We have to be very careful with our money during these unsettling times. Sadly, people are bored and admittedly buying things online they might not need. Part of this is also because they're anxious and stocking up. With that said, it seems like a crazy idea to reserve a car right now. Especially a car like the Tesla Cybertruck. Who knows when Tesla will even be able to bring the all-electric pickup truck to market? 

On the other side of the coin, reserving something now that may help in the future could be considered a smart move. This is even more true if the reservation can be changed or canceled at any time. If there's something out there you want, and you have the money to buy yourself a spot in line, you may want to move forward. Why? Because once the time to buy comes along, you may find that the list of folks ahead of you in the queue has grown exponentially.

If you're interested in reserving a Cybertruck, the short video above will help. It takes you through the simple process. Essentially, the reservation will cost you $100, which is fully refundable. You will get a reservation number, so you can figure out how many people are in line ahead of you.

Have you reserved a Tesla Cybertruck? If not, do you plan on buying one in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via How to Tech on YouTube:

Cybertruck How To Buy? How To Reserve The Tesla Cybertruck? How To Change Configuration Cybertruck

Cybertruck How To Buy? How To Reserve The Tesla Cybertruck? How To Change Tesla Cybertruck Reservation? How To Change Cybertruck Configuration? How To change Cybertruck Order? Which Cybertruck Configuration/Model/Options are Best? Cybertruck Buying Guide

In this video, I walk through the step-by-step tutorial, instructions, guide on how to buy, place order, reserve the Tesla Cybertruck. Reserving the Tesla Cybertruck has a fully refundable $100 deposit and you can change the configuration of your Cybertruck after the reservation has been placed. Reserving your Cybertruck gives you a unique RN reservation number that will be used to mark your spot in line for when the Cybertruck starts production.

How To Know My Place in Line Tesla Cybertruck Reservation? How Many people have preordered the Tesla Cybertruck? Min RN is 112744124 so take your RN and subtract 112744124 to get your place in line in terms of how many others have reserved before you.

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