Chevy Spark EV a Casualty of Chevrolet Closure In Europe


Spark EV Helps You "Find New Roads," But Not If Those Roads Are in Europe

Spark EV Helps You “Find New Roads,” But Not If Those Roads Are in Europe

Approximately two months ago, General Motors officially deferred the launch of the Chevrolet Spark EV in Europe.

Defer = Delay = Postpone

The Spark EV was initially set to launch in Europe sometime in 2014.  The deferment meant that Europe wouldn’t see the Spark EV until the market developed to a point at which General Motors thought Europe was ready for the Spark EV (paraphrasing the words of GM).

We’ve now completed the Spark EV Europe puzzle with this statement from our source at GM:

“Heard from the GM Europe team. They said there are no plans to sell the Spark EV in Europe at this time.”

We had speculated that GM deferred the launch of the Spark EV in Europe for a reason; General Motors’ removal of the Chevrolet brand in Europe now means that it likely would not possible to offer the Spark EV there.

Chevy Volt To No Longer Be Offered in Europe Beginning in 2016

Chevy Volt To No Longer Be Offered in Europe Beginning in 2016

There’s still no official launch date for the Spark EV in Europe, which to us lines up with the no plans to sell the Spark EV there.

Remember when General Motors announced this two or so weeks ago:

“Beginning in 2016, GM will compete in Europe’s volume markets under its respected Opel and Vauxhall brands. The company’s Chevrolet brand will no longer have a mainstream presence in Western and Eastern Europe, largely due to a challenging business model and the difficult economic situation in Europe.”

That announcement brought with it the InsideEVs report that the Chevy Volt would no longer be offered in Europe beginning in 2016.


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Was there a bit left from the GM’s statement? Something on the order of:
“We also have no plans not to consider the Spark EV as a compliance car.”

(bangs head on a really hard rock, repeatedly)

GM you better stop saying I don’t want sell EV’s in that there is a crazy guy running around Europe wanting to sell everyone a mass marketed EV that can go 200 miles on a charge for under 35,000 in the next two to three s and this time it’s a car that people would really want to drive or can use.

One of the crazy guy’s openly stated objectives is to get people to adopt EVs even if made by other manufacturers. That means he can bluff with the 200-mile affordable car, especially now that he has made two that are not so affordable. The question is if the other car makers will call his bluff or take him seriously. Hence the committee studying his little car company. Right now they are just counter-bluffing.

Why did GM waste time and money trying to take the Chevy brand to Europe in the first place? It’s not enough to sell the Volt as the Vauxall Ampera and the Opel Ampera?
GM does everything the hard way.
As for not selling the Spark in Europe, GM is just using this as an excuse. How hard would it be to slap a Vauxall or Opel badge on it if they really wanted to sell it there???

Elon Musk must sit in his office and laugh his ass off.

Elon Musk must sit in his office and laugh his ass off.

Yes, many times a week he does. How could he not?

That GM Disruptive Task Force is not performing as well as it should..

Hmm, a task force that was formed this summer should be performing better. Nice logic there.

All of this was planned long before these announcements. Of course they could sell it as the Vauxall Spark EV and the Opel Spark EV. But, in GM nuttiness, they had to be the bid wheel and tell everybody the opposite of what was obvious; Spark EV is a strictly minimum effort CARB-ZEV compliance car.

But,they could just say that. Oh, sure, they were going to sell it everywhere… except the only places that they actually sell them are CARB states California and Oregon. Oh, I’m sure a few are offered in South Korea, because that’s were they produce them. But, they likely won’t have Frankenplugs their after getting their hand slapped.

GM is the same company that called Nissan a “niche” EV manufacture. GM is the same company pushing Frankenplug in the US.

Say hello to the new EV1. Chevy will eventually stop production because of low sales. Even though they don’t sell them anywhere but in California and Oregon. The low sales will keep costs up and allow them to say they were not profitable either. Low sales (not demand) and high cost (because they can keep it that way) and you have another failed EV.

Except this time, they have a competitive not gov’t-generated demand model. Once people get their butts in EVs, they realize that the gasoline merry-go-round is plain dumb.

Now there are commercials on TV touting Exxon’s gasoline as ‘high energy density’ compared to other storage solutions. Blatantly pointing at EV tech.

They aren’t selling the car because its butt ugly, no one wants that ugly thing. Scrap this car and come up with a nicer design, Volt is one of the nicest designs by chevy, spark is the worst.

Delay maybe to slap Opel Badge ,Vauxhall Badge and later a Holden badge – wait they have that one for Australia but not the EV one yet …