Original Tesla Roadster Is Going To Be Out Of This World … Literally!

Original Tesla Roadster


“Ground Control to Major Tom … Check ignition and may God’s love be with you (two, one, liftoff)”

Hmm … the “silliest thing we can imagine.”

This time it’s not a mammoth cheese wheel (for those unfamiliar, Musk launched cheese into space aboard SpaceX’ 2010 demo of the Dragon spacecraft, because he is a Monty Python fan and enjoys The Cheese Shop Sketch).

Elon Musk

Elon Musk doesn’t have much time to drive his old Tesla Roadster, anyhow.

Nope, this time it will be a “red car for the red planet,” according to the showman CEO. Apparently, Musk really wants this to be a Space Oddity. We can definitely say, without pause, that it’s never been done before. This is truly crazy! Would David Bowie be proud?

We’ll admit that when we first saw the post, we assumed Musk was overtired, or perhaps had been working out the old elbow. However, ArsTechnica, along with several other sources, have confirmed that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is truly planning to send his own Tesla Roadster to Mars as payload on the Falcon Heavy rocket. Musk himself verified via Twitter that the Tweet was true. He also added:

The launch will happen in January at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Falcon Heavy will be launched from the Apollo 11 pad. Musk said it:

“Will have double thrust of next largest rocket. Guaranteed to be exciting, one way or another.”

An assistant dean at the University of Colorado and a former SpaceX official, Phil Larsen, told ArsTechnica:

“The launch of the biggest rocket since the US Moon booster is a game changer for our country’s space exploration future and for national security. The fact that development of such a capability is coming from US industry is a very positive sign for our economic competitiveness.”

Source: ArsTechnica

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I would guess in a million years span, the car has more chance to crash itself unto something than to find intelligent life.

I understand that they need a ballast payload and figure that you’d make good press.

“I understand that they need a ballast payload…”

Yeah, that’s what I figured… once I got over thinking that it was just a joke or that someone hacked Elon’s Twitter account.

Still seems like sending exactly the wrong message, from an environmental POV. That Roadster belongs in a museum somewhere, not substituting for a load of concrete blocks as a dummy rocket payload!

Maybe an alien will snatch it as it wonders in space , take it home and use it as a daily driver…lol.

Or it may merge with alien technology to create something that seek out perfection.

Aliens use CCS.

Well, he’s about to get a whomping tax cut, so ya, shoot his old car into space, why not?

Please explain how he is going to get a huge tax cut. I’ll await the detailed answer.

In reference to US income taxes, which favors the wealthy, or so the media would have us believe. *At least* they aren’t eliminating the Federal EV buyer’s incentive program.

That depends on what the senate/house conference comes up with.

If you live in a red or purple state/congressional district call/write your senator/representative to tell them to vote NO on whatever comes out; it’s bad for everybody except the very rich!!!!

You mean like Donald Trump just gave himself or is about to!

Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of my blood, boiling.

Another Euro point of view ("anyone found my brain ?" version)

wow ! Awesome !!

Another Euro point of view (improved version)


Go Elon!

Another Euro point of view (improved version)

Long live our lord & master !

Please, not another Red Dwarf “Talkie Toaster” in Outer Space.

Nice repair job Kryten, NOT!



Another Kryten minor malfunction: “Smeeee heeee”.

Nice irony. Tesla motor cars are supposed to be about reducing emissions. By driving his Roadster into space, he has basically negated all the “zero emissions” of probably every Tesla ever built.

I’m sure there are some clever folks on the internet that could figure out the tailpipe emissions of that Falcon Heavy rocket. Oh and I believe that rocket fuel comes mostly from oil, not wind and solar.

It’s all fun and games though. It’s just goof ball Elon playing Twitter again… I swear Elon and Trump were separated at birth…

But pick any EV, it’s brought from the assembly plant to the delivery center/dealer on ICE vehicles…Often, plant to rail yard by truck, railed then rail yard to delivery location by truck…

Yet I’m not so sure the move makes the most sense with the launch coming up soon…If Musk was ready to move on from his roadster, hold an auction to either get more capital for Tesla or even for charity as he could easily receive 7 digits for it and who knows, maybe even 8 digits…Then send the NEW roadster into space…Hold an SpaceX event at C.C. and reveal a few roadster specs…would generate 100s if not 1000s of revervations…

Another Euro point of view (improved version)

Nice how you accuse Musk of generating large amounts of emissions without even knowing how much emissions a rocket generates. Textbook troll 🙂

Have you witnessed a large rocket launch? Lots of crap coming out of the back.

This guy says one Falcon 9 launch equals the life span of about 10 Tesla S P90s. The Falcon Heavy looks to be about 3 Falcon 9s strapped together, so 30 Model Ss.


What can I say? Dumb tweets from eccentric billionaires make for hyperbolic posts on the inter webs.

