The Grand Tour Reviews The Tesla Model X – Video

Tesla Model X


Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May tell us the history of Top Gear and Tesla, and Jeremy provides a review.

Ex-Top Gear friends are at it again in their new Amazon Video original series — which most of you are probably well aware of — The Grand Tour.

The series debuted in November of 2016, and its two seasons have taken the trio around the world to the likes of Johannesburg, Rotterdam, Nashville, and Dubai, just to name a few. Videos are filmed inside of their mobile studio, which is actually a giant tent.

Tesla Model X

The Grand Tour

This particular installment, Season 2  Episode 10, takes Jeremy to Swindon, England to test drive the Tesla Model X. It’s somewhat ironic since he was previously sued by Tesla and has mostly avoided the automaker ever since. Tesla lost, but it was still a huge hassle for Clarkson.

However, we heard from Clarkson recently that he would, in fact, feature a Tesla in an upcoming episode. Now, it has finally arrived, and, of course, makes some attempt to poke fun at the prior situation.

Let’s just say there are Amazon lawyers involved, and we don’t want to spoil it for you. Enjoy!

In related news, Top Gear’s Richard Hammond recently reviewed the Model S, and called its acceleration “Truly Mind Blowing.” Although he was quite impressed with the electric sedan, there were a few areas he’d like to see improved.

The “new” Top Gear has no issue with featuring Tesla vehicles, by the way. Chris Harris recently reviewed a Model S P100D and the Model X has made its way onto the show multiple times.

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Can’t see the video.

Thank you. Fixed!

Thanks Steven

Clarkson is just trying to make up for his earlier fabricated story. Trying to win over sone ev enthusiasts. Not me

I wonder how much that audi R8 costs?

Your lungs.

Yeah, ask them what new brakes and oil changes cost…those 156 thousand quid doesn’t look so expensive now eh?…I’ll get me coat

Plus Your Lungs !

At the end of the video, he left the attorneys inside the Model X in the tight parking spaces. It was funny, but I think Model X’s rear falcon doors are capable of open in those tight spaces.

Yeah I’ve definitely seen the doors open with that much space and a regular door would’t allow you to get out in that much space so…

“…he was previously sued by Tesla and has mostly avoided the automaker ever since. Tesla lost, but it was still a huge hassle for Clarkson.”

Hmmm, methinks Tesla lost the court battle but won the “court of public opinion” war! 🙂

Indeed, it gave Tesla a chance to get their side of the story out.

And remember: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

The only question before the public is this:
Is Clarkson a git who acts like a tool? Or a tool who acts like a git?


The only thing I didn’t like was he gave the price, likely the price of the one he drove, and didn’t say price as tested. Just like his test drive of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive. He acted like he liked it but then said it would take 23 hours to charge it up. Maybe on a level one charge but he purposely didn’t explain that. He made it sound like the price of a P100D is what Model Xs cost.

Things he should have said:
Model X starts at$79,500 USD and you can add range, speed, leather, or Autopilot if you want them.

Also what is the price of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive? Pricing in Germany began at €416,500 (~ US$544,236).[91] Fewer than 100 units were sold.

Yes the SLS Electric Drive was expensive, but special limited production cars do tend to be pricy. The other problem was they were only built when ordered, although it would be interesting to buy one as a collector car.

What’s a Tesla full of lawyers on the ocean floor? A real shame with the car! 😉

BTW as a right handed left steering driver
I always wonder what it’s like to be a right handed driver in a right steering car, trying to all that stuff in the middle of the car with the wrong hand or with the right hand from the wrong side, especially on the Tesla screen. Or are there more left handed drivers in GB because of right steering?

It’s super easy. I have driven left and right handed cars, tested the Model S and driven on both sides of the road, stick and automatic. It makes no odds. As a UK driver I only have to take the ferry two fined these things out.

Does anyone care what ‘The Orangutan’ thinks, since it is usually rubbish??

Apparently a lot of sheep care what the “Orangutan” thinks and says. So much so that Amazon contracted him to spout at the mouth some more.

Sadly, you are correct.

Wow, what a dilemma, whom do you despise more?
I suppose the lawyers have the excuse that they were just doing their jobs, while JC has the natural excuse that he was just being himself.
Both despicable excuses is my judgement.

About miles/km on a full charge, this really is quite similar to gas cars, I did not get the promised miles/km on my previous Alfa Romeo, but while in Norway this summer I actually got 475 km and 60 km left on my 85D with 4 people in the car

Typical Clarkson, entertainment over fact, especially the “battery are dangerous” bit (somewhat, but not nearly as dangerous as gasoline…). Overall he showed himself less petty than Elon Musk did when he decided to sue him I think. Musk should have realized that there is not much point in suing a self proclaimed Orangutan that runs a clown show posing as a car show, where everything is staged for your amusement and that never ever lets the facts stand in the way of entertainment.

Well, yes there was a point: to get Tesla’s side of the story out.

And that was important because Top Gear is an infotainment show where it can be pretty hard to tell where the ‘info’ ends and the ‘tainment’ starts. So that’s what the law suit made clear.

Clarkson definitely plays a dodgy game. On the one hand when ever he says “consumer information” it’s always tongue in cheek, so he seems to acknowledge that his show is about entertainment, not facts. OTOH: in a recent interview he did refer to his Roadster antics as a “review”.

Now that’s pretty disingenuous, if you want to horse around, horse around, if you want to do a review do a review but don’t horse around and call it a review, that’s when you mislead people.

“Musk should have realized that there is not much point in suing a self proclaimed Orangutan that runs a clown show…”

I think you’re concentrating so much on the trees that you’ve lost sight of the forest.

Tesla’s lawsuit against Top Gear accomplished two things:

1. It made it widely known that Top Gear faked the Roadster running out of “juice”, which made Top Gear out to be the “bad guy” and made Tesla look good by comparison.

2. Ever since that lawsuit, Top Gear has been much less eager to say negative things about Tesla’s cars. In fact, the coverage I’ve seen from them of the Model S and Model X has been mostly positive.

All in all, I strongly suspect that Tesla’s executives — not just Elon — think the lawsuit was well worth the money spent, even if they lost the judgement. In fact, my guess is that if Tesla had to do it all over again, they wouldn’t hesitate for a second to sue the show.

Not sure how many people outside the green car crowd picked up on the details of the lawsuit. The fact that Tesla lost probably means to the superficial observant (99% of the people out there) that Top Gear was right about its allegations. The only thing that is sure is that Tesla was ignored for years by Clarkson C.S. missing out on valuable publicity. OTOH: maybe in this case no publicity is better than bad publicity.

JC got one thing bang on. It is far to wide for UK roads. I tested the Model S and realised that some streets with parked cars would not be able to take it.

“Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

And this is why we love Clarkson. Didn’t know he got sued by Tesla. Damn if my opinion of that company doesn’t drop every other week. Apparently no one can take a joke anymore.

(eye roll)