Our good friend Sean Mitchell is back, and arguably better than ever. You may have seen him talking on Twitter about the Ford Mustang Mach-E. This was because he was just about to get his hands on the car for a first drive and review.


As it turns out, his video about the electric pony turned out so well, Ford's North American Product Communications manager Mike Levine tweeted it out.


With that said, we don't think nearly enough people took notice and got a chance to watch Mitchell's masterpiece. It seems Sean had a whole crew helping him make this video special, which makes perfect sense since the Ford electric pony is one of only a few compelling new EVs to come to market of late.

Aside from the eye candy, Mitchell's video has a very interesting title, which really makes no sense until you watch the video. What was he shocked about? What did "they" do? Who in the heck are "they"? We do have to say, nice work on the title Sean, it grabbed our attention and we just had to watch.

While the video above is less than 10 minutes long, it covers a lot of ground. We're not going to summarize it all here, because it deserves your attention. However, we'll provide a few spoilers. 

Mitchell has been a hardcore Mustang fan since his youth, but unlike many other Mustang aficionados, he isn't bothered that Ford decided to use the sacrilegious Mustang name for a four-door electric crossover. In fact, he loves it.

Sean says the Mach-E accelerates quickly, but it's not as eager as a Tesla. If you're a Mustang owner that puts all your weight on off-the-line performance, you may want to wait for the Mach-E GT model. Mitchell is very impressed with the crossover's one-pedal driving, though he's not happy with its infotainment controls, and the software isn't responsive enough. He also didn't get nearly the range he expected, but he didn't do an official range test.

At this point, we'll leave you to watch the video. Perhaps you can figure out "what" shocked Sean most, and "who" did it.

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