Dav8?r said:

“The Falcon Heavy looks to be about 3 Falcon 9s strapped together, so 30 Model Ss.”

My goodness, you actually managed to take a short break from your Tesla bashing FUD and lies to say something which appears to be true!

Better take it easy and rest for ahwile; I’m sure that telling the Truth for once was a real strain for you!

😀 😀 😀

You don’t have anything better to do than defame everyone else for every little thing?

No one is allowed to have an opinion differing from yours.

Speaking of Emissions in Space, it always reminded me of George “W.” Bush’s claim that we’re “Going to Mars”.

I said – “Great! I’ll drive down to see you off!”.

Sending a Tesla Roadster off into space would be far too valuable of a piece of equipment to simply waste.

Maybe we can get Pushi to share a bunk with George?

“Sending a Tesla Roadster off into space would be far too valuable of a piece of equipment to simply waste.”

You would say this, after your constant Tesla bashing and frequent posting of your laundry list of problems with your Roadster, which you pretty clearly thought was a lemon, and after you told us how glad you were when you got rid of it?

Make up your mind, dude. Either the Roadster is a “valuable piece of equipment” or it’s a piece of junk not worth the effort of keeping in repair. It can’t be both!

Pushi, you are just NOISE here. You bash Tesla and even MR. Musk, when I constantly complement him, Thank him for personally thanking me for being an early buyer of his company’s products, and defend him when you BASH and DEFAME him- accusing him of selling defect-laden Roadsters when you don’t understand the issues involved nor can’t begin to think of a solution yourself. Only idiots and the uninitiated care what you think, since you CLOAK your statements in a way that makes unthinking readers THINK you know what you are talking about. You have to constantly bash other people’s thoughtful comments since you are too much of a GREENHORN to make an independent, intelligent comment. You certainly can’t mention any technical information since that is so easily disproven when you do so since you really don’t know anything, and some times brag about your ignorance. And you have no personal experience with EV’s since you will never buy one for yourself or a relative, using the excuse that the State of Kansas won’t let you Drive a Motorcar. They are at least smart in that regard. You’ve sat in the back seat of an S for a few minutes… Read more »

Oh, and just for PROOF POSITIVE you are CLUELESS, far from being a ‘LEMON’ as your Tesla-Bashing mind thinks – I received $50,000 (US) for my 4 year old – high mileage Roadster.

That is hardly worthless. I’m sure the guy in Texas who has it now will get the same number of years out of it as I did.

What is it with you? Whenever there is an article even remotely related to Elon Musk or Tesla, you come along within a short timeframe and critize, very often with inventing “facts”.

I just hope that someone pays you well for the time you spend typing and the content you are posting, because if not, that would be an incredibly stupid endevour of you, wasting your time completely…

BTW: Technically, rocket-fuel is usually made 50% of wind all the time, as oil does not contain so much oxygen, and without oxygen, the rocket engines don’t work so well. And the other 50% hydrogen could be generated from renewable energy (by simple water splitting) as well. One could use hydrazine instead of hydrogen, but also that could be made without using oil.

In the end, the exhaust from a rocket engine is, surprisingly, mostly water.

Not to suggest the troll is right, but SpaceX rockets use kerosene, not hydrogen, as fuel.

OTOH as “Another Euro point of view (improved version)” indicated, the troll is off by some orders of magnitude on how much pollution a single large rocket launch generates, or on how much pollution is reduced by switching from a gasmobile to a BEV, or both.

Science isn’t for everyone. Especially not trolls.

Really? Your guess is better than mine? Prove me wrong, Sir Pu-Pu, defender of the realm, first order of the Teslarati and champion of Elon the Great. Smite the horrible troll with your truthy science!

Yes, it is said that kerosene comes from oil and when you burn it, it makes a lot of bad gasses, but these are likely made up facts and fake Russian news.

I didn’t need to look it up to know you were off by orders of magnitude, because unlike you, I am scientifically literate.

But you already corrected your own orders-of-magnitude error, so thanks for saving me the trouble.


Too many people here have never bothered to put in the actual research about rockets or our space program or anything space or rocket-related for that matter. Then they complain about emmisions which are mostly water vapor.

Could be, but it’s not. Google what powers the Falcon Heavy rocket.

Another Euro point of view


“…he is a Monty Python fan and enjoys The Cheese Shop Sketch”

What a senseless waste of human life.
(Sadly, only Python fans will get the joke.)

* * * * *

My first reaction was “Funny, my calendar doesn’t say April 1.” But according to the article, Elon is actually serious?!?!

Well, if Elon was looking to compete in the area of conspicuous and utterly wasteful consumption, then I guess he found a way to make a spectacularly strong entry in the field. Kinda runs counter to his professed goal of saving the planet, though! 🙁

When one tests a big rocket shooting something to another planet, a dummy payload is required, otherwise the test would be futile entirely. The last probe sent to Mars by ESA carried 300 or 600 kg of concrete (yes, you read correctly) as ballast. Quite unimaginative, they could have put in some sensors or something like that.
I guess a Roadster gives much more publicity (and I personally consider it way cooler) than just wasting the energy anyway to shoot up a concrete block. Besides, this car might outlife human civilisation, which can not be guaranteed in a museum on earth.

