BMW Sold Record 11,710 Plug-In Electric Cars In November

DEC 11 2017 BY MARK KANE 21

BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – November 2017

BMW Group has set a new monthly sales record for plug-in electric vehicles in November at 11,710 deliveries, which is almost one thousand more than its previous record set in September.

BMW i3, i3s, i8

The growth year-over-year now stands at 63.5%. Moreover, the share of plug-ins to total sales hit a new high of 5.3%!

With such great progress, YTD sales have hit 89,806 and with one month to go there should be no problem for BMW to reach its goal of 100,000 plug-in electric vehicles sales worldwide in 2017, and 200,000 cumulatively.

It’srefreshing to see an automaker to both go out on a limb with an aggressive short-term target…but also to hit it.

BMW highlights:

  • the plug-in hybrid version of the BMW 5 Series already accounts for 22% of 5 Series sedans delivered in the US
  • In the UK, one in three BMW 3 Series sedans sold in November was a plug-in hybrid
  • More BMW i3 were delivered to customers worldwide during the year through the end of November (28,040 units) than in the whole of 2016 (25,528 vehicles).

Dr. Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Brand BMW said:

“With our strong premium brands, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, the BMW Group covers all segments and is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium vehicles. Strong demand for our new BMW 5 Series shows just how popular this new model is with customers around the globe. We also sold more electrified vehicles in November – 11,710 – than ever before in a single month. We are now looking forward to celebrating delivery of our 100,000th electrified vehicle before the end of the year,” Robertson added.

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> It’srefreshing to see an automaker to both go out on a limb with an aggressive short-term target…but also to hit it.

Indeed. Hyundai, are you listening ?

How close to 100,000 does that make them? They seem to say they will make it. How many still to go in December?

Just getting in before the BMW bashing commences.

89,806. Just like it says in the article 🙂

I see I fail at reading. And I read it more than once looking for that number!

10,194. Last year they sold about 25% more in December than they sold in November meaning they should top 100k next week.

I expect BMW to be a very strong contender once they start making a wider selection of EVs that are more like their other cars. I couldn’t care less about the PHEVs or other hybrids, but I love the i3. And so do the customers.

The i3 seems to just need getting used to.

It’s hard to enumerate all it’s advanced features.

Like the short overhangs of the front and rear bumper sections. Having small overhang area makes the car more stable, along with the full length of the battery contained inside it’s wheelbase.
The car is incredibly stable.
And you can feel it in the ride.

If the plugin’s had at least 30 miles of real world range, you could make a case for them.

Awesome! Keep it up BMW.

What they lack in electric range they make up for in range of vehicle types. Even at 15 or so miles… that can save a lot of gas if plugged in daily.

But it needs to be increased! I hope we start seeing range increases on the PHEVs soon!


Nice PEV numbers … how many BEVs delivered?

I’m less interested in PHEV numbers, and like to see both PHEV and BEV numbers broken out. Thanks.

They were the manufacturer with the most evs at the LA Auto, 6 if i remember correctly so it’s not that surprising they sell. They are actually trying.

That’s a lot of “aha” moments, for people who’ve never experienced an all-electric mode.

Nailed it!

This is how you get people excited. Butts in seats.

Any sense of how boned they are on the i3 in the USA with the stop sale? Any chance of them rushing more of another model here to try to make up the difference?

The i3 factory is running at full capacity. That’s one of the reasons why they haven’t tried to sell it widely in the US. Only about 5k of the annual 30k is US bound. If they marketed it widely, they wouldn’t have the inventory to fulfil orders.

i3 factory capacity is only 30,000?
-That’s the definition of just a compliance car.

Congratulations BMW. With December being holiday season, they will easily hit the 100,000 mark.

Certainly BEVs are not their strength with i3 being the only 1, but their strength is in plugins and the best thing is that the 5 series plugin carries the same price as the gasmobile and it sold 800 + in USA last month.

And they will show more focus on plugins as Model 3 production ramps up. Gets interesting

Hello Jay Cole and all plugin supporters.

119,000 plugin vehicles were sold in China with 83,000 being passenger vehicles with the other 36,000 being commercial vehicles. Wow.

As of last month, the Worldwide plugin sales stood at 888,000 and adding this 83,000 brings the tally to 971,000 and now add the
US – 18,000
Norway – 6,000
Sweden – 3,000
UK – 4,000

and the total sales of just the passenger plugin vehicles crossed 1 million mark. And 133,000 commercial plugin vehicles were sold to date in China which could take the sales beyond 1.15 million mark.

More news here.

Sales of China’s new energy vehicles increased over 80 percent year-on-year in November to 119,000 units, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) announced Monday.

In the first 11 months, production and sales stood at 639,000 and 609,000 units respectively, up 49.7 percent and 51.4 percent from a year ago.
2.96 million

In November, sales of new energy passenger cars reached 83,000 units, and that of the commercial vehicles amounted to 36,000 units.
In the first 11 months, the two categories stood at 476,000 units and 133,000 units, respectively.

Now make a 200 mile version (EPA) and you’ll have me looking to replace my leaf. 🙂 I loved my test drive.

Which BMW did you test drive?