Electric Volkswagen Microbus With 250+ Miles Of Range Coming In 2017

SEP 20 2015 BY JAY COLE 49

This past March, at the New York Auto Show, we heard Volkswagen board member Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser state that VW was hard at work on a new take for its classic camper van.

Volkswagen Bulli Concept

Volkswagen Bulli Concept Showing Design Clues For New Microbus

And that the new concept Transporter Microbus would also return as an all-electric van.

Now, Autocar is saying that the all-electric Microbus is about “to be officially confirmed” at the Consumers Electronics Show this January in Las Vegas by VW chairman Martin Winterkorn.

Mr. Winterkorn will reportedly present a production-intent concept using design clues found in the earlier Bulli concept.

Adding further details to the news, the all-new Microbus will apparently benefit from LG Chem’s larger, 2nd generational battery pack program that is about to be found in the upcoming electric Audi R8 and the e-tron Quattro Concept.  The Bulli is said to have a range of 400 and 500km (249-311 miles).

The van will also be offered in a four-cylinder gas and diesel variant – both of which are sure to be much more inexpensive.  Volkswagen’s Puebla factory in Mexico is said to be responsible for production which begins in 2017.




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wow this is great. Should be plenty of space under the floor for lots of batteries. Even my wife is excited about this. (We had a 59 micro bus).

+1, magic bus ..

Just came back and read the comments.

Isn’t it obvious this is an all electric bus??

Why are they yammering about diesels and gas?

Don’t hold your breath… They announced this years ago, then pulled it, now bringing it back for hype and perhaps to distract from the massive blunder with the diesel engines. VW is one of the least active manufacturers in the plugin arena. Zero effort.

I wonder if this thing will only be zero emissions during emissions tests and certification? It will fire up some stinking diesel engine during normal use.



yep, you hafta’ wonder just how big that story is going to become, corporate-conspiracy folks are gonna have a field day with their new poster child.

Every day is “corporate conspiracy” day in America.


Imagine if they put some of the $18 billion fine into battery research.



I’m a bit skeptical considering they’ve been showing this concept for years. I hope this is really true.

Also . . . diesel-gate is a disaster. I want to see CRIMINAL charges for that. CARB better come down on them like a ton of bricks. I haven’t seen German corporate malfeasance like this since Madrigal distributed Walter White’s meth.

Just four seats? I hope that’s just for the concept car.

Six seats. It has middle seat on both rows. There are videos in youtube showing six adults (non-overweight) sitting inside.

Please show me a link off the 3rd row

No 3rd row, 3 seats on each row. 6 seats.

Cool thats a good ideal thanks for the info

No problemo.

Hope they build this with the same internal length of the original, otherwise its not a bus, its just a big car.

Heh. VW Group needs to be very careful using diesels going forward– after “DieselGate”. That level of using algorithms for specifically thwarting emissons testing, surely is an unprecidented level of corruption that leads to the top of the company.

I don’t think most buyers of this van will care particularly much about diesel performance, which should make it easy to meet emissions standards. High performance diesels are another matter.

No, but I think a lot of people are going to question whether VW is being honest about all kinds of information they tell their customers. If you can’t be trusted to tell the truth when $18 billion is on the line, when can you be trusted? 🙁

Possibly the blockbuster automotive story, of the year. But it doesn’t have a plug 😉

As of 9/18/15, all of VW Group’s electric teases became more likely to happen. Therefore, I suppose it could be a story here. Their smaller diesels may be about to leave the U.S., for good.

More likely? Or less likely? Won’t a lot of that hinge on how much of VW’s capital is sapped by dieselgate?

If those are euro cycle like the other stuff (you know pie in the sky numbers) I couldn’t care less.

If it’s NEDC (which it probably is) then it’s still 320 km (200 miles) EPA. Not that bad considering that there will be max. one non-luxury model available before 2017 that can go that far.

I would say there could be 3 non luxury cars. Bolt, Leaf and if VW switches batteries and design a new compact EV platform, wich they obviously will, they won’t forget the eGolf. Even if this new pack will have a lot more kWh, it might even be cheaper than the pack they use today, especially if the use it in a high volume. And there is no better volume car than the Golf. This would also make the upcoming Audi Q6 etron and some Porsche EV a lot more competitive. They know they could not compete with Tesla, as soon as the GF is online. They would have higher production costs, so taking a big push forward into EVs, rather than slowly adding a model here and there, is the best choice. I could imagine, VW pushing lots of EVs into the market, between 2017 and 2020.

It looks very nice!

Most VW Prototypes do… They just tend to be as rare as unicorn teeth, and never found anywhere outside of an Auto Show, or a museum.

It should have great appeal for the people that can’t afford it.

Range is very believable since it is essentially a large battery box with seats on top.

The only chance to get more credibility in U.S. is to sell 100% pure electric cars. This is the only way after “Diesel Gate”. And this Microbus is realky beautiful.

In addition, a “diesel gate” rebate of $10,000 off the purchase price of all future BEV models sold in the USA in lieu of fines imposed by EPA.

Excellent idea. They have to cancel out that air pollution they’ve spewed.

Pure electric?? Really? and with a 250 mile highway speed range? Dana will beat me up if I don’t tell her about it!!! I know where she will be taking the budget!

Very nice. It’s a shame it’s not manufactured in the U.S.A.


I would buy this mini bus.

So, finally a competitor for not yet released eNV200 ?

Hopefully when either one is introduced in the U.S., it will be a seven seat version. I’m not sure this six seat configuration would work for families that have a number of small children.

Why not?. I know a family with four young children that uses the same seat configuration in a pick-up truck.
As long as you can put child seat in the front center position it should work well

Wonder if they’ll be a real camper option. The concept looks a little small for that. They could design it so both seats fold into a large bed, which would fill the whole interior. The front seat back could flip against the dash so you could stick a table in the middle for dining .

Best part of an electric camper is being able to leave the air conditioner on all night in hot climates.

If you can plug in at a campsite, yes.
And imagine, No Stinken Loud Diesel Generator running.


With ~200 mile range (60-70kWh) you could run the AC for days without plugging in.

I would consider this! A big, electric brick — all it needs is a psychedelic paint job 🙂

More like an MPV. No sliding door, no VW bus.

How Much..?

250 plus miles of range…won’t hold my breath. Seeing is believing when it comes to VW.

I wish this micro bus looked like the 1969 version in that this one kind of looks like a large car or van more then a micro bus.

This version is a lot nicer and reproduces the utility of the original Bus a lot better.