BMW iNEXT Prototype Tested On Snow In Sweden

FEB 5 2019 BY MARK KANE 13

BMW’s technology flagship promises to be an interesting SUV

BMW iNEXT – one of three upcoming next-generation BEVs from BMW (besides iX3 and i4) – completes the first full vehicle tests for drive, chassis and suspension groups under extreme conditions in the Arjeplog winter testing center in Sweden.

The German manufacturer presents several photos of the iNEXT prototype in camouflage and it seems it will not be as extraordinary as the concept (the grill stays though, unfortunately).

Production is scheduled for 2021 at the Dingolfing plant in Germany.

As we earlier saw photos of iX3 and i4 test mules, there is no doubt that the electrification program at BMW is moving at full speed. The iX3 will be launched in 2020.

BMW iNEXT undergoes winter trial tests
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BMW iNEXT undergoes winter trial tests BMW iNEXT undergoes winter trial tests BMW iNEXT undergoes winter trial tests

Here are details about the winter tests of iNEXT from BMW:

“The future of driving pleasure is approaching fast and the BMW iNEXT takes the next hurdle of its path to serial production maturity. The winter test centre of the BMW Group in Arjeplog, Sweden is the setting for the current complete vehicle tests, which serve to optimise, examine and harmonise all drive, chassis and suspension components under extreme climate and road conditions. With its purely electric drive, the BMW iNEXT meets individual mobility needs in an especially sustainable manner. It also combines the latest developments from the areas of automated driving and intelligent connectivity offering passengers completely new ways of enjoying their ride.

The series production version of the BMW iNEXT will be manufactured in the BMW Plant in Dingolfing from 2021. The new technology flagship of the BMW Group integrates the key future topics of automated driving, connectivity, electrification and services (ACES) in the automobile as defined in the NUMBER ONE > NEXT company strategy. Its innovative technology focusses on people’s needs and requirements. The BMW iNEXT, in the shape of a modern Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) embodies the pioneering interpretation of brand typical driving pleasure – with purely electric drive, intelligent all-wheel-drive system and model-specific suspension technology. These components are currently being winter-tested together under real-world conditions at the polar circle for the first time. This intensive series of tests, which is equivalent to those used for conventionally powered models, illustrates the high degree of maturity of the purely electric drive technology developed by the BMW Group, which makes the BMW iNEXT the symbol for the move into a new era of driving pleasure.

The test drives with the camouflaged BMW iNEXT are being conducted on snow-covered roads and ice-covered lakes, where low temperatures and minimal road friction dominate everyday testing. The cold poses a challenge, above all, for the electric motor, the high-voltage battery and the cooling system of the BMW iNEXT. The testing engineers also attach particular importance to the eDrive energy management system.  They analyse the way in which the extreme sub-zero temperatures affect how the energy storage system recharges, how electricity is transferred to the electric motor, how the electrical system is supplied with energy and how the heating and air condition systems respond. The power transmission and suspension regulation systems are also tested far beyond what is standard in day-to-day traffic conditions. On closed-off, ice-covered surfaces electronic regulation can already be provoked at low driving speeds. For the engineers this means that they can, for example, analyse the interaction of the all-wheel-drive system, which was especially developed for the electric drive, and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control). They can then continuously optimise the processes under exactly reproducible conditions.

The steering and braking system are also fine-tuned under these conditions. Just like the deceleration performance of the brakes, the energy recuperation when coasting must be precisely adapted to each driving situation.  The tracks around Arjeplog also provide the ideal testing ground for these trials. The BMW iNEXT is confronted with the entire range of dynamic driving challenges when winter-testing on gravel tracks, dry asphalt and extremely slippery polished ice surfaces.”

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Complete with large, aero-robbing grill I see.

How do you know what the grill looks like under that wrap?

A grill can be closed off which would have the same aero as those without grills.

Front of the car doesn’t really impact aero that much once everything is closed off.

I can’t believe thousands of engineers at BMW didn’t think of this. You’re a genius!

Well, thousands of Audi engineers made the same mistake.

A part does not produce more drag just because it has another color.

And most of the drag is created behind the car not in the front.

After the i3, I think many people will prefer the iNext, as in, next.

Not really the same cup of tea.

Scheduled for 2021 and being winter tested already now, that’s how the pros do it, not trying to get the car out as quickly as possible and then let the customers be beta-tester.

Maybe so but really what BMW-i is doing is losing market share, and waiting for a better price on the batteries they will be installing in them.

BMW will charge you an arm and a leg for it! No thanks!

You mean the marketshare of what, 2-3%? Yeah, i’m sure it makes a big dent missing out on that one, instead of perfectioning on something that matters when the market is ready..

Yeah, the pros from BMW, so pro with their internal combustion engine that they had to recall more than a million cars because of fire risk. Well just some dozens really caught fire, so no problem at all….