Sometimes road trips don't always go as planned, so you have to be prepared for anything. If anyone is over-prepared for such situations, it's Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Motoring, since he has a reputation for taking frequent and lengthy EV road trips in his Tesla Model 3 Performance.

If you didn't attend our recent EVs and Tea event in Miami, Florida or follow our coverage on it, you may not be aware that Conner was in attendance at the event and sat on one of the panel discussions.

Fortunately, InsideEVs was able to connect with Conner after the event. As it turns out, despite his young age, he already has a storied history as far as EVs are concerned. Kyle not only worked for Tesla, BMW, and MINI, but also owns a Model 3 and several other EVs, as well as a 2-mile track and plenty of testing facilities in North Carolina. Interestingly, his girlfriend just bought her first EV: a BMW i3.

We hope to connect with Conner more in the future and share everything he has to offer the EV community. Bn the meantime, we've shared two other recent Out of Spec road trips down below. It seems this guy never stops driving! Check them all out and then leave us your comments.

Video Description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

This Cross Country Trip Did Not Go As Planned! Tesla Model 3 Performance

Kyle drives the Model 3 from Fremont, CA to Raleigh, NC on another Out of Spec Motoring road trip! Tesla road side assistance was definitely the highlight, they did a surprisingly great job.

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