This Cheap Chinese Electric Pickup Truck Is No Rivian R1T


We’re not surprised to see an all-electric pickup truck from a Chinese EV maker, but it’s not the real deal.

While this electric pickup truck will save you money, it’s more like a golf cart. The Pickman truck will only cost a mere $5,700! But, once you realize the specs, this makes perfect sense. Nonetheless, it’s proof that electric utility vehicles are hot.

Ford has finally confirmed that a battery-electric F-150 is in the works. Rivian showed up at the recent LA Auto Show to reveal its showstopping R1T all-electric pickup truck. Not to mention other startups like Bollinger Motors and Workhorse. We can only deduce that GM and others are in the early stages of work on PHEV and BEV utility vehicles, and recent announcements substantiate such. Tesla has also announced that an electric pickup truck is part of its future plan.

The all-electric truck in question is manufactured by China’s Kaiyun Motors. Sadly, the rear-wheel-drive vehicle only produces 5.5 horsepower and has a top speed of 28 mph. It will travel about 75 miles on a full charge and can carry 1,100 pounds. So, it’s really just a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV). Basically, this is an electric go-Kart or golf cart with some reasonable level of utility.

Interestingly, Kaiyun Motors has plans to sell some 10,000 Pickman trucks in the U.S. in 2019. This is, as long as the vehicle can achieve regulatory approval. NEVs are street legal in some states, but not most. The situation varies from state to state. If you can pony up $9,000, you can get this beast with heated seats and alloy wheels.

What do you think of this peculiar vehicle? Let us know in the comment section below.

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It’s not surprising that it isn’t a Rivian style pickup. There’s no real pickup segment in China, so unless they are making a model dedicated to the North American market, I don’t see any Chinese-made pickup (ev or not) meeting the demand here.

If it’s durable and has reliability, something like this can work well on a college campus for maintenance crews. Today when there is a need to move stuff (tables, chairs, etc for booths across campus, it’s an ICE truck or van, when this little EV truck could do the job more cost-effectively and greener. Companies here that make the EV carts charge close to $20k for a seater, so there is a market for something like this.

There is a huge pickup segment in China. There are many manufacturers of small economical ICE trucks for the common man/farmer/business. Millions of BEV mini pickups are in their near future

Pickman: A poor man’s work truck that can make you wealthy.

F-150: A rich man’s car that can make you poor.

Perfect for the farm or ranch! Most of the time we are hauling things that are not too big for that.

In my mind,we’re it would be!

Looks like someone shrunk my 85 Nissian Hardbody!

This would work great as a delivery vehicle in cities.

Basically this pickup will carry 500 kg and travel 120 km at top speed of 45 km/h and this is good enough for many Chinese business.
China already sold 1.75 million low speed EVs powered by lead acid batteries and these vehicles have less than 100 km range.

So this pickup with 120 km is more than enough and will sell well and reduce the diesel consumption and pollution.
Ultimately this type of cost effective pickup will sell many more units than Rivian/Bolinger/Workhorse and will reduce pollution greatly.

İ love these NEVs especially useful ones Luke this. Cheap cheerful less resources to make anda replace a Diesel.

1/2 ton work truck for $9,000? !!!! I’m sure there will be companies or individual owners that this vehicle would make sense, but with only a 45 mile range will limit the appeal more than the 28 mph top speed.

It is a utilitarian NEV. These are perfect for work crews on campuses.

Yeah, I always hated getting blasted with two-stroke golf cart fumes walking to class.

“…the rear-wheel-drive vehicle only produces 5.5 horsepower and has a top speed of 28 mph.”

That reads like the description of something closer to a “utility vehicle” than a real pickup.

It’s just a little utlility NEV. It has a purpose but it’s not a normal car/truck vehicle.

It would be cute if they put a little snow plow on front.

“This Cheap Chinese Electric Pickup Truck Is No Rivian R1T”
Jay Leno would have made fun of this title if he still had a show. What a ridiculous title.

Add 4X batteries and a larger motor…make it road legal in America….strip it of all gadgets and froo froo…Make it a “stripper” 2WD workhorse and it will sell like hotcakes to every farmer and landowner in the USA.

I traveled all over Japan in the 70s and there were a huge number of small trucks like this that had an engine of about 20 to 30 hp, usually under the front seat! The people absolutely loaded them down with various cargo. There was not but one accessory,….a heater. 3 people in the cab was a tight crowd. Affordable, stripped down, economical, easily maintained. Best of all, hundreds of thousands are still running!

I have a 1990 full size Dodge pickup with a heater, lighter and not much else. I use a $1.25 key to run it. It has 250,000+ miles on it. Runs like a top spins/…quietly and effortlessly. I can load it down to the axle and driving carefully, do so often. NONE of the auto manufacturers in the USA offer one today.

So whatever happened to the Condor pickup made North Carolina you reported on in 2014?

It seems to be shipping but no news from insideevs in 5 years.

This is a LSEV (low speed electric vehicle), a very popular vehicle segment in (rural) China, because it is less regulated. There are tens of manufacturers and prices of the cars are pretty low. Sales are 1,5 to 2 million of these LSEV’s yearly. Some of the very cheap models still use lead acid batteries. As said there are many manufacturers, this is an example of a bigger one (in chinese):

If you’re looking for an American style electric pickup truck, it’s available from a small car maker called Kawei, the EV7. Website in Chinese (and very slow loading) is here:

I see a kind of Lego car.

It would be great if it had 4 seats (2 up front, and another 2 in the back).


I want yo buy one—who do I contact?