Ford Puts A Stop To Focus EV Production In Europe

APR 14 2017 BY MARK KANE 31

It’s official, Ford doesn’t produce the Focus Electric in Europe any more.

Ford Focus Electric

The Focus Electric production was launched in Germany alongside ICE in 2013, but with sales of some 70 in 2015 and 61 in 2016, there was no other option…other than to switch back to importing it from the U.S. again.

“Volumes are not strong enough. We will revisit when the market matures,” said Graham Hoare, Ford’s head of global vehicle evaluation, to journalists at the Connected Car conference held by UK industry association SMMT earlier this month.”

The new 33.5 kWh Focus Electric costs in Germany €34,900 ($37,000) without incentives.

It is interesting to us that this news comes just as the Focus Electric had its first decent month in the US – selling 407 copies in March, after some 67 consecutive months selling about 150 units (give or take ~114 units), although one still has to note the bump was mostly due to a backlog of orders for the updated product.

Ford’s plan for the future includes a new all-electric SUV that will be offered worldwide, and plug-in hybrid van from 2019. The Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid was already presented in UK.

Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid

“Ford will trial a gasoline-electric version of its Transit Custom van London later this year ahead of production in its Transit plant in Turkey starting in 2019.

The company will target urban delivery fleets in anticipation of stricter restrictions on diesel commercial vehicles in cities. “We feel this is somewhat inevitable,” Hoare said, citing London’s move to restrict sales of new London taxis to zero-emission capable vehicles from the beginning of next year.

Hybrids are a better bet than full-electric vehicles for van fleets, Hoare said. “In theory the economics can be a lot more attractive,” he said.”

source: Automotive News

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61 sold in 2016, or 5 per month.

That barely even qualifies as “production”.

Perhaps, but iMiev sells about that many in US. But longer range FFE with DCFC could’ve done bit better IF it’s priced less than eGolf, Ioniq, etc.

Stick a 60 kWh battery in it and the “market will mature” as if by magic.
Nobody will buy a car with no range. Unless it’s a BMW i3 then people will buy it just to say “I’ve got a BMW”

The Focus EV is now 33.5 kWh.

I don’t know for the US, but in France many EV with a smaller battery than the Focus EV are sold each month : the 24 kWh version of Renault Zoé, all versions of the Nissan Leaf, the BMW i3, the PSA Ion, the Kia Soul EV, the PSA Czéro, the PSA e-Mehari, the VW e-up, Hyundai Ioniq, Nissan E-NV200, the Bolloré Bluecar, and the Mitsubishi iMiev !

In fact only Tesla’s cars have a greater battery and sell better. And the VW eGolf but with only one car sold last month, and zero Focus EV…

And some of the “smaller battery” cars are more expansive than the Focus EV !

So I think that if Ford sells no car in France/Europe it is beaucoup Ford does not want to. There are plenty of Zoé in the showrooms of Renault’s dealers, and Renault did TV and web advertising, etc. Nobody knows that Ford is selling EV, even probably many Ford’s European dealers !

It’s not the battery per se. 36.5kwh is respectable table enough for now. Its the lack of rapid charging. In Europe opw people expect to use electrics for intercity travel. People brought ghe 24kwh Leaf and 22kwh Zoe in droves… Smaller batteries, but they rapid charge.

The new Focus has CCS rapid charging. Problem is their battery solution which eats cargo space like no other EV. It’s hardly more than 20 litres bigger than a Mitsubishi i-Miev. The 40/60 split is even harder to utilise than that in the Nissan Leaf. Next problem: does Ford really want to sell Eva?

Less than 2% market share is not “droves.”

Norwegian 35% market share is droves. Unfortunately a market of 5.5M people does not move the global auto industry.

Short range BEVs sell “well” in the “green car ghetto”. That is not going to do jack %$#@ to reduce CO2.

Take an ICE car, make a half-arsed EV conversion with little range, put the battery pack into the trunk (and tell everyone that’s an advantage), and try to sell it at an extraordinary high price. That’s​ Ford’s recipe for success?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

In every industry, there needs to be an example of how not to do sh\t right?

At under $30,000 and with a $8750 CCR, the 33.5kWh 115 mile FFE is competitively priced. It also performs and handles better than a Kia Soul EV or Nissan LEAF. It comes standard with CCS.

