When it was first unveiled to the world back in November 2019 the Ford Mustang Mach-E left many stunned. Here was an attractive, practical crossover with good tech and impressive stats. Perhaps the first true all-electric Tesla rival, the Mach-E had thousands rushing to Ford’s site to place a deposit. It seemed the only thing people could complain about was its use of the Mustang name, and even still the majority of the Mach-E’s target demographic – small / medium-sized families - couldn’t care less.

Just over a year after its reveal the first Mach-Es hit dealers, with deliveries commencing in December 2020. However, due to the global chip shortage the amount of customers getting their hands on a new Mach-E is few and far between. That said, Ford has still built around 40,000 Mach-Es so far this year as of August 2021 – not quite as much as they would have hoped for, but not a miniscule figure by any means. 

EV & Chill were fortunate enough to pick up their RWD Mach-E very early on, in January 2021. So far the young couple appears to be very happy with their purchase. They note how smooth the Mach-E is to drive, stating how good it is at absorbing bumps. This feedback may be interesting to many, as often reviewers have found the Mach-E’s ride to be rather harsh. That said, EV & Chill certainly don’t think so, even going as far to say the Mach-E rides much better than their other car – an AWD Long Range Tesla Model 3.

The couple are also impressed by the lack of road noise in the Mach-E, saying it’s much quiter than their Model 3. They’re also very fond of its looks, believing it’s "by far the sexiest SUV currently available". There is plenty of boot space for their active lifestyle too (29.7 cubic feet). However, despite the many positives the Mach-E brings to the table the couple has noticed a few downsides too. The UI interface is a little dated, and works best when only using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Unlike Tesla, you also have to deal with the traditional dealership model when buying and servicing the car as well.

That said, overall the couple are more than happy with their Mach-E after half a year of ownership. For them, it appears to be the ideal all-round car. It’s certainly exciting to see mainstream brands like Ford taking EVs seriously and thus making such compelling electric cars.


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