Would U.S. customers care? Especially since the build quality is better?

Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates said he thinks Tesla should consider importing Model 3s to the US and other countries from China because Tesla would make more money if they did so. Munro was speaking to Alex Guberman of the YouTube channel E For Electric when he made the statement.

Munro also talks about other Chinese brands like Byton and Great Wall bringing their cars to the US in the future. He even stated that he's certain that some of the Chinese EV manufacturers would already have committed to building their cars in the US if it weren't for the current tariffs and trade war.

If I was Elon Musk, I'd be importing Tesla Model 3s to the US - Sandy Munro
Chinese-built Model 3
A Chinese-built Tesla Model 3 sits on display at the Guangzhou Motor Show in November of last year

Munro and Guberman discuss how all cars have a high amount of Chinese-made parts in them, particularly the electronic components. Chinese manufacturing taxes also play a big role in this discussion. China reduces the manufacturing taxes they impose if the vehicle gets exported out of China, lowering the cost per vehicle. Therefore, Chinese-built cars can actually cost less when they're exported, even after paying to ship them to their eventual destination.

Tesla has already scored a huge win in China by getting their vehicle exempt from sales tax, something that normally only applies to domestic brands. That will obviously help to make their cars more competitive in China. But what if the landed cost of a Chinese-built Model 3s was a couple thousand dollars less than one built here? Should Tesla, as Sandy recommends, consider importing them to the US? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.