The only major disadvantages with this car is the trunk and it has some reliability issues.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They can’t shoehorn in a bigger battery.

I predict FFE to end soon.

Mk4 is due out next year. It probably won’t have as much of a trunk sacrifice.

Henry ?
We are in production, 5 per month !
Wow, great ! amazing !

“We will revisit when the market matures”

Renault sold 2000 Zoé last month, just in France ! Meanwhile Ford sold 0 Focus. It is not the market that is not “mature”.

Indeed. Ford is too busy cashing in on high margin SUVs and trucks to spend any time developing a credible EV.

If GM did the same, there would be “**** storm” about it in the comment section.

FFE is the purest form of compliance EV if there is such thing.

Nah. Ford at lest pretended to offer the FFE outside California. And they priced it to not just be a loss leader.

To me, the FIAT 500e is the purest form of compliance car. It’s not even available across the CARB states. And it’s a low-effort conversion from the gas model, like the FFE is.

Well, even in California, FFE is like a ghost. I can at least see Fiat 500e quite easily here.

FFE is far from being compliance car as it’s offered in many areas where compliance isn’t required. But it seems they really (I mean really really really) don’t want to sell the car or even show it to people. I had to track down people at auto show to tell me where they have FFE, and none of them knew nor cared to know.

I am going to sue Elon Musk because he told me to buy Ford.–Retired CA Teacher.

Maybe if they actually advertised it? I don’t know what they’re doing in Europe, but here in the U.S., at least, I wouldn’t know that this car existed if I weren’t on EV blogs.

They don’t advertise it in the Uk and Ford dealers are worse than VW dealers at wanting to sell you an EV. Why else does Nissan and Renault sell more than Ford and VW. Manufacturers need to stop blaming the public for their poor sales.
What they are really saying is ” boo hoo no one is buying our poorly executed ( Focus ) that we don’t tell our customers about and dealers don’t want you to buy”.

Its hilarious to me how all the FFE haters come out of the woodwork every time one of these posts is published.
To reiterate- I love my Focus, I fit a full set of drums in the back. range is seldom an issue for the way I use it – I live 20 miles away from downtown, I Own a Tesla S but chose to drive the FFE when lugging around drums an driving into town.

Plus – Last month it was 6th in the list of best selling BEV!

The haters are growing tiresome. Find something else to FOCUS your negativity on. The FFE is a good deal that they have improved and will continue to improve – get over it!

Hey, you are lucky that this is a Ford product. If it was a GM product, you would have seen at least 3x more hate here…

I know at least 5 regulars that would have chimed in negatively if it is GM Focus EV…

Maybe because we expect so much more from GM. If Tesla made FFE and “hide it from selling”, I’m sure the backlash would be worse (except from cult members).

A good indication that FORD is not serious about selling EVs yet and will jump in when they have too.

If you were a car manufacturer and your product didn’t sell well in a niche of the market what would you do? Either improve the product, lower the price or leave the part of market. Ford has chosen to leave, the rest is PR talk.
I wouldn have left, EVs are the future. No one knows when the predictions will become truth, but since I believe it is inevitable, I wouldn’t have left the market.

Ford has done little with this car.
It’s doubtful they even have 1 full time engineer on the project.
That comes across to the public.
It’s a niche market because Ford has kept it a niche car.

It is interesting – Ford doesn’t do all that well in Europe for any of its cars. That was my observation in the numerous countries I have visited. There are a ton more Japanese, Italian, and German cars than European Fords.

“Volumes are not strong enough. We will revisit when the market matures”

Are they not selling these in Norway? In Jan of this year, EV’s made up a 37% market share in the country’s passenger car market:


It seems like they would have to try real hard NOT to sell very many EV’s with a market like that to sell into. Something odd is certainly going wrong over there.

According to the article, Ford stopped making the FFE in Europe, it doesn’t say they have stopped making it all together. With such low volume, maybe they will make them in the US plant and export to Europe. That would make sense and better utilisation of their factories.

If you want to see EV’s do well, you need to spruik then to every one you know and get them to know about and but them as well. Look around your circle of friends and family, maybe you are lucky and most of them already drive EV, but if you are like me you will see you are about the only one driving an EV, and others are not really all that interested in them. There is a problem and one you can do the most to influence.