Well I’ll pat myself on the back; I was guessing concrete was the usual ballast for a dummy rocket payload.

Yeah, logically, I get it. It’s just the optics that are horrible. I also think it’s a crying shame that Roadster isn’t going to go into a museum somewhere. The very first Tesla production vehicle, consigned to being orbital junk? *Sigh*

Well, hopefully I’m wrong on that point. Maybe that isn’t the very first production Tesla Roadster. Maybe Elon owns more than one Roadster?

I guess he has more than one car (I think that I read once that his roadster was orange, not red).
And BTW: I did not know that kerosene was used by SpaceX, so thanks for that info. I just assumed hydrogen, it being a common fuel for rockets. But it makes sense, as this is probably easier than dealing with either cryo-hydrogen or hydrazine, when the goal is to recover the rocket rather than dump it into the sea. Saves the emissions from building a new rocket for the next launch, surely more than offsetting one filing of the tank, and avoids having to land an emty cylinder with residual hydrogen.

Yeah, hydrogen is a common fuel for the booster stage of large rockets; perhaps the most common fuel. And yeah, when you burn hydrogen and oxygen, you get water and nothing else. Hydrogen has the advantage of a high energy-to-weight ratio, altho a low energy-to-volume ratio. In the booster stage of a rocket the weight is much more important than the volume, so that makes hydrogen a popular choice for fuel. Not so much in upper stages, where volume is more important, altho I remember one comment where someone pointed to some rocket which does use H2 for the 2nd stage.

I’m not sure why SpaceX uses kerosene instead of hydrogen. Maybe it’s simpler to use the same or similar rocket engines and pumps for the booster stage as the upper stage; that would certainly save money on development and manufacturing, and SpaceX is all about saving money.

RP-1 is used because it is cheaper, stable, and more energy dense than hydrogen. It has a lower specific impulse than hydrogen but much more powerful than H2 by volume.

Musk did not get the first roadster. But still, being “Elon’s roadster” means it is the most valuable Tesla in history. Could easily fetch 50 million at auction and maybe a lot more.
It’s an utter waste, on a whim. Some people claim he gets publicity, as if he was lacking that. Really, it’s just Elon acting like a random rich guy who can throw money away because he can.
To put it in the words of his last wife, he’s gone “king crazy”. Understandable, he’s human after all. But quite a disappointment nonetheless.

“Musk did not get the first roadster.”

Elon Musk certainly did get the first production Roadster, back in 2008. I remember very well Martin Eberhard’s long bitter complaint about how he was supposed to get production unit #1, but Elon stole that from him after orchestrating the ouster of Eberhard from Tesla Motors.

I don’t get it. He says the destination is Mars Orbit. Yet, also says something about it floating in deep space for millions of years. Which is it? if it is just Mars orbit, then someday it can be brought down and placed in a museum. If it’s trajectory is deep space then we humans will probably never see it again unless we develop warp drive and can go find it.

Perhaps whether on the surface or in orbit of Mars, that counts as a rather secure preservation site/museum. Sort of a big barrier to entry to steal it or vandalize it.

“He says the destination is Mars Orbit. Yet, also says something about it floating in deep space for millions of years. Which is it?”

The visionary in Elon perhaps likes to think of the car floating in space for millions of years. The rocket engineer ought to know that if it’s in a typical spacecraft orbit — that is, a fairly low orbit — then the orbit will decay and the satellite will crash on the surface of Mars long before a million years have passed.

“Deep Space” seems to have different definitions by different people. NASA definition is anything beyond Earth Moon orbit.

As far as the orbit decaying and crashing into Mars, it depends on the minimum distance of the orbit. Most likely it will be a very high orbit (less energy to get there). Billions of years is not unreasonable.

He can’t do that. It’s against Solarian law!

Wow maybe we can send all tesla haters in the rocket. Promise them a planet with no government, no infrastructure, no liberals, no gays, no abortions, and all the guns they can carry.

I think you’re gonna need a bigger rocket. 😉

Liberalism is a disease.

Wow, this just confirms Elon Musk is running out of gimmicks and being desperate! What a joke!

Actually, you’re not allowed to shoot anything toward another planet without it being completely sterilized first.

Even the 20-year-old Cassini spacecraft was purposely destroyed in Saturn’s atmosphere to eliminate any chance of mistaking Earth-based life forms for Saturn life forms if something ‘alive’ were to be discovered on one of its moons.

Shooting a car toward Mars is just a fanciful joke. Besides, SpaceX wouldn’t waste the payload weight on such a thing, when it could be used for much more precious instrumentation.