CHAdeMO DC Fast Charger Rollout – 248 Added in US in Last 5 Months – 3,523 Chargers Worldwide

JAN 31 2014 BY MARK KANE 18

Nissan DC fast charger with CHAdeMO plug

Nissan DC fast charger with CHAdeMO plug

A week ago, we asked what was happening with the CHAdeMO DC fast charger rollout.

We questioned the rollout status because official data on the CHAdeMO Association website had not been updated for a long time.

Now, we see some major updates (hmm…wonder if the CHAdeMO team saw our post on InsideEVs?) with hundreds more confirmed stations:

“The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 3511.
— (Japan 1,967, Europe 990, USA 554, Others 12) last update 2014.01.28″

With those figures, we see that since September 2013, CHAdeMO chargers installs in the US increased by 248 (306 installed in the US as of September 10, 2013).

The figures show that Japan’s CHAdeMO network is growing at a steady rate and soon should reach 2,000 points.. This is more than some countries have public AC points!

Europe seems to still not be updated and, hence the same 990 number we saw a week ago.  However, we believe that over 1,000 CHAdeMO chargers are in the ground in Europe.

Okay, for those doing the math, you’ll see CHAdeMO Association made a mistake:

1,967 + 990 + 554 + 12 = 3,523.  Not 3,511 as reported by CHAdeMO.  Clearly, the 12 “Others” weren’t added in.  Perhaps CHAdeMO should update its site one more time (hint…hint).

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CHAdeMO has not been chosen by the European authorities, and is due to be phased out there.
I would expect relatively few installations of chargers using that standard there in future.

I would expect a lot of installations of chargers using that standard. There will be a lot of dual and triple stations with both CSS and Chademo. There won’t be many stand-alone Chademos though and after 2017-18 maybe no at all if it get’s regulated.

Fair enough.

It is great that fast chargers are rolling out quickly and lets hope the rollout keeps getting faster. and that the L3 chargers become cheaper and better** as the technology matures

**Special comment about Blink. The machines they installed were low in quality, and even now, after bankruptcy, the new owners are not successful in keeping them running. I guess they will end up getting replaced, which will be expensive, but still much cheaper than setting up a brand new site.

I just thought about the 554 CHAdeMO units in the US … that is a remarkable number, and should get more publicity, if you compare to the coverage given to 71 (?) Tesla sites.

I know the Tesla sites have several stalls each, and charger for longer trips, but I still think the CHAdeMO roll out was not given enough coverage. Thanks for correcting this!

They are far more clustered around cities, compared to Superchargers which are deliberately located out in the countryside to enable road-trips. Most Nissan dealerships have one by now, whether or not it serves any routine EV driver needs (so they are more like emergency back-up in terms of impact).

You can see the coverage by going to, choosing only ‘high-powered’ and ‘in use’ stations, then clicking ‘more options’ and unchoosing the Tesla Superchargers.

You’ll see that except for Western Oregon/Washington and perhaps also the Atlanta-to-Tennessee region, everywhere else it’s still confined to metro areas. Even here in Western WA, there is a glaring hole between Seattle and Snoqualmie Pass on the main highway heading east to the mountains (I-90). Till that hole is closed, we cannot go to the pass in our 2012 Leaf.

Also, just to accommodate the range differences, ChaDeMos needs to be >10x in number to provide equivalent coverage (area = range squared…).

Except, they don’t. No sane person bought an i-MiEV thinking it’d be a great vehicle to travel everywhere across the US.
It makes sense to cluster the initial CHAdeMOs in and around metro areas.

Pitching Leaf vs Model S 60, we’re already down to a 6 ratio (less than the difference there is today), and if we start toying with the idea of a next-gen 150-mile Leaf vs 200-mile Model E, we get close to parity (1:1.8).

Yes, do view at plugshare and then pan over to Japan. Its humbling.

Wow, thanks for the tip! Amazing!

I wonder why anyone in Japan would buy an ICE vehicle nowadays…

I’ve been on quite a few long driving trips in Japan. We really didn’t have time to stop for charging.

I didn’t realize the future is already set in stone. I have a feeling that more of these sites will be on interstates. The issue is cost, value and time. Once people in EVs start travelling – then resources will be put into place to deliver highway spanning charging. This is also due to fleet vehicles from power authorities, highway crews and other fleet arms wanting on the road charging. Even truckers – someday will have Hybrid truck solutions and plugging-in at night and getting a couple dozen kWh will be commonplace.

Future isn’t here yet. It’s just being planned out now.

1/4 that of Japan, which is about the size of California, and most are in the cities. Put it this way. If ALL of the DCFCs were in California, we would still be far behind Japan, even in that one state.

Yes, and 554 is probably below the actual number. At least the list of locations given by the CHAdeMO association seems to always lag behind or miss stations…

Definitely agreed with you ggpa regarding news coverage.
While it’s likely impractical for insideevs to make a separate article for every CHAdeMO installation, at least they should try and strike some balance and not focus exclusively on Tesla’s proprietary infrastructure.

Heck, even Model S drivers can use CHAdeMO QCs…

Make it a bi-weekly or monthly update guys, or whatever, surprise us!

You know how many CHAdeMO chargers there are in Sydney, Australia? Exactly one. NRMA (like the AAA in the US) has a charger outside one of their offices to charge their i-MiEV(s). That’s the only operational one here. Better Place was briefly here before shutting down and their three CHAdeMOs are in the process of being reclaimed by the manufacturer.

For a city that tries to promote itself as a world class city we are so far behind when it comes to EV infrastructure it’s embarrassing. Alongside this lone CHAdeMO charger there are only 14 other Chargepoint stations. I get envy reading about EV highways overseas, it’s only the stuff of dreams here for now.

Even their update is outdated according to one member on the i-MiEV forum, with a number of stations in New England not appearing on the map.

“USA 554”

Wow, my guesstimate of 500 was pretty close!
.. [leaves to buy lottery ticket]

Companies like ABB should get involved using their vast electrical resources to come up with solutions to grow the EV fleets using fast, compact and dedicated DC fast charging.

Onboard charging today in many vehicles is generally “ok” but once 120-150 mile EVs hit the road, some sort of national presence of 50KW fast charging will help grow the footprint immensely. Maybe fast food chains like Chipotle and Panera Bread could become charge-sites. They have enormous reach and could help spur this new greening process. Maybe even McDonalds some day.