April is almost over, and mild temps are kicking in in some parts of the country. However, many of us live in areas that are still getting snow. That's not necessarily a bad thing since Tesla just started delivering its new Model Y crossover. Winter testing is key when it comes to EVs.

Like the Tesla Model S and Model X, the Model Y comes standard with heated rear seats. All Tesla's vehicles come equipped with heated front seats, but the heated rear seats are part of the Premium Interior, which is an upgrade in the Model 3.

Tesla changes its pricing, trim levels, configurations, and options from time to time, so when less expensive versions of the Model Y come to market, they may or may not have second-row heated seats as standard. At this point, the Model Y section on Tesla's website says, "All cars have premium interior and sound."

Tesla owner and popular YouTube influencer Erik Strait (DAErik) lives in Colorado, where there is still occasional snow and cold temps. This gives him a nice opportunity to do some Model Y winter testing. He wanted to answer a common question about whether the Model Y's middle rear seat has heat. This led him to dive deeper and compare the electric crossover's heated seats to those in its more expensive, flagship sibling.

You may be quite surprised by the differences here, as well as the overall winner. Check out the video for the results.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

How do Tesla Model Y Heated Seats Compare to Model S? FLIR Test!

I have seen a lot of people asking about the second row in Model Y and wanting to know if the middle seat back is heated. So we put Model Y vs Model S to the test. Some very clear differences and the winner might surprise you!

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