Best EV Factory Lease And Dealer Offers For Every Plug-In Sold In America (May)

MAY 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet Spark EV

A great comparison of the best factory lease offers for each model of EV in May for the US, along with best individual dealer offers separately, was recently released by EV-VIN Blog (and reprinted above with thanks) – a truly beneficial list for anyone in the market for a new plug-in vehicle.

The Chevrolet Spark EV is listed first in both tables, and it’s hard to find better value proposition that plug-in Chevy, at least among small plug-in cars.

Lucky consumers from California (or sometimes even from a few other states), can also try to hunt down one of the best dealer offers (green table below).

According to EV-VIN Blog, with a certain amount of luck you can drive away Spark EV for less than $100 a month (average).

Also on the list, the Volkswagen e-Golf SE is available for nearly $125 a month (average), while the Nissan LEAF S can be had for some $180 a month.  While the 2016/2017 Chevrolet Volt “best offer available” stands at around $160, which is pretty awesome compared to the factory deals – someone will get serious savings.

Best Dealer Offers, May 14, 2016 –

Best Dealer Offers, May 14, 2016 –

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I think most people will drive away with less than $100/mo on SparkEV. Factory lease after CA rebate is about $75/mo, so all deals should beat that.

With fair amount of luck, one could drive away with less than $10/mo with $4000 CA rebate (good credit, low income or one time pay lease), even after including taxes, docs, etc.

If your poor and you work for bofa, you’ll get paid to drive a spark EV.

Don’t forget the cost of insurance! It’s not free you know

Also factor in the cost savings from gas. Our Spark EV lease rate is $80/month with $1,500 drive-off. The net cost savings (accounting for electricity costs) for my wife’s commute on gas alone is about $80/month, so that effectively covers the lease payment. Also, we have the $2,500 CA rebate, so that covers the drive-off cost and we net $1,000 cash back.

Plus, GM kicked in a $500 rebate for a Bosch charging station — nearly the entire cost for the 30A model. Even with the cost of installation, we’re still coming out ahead after accounting for the CA rebate.

So, when will the wild-eyed bat guano-crazy best deals hit for the Leaf SV/SL lease?
When will Nissan light those EV bonfires?

Okay, I’m on the hunt. Not easy to find guano in these parts.

So far, what I did find is Power Nissan in Salem, OR has 2016 SL models for $239/mo for 36 months, $1999 down. Best I’ve seen in a while for an SL with the big battery. I added this dealership to my weekly checklist.

Thanks Vin. I’m one state east of the People’s Republic of Oregon.
Idaho has no state incentives. Zip. In fact, they penalize EV owners with excessive registration fees out of fear of losing miniscule gas taxes.
Single occupant, Big Truck diesel exhaust is a prescious resource to our esteemed legislature. Take that Oregon.

SOoo, how does a midwest customer order one o’ these Cali cars an’ get it shipped?

I can dream..

So I wonder how much GM loses on each Spark EV that they sell/lease. It may serve as a loss leader to get CARB credits.

I doubt they’re selling low for CARB credits, given that Volt is best selling plugin car in US and Bolt will be out later in the year. What I suspect is GM is trying to gain market share. They throw in $500 rebate on Bosche EVSE with SparkEV lease, probably so that people who take up the offer will have easier transition to Bolt.