It's not easy to come up with solid and entertaining YouTube content ideas when there's a stay-at-home order. However, we can all still communicate with chat and video conferencing platforms.

Ben Sullins decided he should reach out to a long list of popular YouTube influencers who are all familiar with electric cars, though they may not actually own an EV or cover EVs. He asked each of them, "Which EV is the one to rule them all?"

These folks had to dig deep and make a tough decision. If they could only have one electric vehicle for everything forever, which would they choose? They were allowed to pick from past, present, or future EVs – perhaps one they already own or a vehicle they've already reserved. However, concept cars weren't allowed. The options had to remain reasonably realistic.

You'll hear from Marques Brownless (MKBHD), Dan Markham (What's Inside), Jon Rettinger, Andy Slye, and Robert Llewellyn (Fully Charged). In addition, the video features Tesla Raj, Ryan McCaffrey (Ride the Lightning), Andru Edwards, Jenna Ezarik, and SuperSaf.

Which vehicle do you think gets the most votes? Is it the Tesla Model 3 Performance or the Model Y? How about the Tesla Cybertruck or upcoming Tesla Roadster? Not every top choice is a Tesla. The Volkswagen ID.3 and Rivian R1T are also top choices. Watch the video to learn about each YouTuber's top pick. Then, leave your top choice in the comment section below.

Video Description via Ben Sullins on YouTube:

Could this be the one EV to rule them all?

Wondering what 10 YOUTUBERS would say is the absolute BEST EV to have if they could only choose one? First, let's talk about all the EV options that are out there today and why I chose this EV to be my one for everything!

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With so many electric cars to pick from in 2020, how do can you decide which electric car is the best fit for you and your living situation. Maybe the Tesla CyberTruck is perfect for your off-grid lifestyle and the battery range is perfect for you. Maybe you need a great electric car for kids because you have a family that needs to fit into one EV for your road trips.

Maybe its the Tesla Model Y or the Rivian, the point is, there are a lot of electric cars to choose from so let's see what might be the best EV to buy in 2020.

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