There's a lot of people that want to drive a Tesla, but a new one is just isn't in their budget. Even Tesla's "affordable" car, the Model 3, is priced way above what many people can afford. However, now that Tesla has been selling cars for a decade, there are many hundreds of used Teslas available, and some are at very reasonable prices. 

As it is with any used car, there's a lot of things to consider and check on a used Tesla before buying one. In addition to all of the items you need to check on a gas car, checking the battery's state of health is paramount when shopping for a used EV. You want to make sure the battery is performing as it should, and it hasn't experienced excessive degradation. 

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Looking for a used Model S? Check out Alex's video above for tips

Alex Guberman from E For Electric, a former Tesla Model S owner, recently posted a video on this, and he offers his secrets and tips on how to find the best used Tesla to suit your desires and needs. There's more to shopping for a used Tesla than checking out the battery, so take a look at the video and see what Alex advises.

If this video isn't enough, check out the Rich Rebuilds video on the same topic that we published last week. You can't have enough information when shopping for a used car, so we suggest you take in all the tips you can by watching both videos.

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