State Plug-In Registrations Shoot Up 49% Through August Thanks To Tesla Model 3

Chevy Bolt, Model 3, Nissan Leaf


California continues to dominate new plug-in sales, but all states see significant increases over 2017

2018 has been a fantastic year so far for electric vehicle sales globally. Sales in the United States have been no exception. In the U.S., this has been primarily thanks to the massive ramp up of Model 3 production. But greater availability of plug-in models overall has helped promote sales growth.

Battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales have begun to pull away from plug-in hybrids (PHEV). Through August of this year, 96,876 BEVs were registered in the states. PHEVs made up 78,849 registrations.

In September and October, we saw BEVs continue to pull away from PHEVs. However, both categories are up significantly from 2017 numbers of 59,727 and 57,553 respectively.

Tesla’s all electric offerings (particularly the Model 3) moved the vast majority of BEVs in the United States. InsideEVs estimates nearly 56,000 Model 3’s were sold through the month of August. The Chevy Bolt EV and Nissan Leaf finish up the top 5. Continued strong sales of the Toyota Prius Prime, Honda Clarity PHEV, Chevy Volt, and the BMW Plug-In lineup helped maintain strong sales of plug-in hybrids.

Keep in mind that registration data does lag behind actual vehicle sales. So deliveries clocked in even higher than registration data suggests.

As far as individual state rankings go, the top 10 have not drastically changed. California continues to be responsible for 50% of the market in 2018, down slightly from just over 51% for the same period in 2017.

For the remaining states, registrations are up across the board with several states more than doubling their 2017 numbers. Here are the top 10 states for EV registrations for the first 8 months of 2018:

California – 88,513 (Up from 60,132)

New York – 7,835 (Up from 6,161)

Florida – 7, 567  (Up from 4,559)

Washington – 6,708 (Up from 4,559)

Texas – 6,321 (Up from 3,126)

New Jersey – 4,375 (Up from 3,163)

Massachusetts – 4,025 (Up from 2,743)

Arizona – 3,677 (Up from 1,663)

Georgia – 3,257 (Up from 1,437)

Illinois – 3,225 (Up from 2,313)

In September and October, InsideEVs estimates a continued increase in sales. With November and December likely to be the strongest numbers of the year, we’re well on our way to surpassing 300,000. Any bets on the final tally?

Here’s to setting more records in 2019.

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Plug-in sales have doubled in Texas, there is some irony to this considering Tesla is still not even allowed to sell cars in Texas. I live in Texas, I have 2 Nissan Leafs and an electric scooter. The frequency that I see Teslas driving around is increasing fairly rapidly and used Nissan Leafs are being imported from other states at a steady pace. I’m curious as to how many Petroleum company executives are driving Teslas by now. I have a direct acquaintance that knows of at least 1 for certain, it is a friend of his. This coincides well with the electric grid here in Texas because of the rapid growth of solar and wind installations and decommissioning of coal fired power plants.

Do some Texas utilities still give away power for free late at night? That’s a killer deal right there.

I bought the Honda Plugin Clarity at the end of May in Seattle, 6,000 miles later with 135 mpge and love every minute when I got in the car. All of sudden I don’t feel the need to go get gas anymore. I’m sure oil companies don’t like it, but oh well. It’s time to move on. The stock markets have been going nuts not able to figure out why the oil demand is down, but the world economy is humming right along just fine!

Just think how the numbers will be 1 year from now, if they can make the cheaper M3 they talked about.
I think Nissan should be able to sell quite OK with the new LEAF with a larger battery too.
Too bad Renault don’t sell the Zöe in the US, as I’m sure some people would be interested in that too. Don’t know their production capacity though.

Colorado offers the most generous state subsidies in the nation, i believe, at $5000 point of sale rebate, and yet ate nit on the list. This is clear evidence of the importance of the ZEV mandate, which CO doesn’t have yet (but is considering). Many manufacturers only bring the cars to the states that require them, or even if they do bring then everywhere, the ZEV states get the hotness much sooner, meaning that about twice as many plug in models are available in CA compared to CO.
Nationwide ZEV mandate would be ideal.

It’s confusing, but this is separate from the ZEV standard. Also good news, but this is just about fuel economy and pollution standards. They are also considering joining the ZEV standard, and I believe it’s on an official gov’t meeting agenda in December.

Are you sure Oregon shouldn’t be somewhere on this list?
Also, will be very interesting to compare this with end-of-year, after the main Model 3 deluge list.

It’s sad that FPL owns the politicians in Florida and will continue to do so. Florida the sunshine state but FPL fights against consumer choice by making it difficult to have distributed energy, solar panels and storage batteries in the state. Florida doesn’t have any natural gas or oil and has to import both. Yet sunshine is free and plentiful.
Certainly would be nice to charge your EV with sunshine.

Do you have numbers for the rest? I am interested in Virginia in particular.

Thanks Wade, interesting numbers. I hope you will update this list monthly. According to more than one Tesla employee, Atlanta is their top market for Model 3 outside of California. I am interested to see if GA continues to climb up this list.