Global Sales In January 2019: Over 150,000 At 1.9% Market Share

FEB 28 2019 BY MARK KANE 17

Despite battery constraints, BEV sales are booming

Plug-in electric car sales around the world increase at a more than healthy pace of 83% year-over-year, reaching in January about 153,695 and 1.9% market share, according to EV Sales Blog.

All-electric cars took 72% share of the plug-in car sales this past month at a growth rate of 143% year-over-year, which means that plug-in hybrids are now left behind.

The strong start for the year makes us very optimistic about 2019, especially since the top-selling models last year (Tesla Model 3 and BAIC EC-Series) noted a slower month.

See more our sales reports for January 2019 here.

After more than 2 million sales in 2018, the target for 2019 is now at about 3.5 million.

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales – January 2019

Models rank

BYD Yuan is now the top-selling electric car – as its the only one above 10,000 deliveries. Surprisingly, the second best is SAIC Baojun E100 with over 8,000.

The Tesla Model 3 this time needs to be satisfied with fourth place (over 7,000), as deliveries for overseas markets translated into a delay between production and sales.

As you can see, China dominates the table, while Europe has just three models – only one of which barely caught onto the top 10.

Manufacturers rank

From the top three manufacturers in 2018, only BYD started the year with a splash, by delivering more than 28,000 plug-in cars. Tesla (previously #1) and BAIC (#3) are below their potential.

  • BYD: 28,189
  • SAIC: 14,721
  • Tesla: 10,340

Our thanks to EV Sales Blog for tallying up and estimating the individual sales by OEM

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Wow GM is out of the TOP 20

They wish to shrink by only selling pickups.

..and probably for good.

Yes, it is very telling that Tesla is the only American OEM in the game.

The other laggard, legacy American LICE OEMs are setting themselves up for failure by not even really trying at this point.

It doesn’t look at ALL good for Legacy ICE. Let’s say it takes 3 years to get in with multiple models selling at even 100,000 a year. Meanwhile your ICE fleet is under attack from “BEV waiters” as well as the impending doom of collapsing global sales due to Autonomous Taxi. So not only is your ICE fleet going dinosaur. Global total sales shrink in half as an entire generation simply pulls the plug on vehicle ownership. With fleet sales going completely BEV due to maintenance cost per mile….dead OEM’s walking. They’ll lie, propagandize, throw billions around in an effort to keep investors on board to the last second.

Tesla 3 global sales is less than hope

Who guided January overseas deliveries? Not Tesla. Who got your “hope” up for something that wasn’t in the plan nor was it guided for?

We all realize that Tesla was busy loading ships in January with a 5 week delay to register sales. They’ll shoot up to 15,000 or so for February then March will be near 25,000 as Europe and China deliveries are ship launched=shipment paid during the entire month.

Observe the S curve take off on the chart. This disruption is going to go so much faster then people realize.
Autopilot hits the ICE industry with the coup de gras as their comes a point at which global ICE sales feel pressure from rapidly dropping totals as there will be a generation that simply opts for 50 cents a mile autonomous taxi vs ownership from one side vs EV growth on the other. It’s the “ICE SQUEEZE”.

The moment you see commercially viable Autonomous driving that works everywhere (not just in mapped out zones like waymo) it will take only 5-7 years of EV sales to completely wipe out the existing global ICE fleet of 1 billion as Auto taxi service has one vehicle travelling 120,000 miles a year wiping out the need for 8 personally owned vehicles (assumed 15,000 miles of travel per vehicle yearly avg)

Coup de grace not coup de gras.

Momentarily confused Mar di gras with coup de grace. Is it possible to have a compassionate party that results in quick death?

To be totally correct: coup de grâce…

What percent do we need to achieve before the entire oil industry collapses on itself like in 2016?

The ICE fleet is still growing by 60-70 million units per year so for an oil industry collapse we would at least need to stop the ICE fleet growth or maybe even getting the ICE fleet to start shrinking. That would take at least 70-80% of new car sales being BEV.

To get enough numbers to really scare oil investors to make the whole transition super obvious we would probably need at least a quarter of the sales being BEV, maybe even up to half.

So we are still quite far from that collapse. But it is now within 10 years at least. Maybe even as little as 5 years.

Excellent, this makes an annualized sales of 1.8 million. With 1st month normally being low sales, a 3 million annualized sales is within reach. EV sales estimates 3.6 million which is possible.

Having tested vehicles running on 100% Methanol, Chinese are planning to roll it out in many states. It will cost just $100 to retrofit a vehicle to run on this fuel which is lot more cleaner and cheaper and can be obtained from natgas, coal, wood. Once the Chinese start, they will go fast and we all know it.
Already 10% of the content in petrol is Methanol. I think this year the oil consumption growth will be very small.

China, Iran, India, Pakistan and some other asian markets have a growing CNG (compressed natural gas) fueled vehicle fleet too. That will also dim the apetite for oil (petroleum) too.

Great Wall Ora IQ5 is probably the cheapest EV at $15,000 (before subsidies) and has 400 km (250 mile) range which is spectacular. In addition, its an SUV.