Chargefox Launches First ABB Ultra-Fast Chargers In Australia

OCT 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

Chargefox plans to open 21 sites by 2020

Chargefox is a new Australian start-up that has successfully raised $15 million (AUD) for initial rollout of 21 ultra-fast charging stations by 2020 and the first was just launched.

The first station is located in Euroa, Victoria on the Hume Highway, some 160km North East of Melbourne and offers two ABB Terra HP High Power fast charger (up to 350 kW according to ABB press release).

“Chargefox, which plans to build a government backed network of electric-vehicle stations connecting major cities in Australia to make long trips as feasible for electric vehicles as for fossil-fueled vehicles”

ABB was selected as a key technology partner and supplier. The chargers are equipped with CCS Combo 2 and CHAdeMO plugs, although we believe that only CCS are ultra-high power, with liquid-cooled cables, at the moment.

The second fast charging station, also with two ABB Terra HP High Power chargers, to be opened in 2019 in

“The second Chargefox site, which will also feature two 350kW Terra HP chargers, is planned for Barnawartha North, near Albury and will be deployed before the end of 2019. The addition of a further two high power charge stations on the main corridor between Melbourne and regional Victoria will dramatically reduce charging time for drivers travelling interstate.”

Frank Muehlon, Managing Director for electric vehicle charging infrastructure at ABB, said:

ABB Terra HP High Power fast charger

“ABB is proud to collaborate with Chargefox and its partners on this innovative venture, the first of its kind in Australia, and to be able to assist in deploying the first of the new generation of high-power charging stations in Asia Pacific.

“Australia has set itself some ambitious carbon reduction targets and we are delighted that our pioneering charging technology can assist in driving the increased adoption of electric vehicles and the resultant benefits for the environment.”

Evan Beaver, Charging Manager for Chargefox said:

“When choosing hardware for the first Chargefox Ultra-Rapid sites, we were really looking for a solution that was flexible, straightforward to install and met approval requirements from relevant bodies. ABB’s Terra HP fast charging solution met this brief, with the additional benefit of ABB’s equipment being well-known and trusted by network operators.

ABB is at the forefront of EV technology, with their Terra HP chargers suitable for all types of electric vehicles on the market today. We are confident this technology will also ensure we are future ready as Australia’s EV market grows. We are extremely excited to deploy the first fast chargers of this power in Australia, and keen to hear from our clients about how their experience is for these first two sites.”

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So are the Tritium chargers technically worse or just more expensive? Tritium is a Australian company so you would think that this would be the first choice.

Also note how this guy nearly pulls a muscle manhandling the “Franken Plug” /s

From another article on this subject: “The beauty of splitting the rectifier from the charging unit is that if a second car comes along and wants to charge, instead of having to install two 350kW sources of energy, which is expensive and would be rarely utilised, the charging site can deliver 175kW to each car, or 200kW to one car and 150kW to another – depending on the state of charge each car is in and what they can handle. Evan tells me that this flexibility is the main reason Chargefox went with ABB’s Terra HP system over others currently on the market.”

Source (includes lots of other tech detail):

Yeah, but the Tritium units can do this as well. So it doesn’t answer my question.

Admittedly I’m a bit surprised by it – but the Walmart Stores in my area that are lucky enough to get these fast chargers seem to be standardizing on 350 kw CCS (TYPE 1), Chademo 50kw fast chargers – usually 4 per store. They all have separate utility revenue metering so the only thing Walmart is apparently supplying is the parking lot space.