Despite the crazy stock market variations on Tesla stock (TSLA), there are many reasons why Tesla will succeed in helping convert the world to electric cars and renewable energy. Here are some of the reasons.

  • First and foremost Tesla is long-term oriented, decades instead of quarter years that drive the stock market.
  • Tesla has created three of the best cars ever made, the Model S and Model X large SUV and Model 3. These cars are the safest and most efficient cars available for purchase easily online.
  • Tesla is poised to create an excellent medium-sized SUV, the Model Y.
  • Tesla is well on its way to producing many Model 3s and Model Ys in China by means of the almost completed Tesla Gigafactory 3. This is a very smart move because China is moving quickly to electric transportation.
  • Tesla will soon announce an excellent Tesla pickup truck.
  • Tesla is expanding its auto service capability by converting stores to service centers and expanding mobile service.
  • Tesla is expanding its Supercharger network on all major U.S. highways, including upgrading from 150-kW power to 250-kW.
  • Tesla is planning to build Gigafactory 4 in Europe soon to make Model 3s and Model Ys to fulfill its high demand there. This is a very smart move because most European countries are moving quickly to electric vehicles.
  • Tesla is far ahead in many ways of other car companies in developing software and hardware for autonomous driving (“Full Self Driving”
  • Tesla is among the largest vehicle and power battery manufacturers in the world through its Gigafactory 1 in Reno NV. Its vehicle batteries are the best available and are poised to get better soon.
  • Tesla is expanding in installing energy storage Powerwalls for buildings and massive Powerpack systems for renewable energy.

Tesla has over $5-billion in cash at midyear 2019. So, reaching sustaining profitability in the 4th quarter of 2019 should provide sufficient funds to keep Tesla on its mission to reduce the world’s carbon emissions into the future.

The weakest point of Tesla is its solar efforts through Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo NY. It is the 3rd largest solar panel provider is the U.S. and is working hard to improve.

The global warming crisis is quickly becoming more obvious to ordinary world citizens who will demand that the mission of Tesla becomes a worldwide mission!

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