Zappi Smart EV Charger, Prioritizing Renewable Energy As Available – Fully Charged Video

JAN 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

MyEnergi  has introduced a special home charging station that prefers and prioritizes renewable energy sources, now Fully Charged takes some time out to explore the model.

MyEnergi Zappi charger

The Zappi smart charger not only monitors home energy usage, it can optionally feed into an EV only the excess electricity, available frrom wind or solar.

There is also a hybrid option where it will ‘fill’ an EV to a certain percentage using the grid and renewable, before reverting back to only dispensing renewable surplus power…a pretty swell idea in our opinion.

There is of course a ‘normal’/force charging mode for full speed charging (using grid electricity)..  Obviously, the most efficient way to get juice into your EV immediately (in most cases) is to use the local grid electricity right away.

“Why isn’t there a smart electric vehicle charger that can charge using only excess solar or wind power? There is now! We visited a working prototype Zappi charger on Orkney and Robert was so impressed that MyEnergi kindly agreed to fit one in his garage which also allowed the company to test and adjust it to function with the Tesla Powerwall. More about the zappi charger:”

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A hybrid between this charger and the juiceplug to allow the grid to take the pv surplus when the grid is overloaded would be the ultimate charger. It will probably be implemented and demanded by utilities as the ev get more popular.
Anyone on here using the juiceplug? Are they actually paying?

I have a juicebox pro
It has juicebox points till mar 18.
Has the same functions: charges during “green” times when grid has a lot of solar/wind

I have solar pv but not sure if it can only charge from excesss pv

Can always override

Hi Dan,
I have been contemplating on getting a juiceplug for some time now but I can’t find any info on how much they can pay back in points. I’m not going to pay for it unless it will pay back. Did you redeem any points yet or you have to wait for the year? Appreciate any details. Thanks.

Think it is no much
Only registered since dec.
Have earned about 1000 point so far.
But I usually charged at night also

The juice box products are first rate. Allow you to charge when energy is cheaper. But the payout is so minimal that you might as well forget it. A few dollars a year. Notifications also good.

Their support is also good.

I was referring to the points program they have in CA where they pay you for allowing them to control charging times… not the ability of the charger to maximize lower rates. I have pv so my utility bill is at minimum already, can’t go any lower…but i would like to give the utility control for some extra $.

I made a stunning $16.00 in 18 months so far. I let them decide when to charge about half the time. It is simply irrelevant at that rate in deciding what to buy. I’m in CA and drive 15k miles/ yr in a Spark even.

But it is a great product.

Wow, they are cheap! Definitely not worth it. Thanks.

I will be upgrading my EVSE later this year and really want this capability. Our electric co-op does not support TOU (time of use), nor net metering.

I pay close to the US national average of 12 cents/kWh for power consumed while getting 4.5 cents/kWh for power put back on the grid from our solar array.

Our daily use of power consumed for transportation is around 10kWh in our Volt. I am opting for the 50kWh standard battery in our future Model 3.

This is the perfect solution for making the most of our solar array. Like Robert Llewellyn, I also plan to use it in conjunction with a Powerwall.

So all I need now is for Myenergi to offer the identical setup in the US. Looks like that is in the works.

It is available in the Netherlands and Belgium now on zappi. info. I saw they are selling it in Norway too.
Although we have even pricing in returning to the grid / taking from the grid, it is good for the environment to charge greener with the Zappi.
For me the biggest advantage is also that it monitors the house usage, so if I put on the water kettle the charging of the car is reduced in power so my mains braker doesn’ pop !
Nice design, good build quality, very satisfied !

Looks like EU only availability, maybe even UK only?

Can i plug into 3000 watts of solar without any grid power at all?

Zappi suppose not to survive a competition if it uses dedicated expensive remote control instead of standard Wi-Fi computer/phone/laptop!