With a recent over-the-air update, that upgrades the Polestar 2’s software version to P1.7, the manufacturer added some important functions for those looking to run the vehicle in colder climates. They mostly have to do with preparing the battery for trips when temperatures are low, as well as monitoring the battery’s parameters - the same updates were also made to the Volvo XC40 Recharge.

The key updates are the now available battery preheating for DC fast charging that optimizes pack temperature in order for it to charge at peak rate regardless of exterior temperature and the cold climate battery information feature. The latter informs the driver how exterior conditions may affect efficiency and range.

Preheating the battery also works better than before, according to Polestar, especially when the vehicle is plugged in to an AC charger. Polestar also mentions that it improved brake regeneration, battery efficiency in some conditions, as well as making it easier for the vehicle to charge at maximum capacity.

Kris Rifa put all of these changes to the test in chilly Norway where he encountered negative temperatures (-2°C/28.4°F), even though it’s not even November yet. He tested all the newly added functions and, as the title of his latest video suggests, they are as good or even better than expected - he even goes so far as to say Polestar has really closed in on Tesla and possibly surpassed it when it comes to everything involving battery preconditioning and running an EV in cold climates.

He also previously published a video where he goes into more detail in regard to the changes brought about by P1.7 and that also puts the freshly-updated Polestar 2 in a very positive light. We added that video below. Also check out the official list of changes for the last three over-the-air updates:

Updates in software version P1.7

- Range Assistant: new app showing energy information, including current consumption, estimated range based on current consumption, indication of high energy demand to support more efficient driving.
- Eco climate: new efficiency-optimized climate control included in the Range Assistant, designed to reduce energy consumption according to driver preference.
- Cold climate battery information: notifies the driver when cold climate may affect battery efficiency and range.
- Battery preheating for DC charging: optimizes battery temperature for maximum charging speed when DC charging station is set as a destination in Google Maps.
- Improved battery preconditioning according to climate timer when plugged in to AC charger for increased range.
- Improved regenerative braking for increased range.
- Optimized use of vehicle heat losses: increasing battery efficiency in certain conditions by using surplus heat energy to heat the battery, improving range and charging speed.
- Charging stability improvements.
- SiriusXM satellite radio.

Updates in software version P1.6 (P2127)

- Electric motor optimization.
- Improved connectivity robustness.
- Added system language: Arabic.
- Calibration improvement for additional mobile phones.
- Resume last played media when entering the car.

Updates in software version P1.5 (P2124)

- Software version now displayed in vehicle settings: check which software version is installed in the vehicle.
- DC charging: charging speed now shown in kW when fast charging.
- Stability improvement for 12V battery management during long-term AC charging.
- Stability improvements for Polestar Digital Key and Polestar App.
- Refined driver display modes: vehicle-centric view is removed.
- Bug fixes for phone favorite contacts, lock/unlock with physical key.
- Additional system languages: Bulgarian, Cantonese, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian. Some services not available in all languages.

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