Our own Kyle Conner 'lends' his Model 3 Performance to his girlfriend for a family road trip. The car came back damaged.

NSFW: The video contains language and content that's not safe for work or around children.

Our InsideEVs US video producer Kyle Conner just posted a very interesting new video on his Out of Spec Motoring YouTube channel. He let his girlfriend Alyssa take his Tesla Model 3 on a unique family road trip, though he says she stole it.

If you follow InsideEVs, as well as Conner's videos, you have probably already been introduced to Alyssa. Some of Conner's followers have commented that they look forward to her appearances in his videos. While she's not usually the star of the show, and she's honestly pretty shy and quiet, she adds an element that can make the videos more entertaining. 

This latest video is completely different since Alyssa vlogged it herself. She recently took ownership of her first EV, a used BMW i3, but that car doesn't have the range for such a road trip. We already know she loves to drive the Model 3 since she has chosen to drive it in the past, and just recently picked the Model 3 over the Model S on another road trip.

Alyssa's parents are thinking about buying an EV in the future, though they haven't made any solid decisions. Her dad hoped to be able to experience the electric lifestyle by taking this Tesla road trip with Alyssa.

In the video, you'll see Kyle and Alyssa in the kitchen talking about the trip after the fact. However, what's much more interesting is Alyssa's footage from the trip with her parents. Kick back, get out the popcorn, and be prepared to chuckle a bit. In the end, it's just really eye-opening to see three people – who typically don't have to pilot an electric car on a trip – hit the road in a Tesla.

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