3 REx in the PHEV crowd), there might be deals to be had very soon! Honda will need to chop at least $10k off the price IMO.

Good riddance to both. The downfall of all PHEV’s is/will be the cost of making two drivetrains, and the much more costly maintenance of two drivetrains. Imagine having both systems break when the car is out of warranty! I’m definitely passing on the future headaches when my Volt lease is up, and I certainly won’t be in the market for another. As for CNG, it’s just another fuel with a completely unstable price. No thanks.

Honda messed things up just like they did with the original Accord hybrids (the current one is doing okay). They just aren’t as good as Toyota in selling hybrids.

These we compliance cars only. No passion, just business. Now that HOV stickers are gone, the main motivation to even consider this type of car is gone as well.


So ages old tech, in unfavourable package is phased out?

There are more and more range-aware incentives being proposed.

13 miles at ideal conditions on day one does not improve air quality/fuel economy, that much in the long run!

So good riddance. Now bring bigger battery and BEV too! 😉
(Sadly we may just get fraco-compliance car instead ….

Everyone just bought a Fusion energi. Dealers stock them and the price was right for a good looking, nice driving safe car.

One of the contributing factors to dropping the CNG version could be the failure of the Texas alternate fuel rebates, in which the entire CNG program was accidentally dropped along with the electric rebates.

There was a good summary of the issue in the Dallas Morning News. (Eric Loveday, suggest you pick up that article, it was quite interesting with some insider comments).

Honda is in the fuel cell bed with Toyota.
Mattress provided by Japanese government, pillow from California.

They know it’s a joke but since the Japanese government has set the agenda thanks to the US…. sadly bye bye plugin.

Here I was thinking a year ago Honda are getting seriously into plug in’s and then they blow it.

Bit like their factory tour in Japan …. No Japanese then no tour due to safety reasons for English customers.

Some companies just don’t get.
Still a big fan of Honda – but disappointed in this announcement that was made a while back that they would be heading the sucker Fuel Cell route.

Some misinformation regarding sales: Accord PHEV is only sold in CA and NY and it’s almost impossible to find one. Low production is reason for low sales. If you still can find one expect to pay full price if not more.

Second it’s not more expensive than the hybrid since you get federal and states incentives.

Also ignore 13 mpg range. You can get 17-18 mile range (except in cold weather).

Accord Plug-in has similar specs (AER, interior volume) to Prius Plug-in, but a hefty price tag, and without the Prius legendary reliability.