Fastned To Install Fast Chargers At REWE Region Mitte Supermarkets

OCT 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 2

Fast charging while shopping for groceries?

Fastned entered into a partnership with REWE Region Mitte in Germany to test the interest of EV drivers to fast charge vehicles while shopping for groceries.

The pilot project envisions installations of fast chargers at four supermarkets around Frankfurt with the intention to expand the partnership to additional locations at a later stage.

We know that EV drivers need fast charging on long-distance travel, but it will be surprising if the everyday act of shopping at supermarkets will also attract a lot of interest for DC fast charging (paid). Perhaps the price of service will eventually be reduced or eliminated as a method for selling more items at the shop (affordable or free charging while buying products).

“From the perspective of REWE the addition of fast charging services to their supermarkets is another step to offer their customers the best shopping experience. For Fastned, REWE supermarkets are a great addition to its growing network of fast charging stations. The sustainable mission of both companies is reflected by the use of wood in the station and supermarket. Moreover, Fastned’s stations are powered exclusively by 100% sustainable energy from local sources.”

Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned:

“We are excited by this partnership with REWE because they have an extensive network of suitable locations and sustainability is part of their mission. We are confident that we can provide a valuable service to customers of REWE and grow the number of fast charging stations in the future.”

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Actually there are some charging cards in Germany that offer a very low per minute charging cost, even for different paid chargers that would be much more costly with a different card. Such offerings make fast dc charging the cheapest form of charging.

Weird but true.. The german MAINGAU card, is used by costumers in the Netherlands to fastcharge at FastNed for only 3 cents per kWh.

For that price I would fill up during shopping!

It’s a no brainer to install charging at locations where you’ll be staying for 1/2 hour or more. Inductive charging “matts” in-ground will make this even more popular, as perception of ease in use goes up.

The rub is who pays for it. Today, I believe the governments, both local and federal can add incentives, but truly those charging stations bring customers that normally could be regular customers at a competitor retail store. Thus, its in the best interest of businesses to install chargers of their own accord.