One of our favorite new Tesla YouTube influencers – Carter Jones – puts together helpful videos for EV owners. In this recent video, she dives into Tesla Model 3 cost of ownership. Carter writes:

"This video answers the question: How much is a Model 3 and what are all Tesla costs? I purchased the 2021 Tesla Model 3 6 months ago and these are all the costs to consider before purchasing. Tesla maintenance and Model 3 charging costs are two of your biggest expenses to consider. I also will compare Tesla maintenance vs regular cars."

Demand for Tesla's cars is reportedly through the roof, so there's no doubt many people are probably wondering if they can fit a Model 3 into their budget. The Model 3 is currently Tesla's cheapest offering, with a starting price of $39,990. It's also the most popular electric car on the planet.

With that said, many people who are shopping for an EV are eyeing the Model 3, but if they're brand-new to electric cars, they likely have plenty of questions.

What should you expect related to maintenance? How much does it cost to charge? Will your home electric bill skyrocket? Are Superchargers really expensive? What equipment do you have to install at home, how much does it cost, and how much should you budget for the labor?

Sure, electric cars will save you money over gas cars, but the cars themselves are expensive, and there are other costs that come with being an EV owner.

You may remember media coverage about the "Tesla stretch." This was basically the media reporting that people are going way over budget to get into a Tesla, spending much more than they would on any other car, and most of these folks were just buying the Model 3.

If you're going to buy a new car, and you plan to spend more than you typically do, it's critical to crunch the numbers and make sure it works with your budget.

To see the "actual" cost of all Tesla models, check out this article on

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