Auto Express Crowns Jaguar I-Pace Car Of The Year / Best Premium EV


The all-new 2019 Jaguar I-Pace takes home two major awards, and we feel the praise has only just begun.

AutoExpress chooses its Car of the Year based on a vehicle that moves to adapt and forward the entire industry in a positive manner. According to the publication, the Jaguar I-Pace has already done just that.

AutoExpress shares:

The world is on the cusp of a step change when it comes to personal transport, and the I-Pace gives us the ability to peer into the future. It’s a premium electric car that doesn’t demand much in the way of compromise, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology.

As Jaguar’s first effort at an electric vehicle, it’s a triumph. It offers performance that would humble some sports cars, practicality to shame some SUVs and the premium image many buyers seek.

The publication goes on to commend the Jaguar commitment to innovation and advanced technology. According to AutoExpress, the I-Pace provides a welcome balance of speed and comfort, while being practical and refined. The fact that it seems to cover all the bases so well is a testament to Jaguar’s pursuits. AutoExpress points out that it’s especially impressive when considering that the automaker was able to make such incredible strides with its first all-electric offering.

To top it off, the 2019 I-Pace also earned the AutoExpress 2018 Premium Electric Car of the Year award. The publication also gives credit to the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S. AutoExpress writes:

Up until now if you wanted a premium electric vehicle your choice was basically limited to some kind of Tesla, but Jaguar has arrived and moved the goalposts with its all-electric I-Pace SUV.

Jag has beaten its German rivals to the punch, delivering a technical tour de force in a premium package that breaks new ground in the class.

None of this comes as any surprise if you’ve read the raving reviews all over the internet. We had a chance to spend a few days in the I-Pace and would happily award the vehicle ourselves. Additionally, Motor1’s Brandon Turkus enjoyed the recent Jaguar I-Pace experience in Portugal and shares our views.


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No surprise here, it is clearly the best engineered, and manufactured EV on the road. Winning “Car of the Year” though is a big deal, that means better then ICE.. :)~

AutoExpress is not Motor Trend or Car and Driver. It’s not that big a deal.

Jaguar is near the bottom of reliability charts as well. Engineering and Manufacturing are not what consumers care about.

Motortrend and C & D have not had the car for testing yet other then being in Portugal…. Lets wait for judgement until they throughly test I-Pace in the states. I agree with you on JLR reliability in the past, but since I-Pace shares very few part numbers with their legacy products, and was jointly engineering and built by Magna… I am keeping an open mind. Cars built by Magna tend to have pretty high customer satisfaction… Need look no further then Mercedes G Wagon.

Jaguar might be at the bottom of reliability charts but the i-Pace is manufactured by Magna Steyr in Austria 😉

The F-Pace is built by Magna and is also at the bottom of the reliability heap. Quality comes from a culture that combines production and product development into a virtuous cycle. A low quality company that contracts out its manufacturing will likely see even worse quality.

F-Pace is NOT built by Magna… I-pace, and E-Pace are…

It’s a European mag. Sorry we stuck up our own ass. Like the Germans or Japanese after the war helped our ass with our engineering defencency

I will lease a Jaguar
I will buy a Lexus

Not a bad thought… I have a Lexus LX, a terrifically built car.

The fact Jaguar (in general) is not high on reliability charts is irrelevant pertaining to this particular model. If you were to assess a vehicle’s reliability, you do it on its own merits. You don’t just lazily say “well, er, all other Jags are unreliable, so I’ll just mark this one down too!”

Furthermore, luxury car buyers are very discerning people in general, and a lot of them actually do take a fair interest in the standards to which their vehicle is manufactured. They may not necessarily care for the finer details, but to say they don’t care about the engineering aspects whatsoever is a bit naive.

Seeing as how BEV is much less mechanically complex than ICE. We can only extrapolate that the I-PACE should be more reliable than the E-PACE.

Being a UK magazine there might be some bias here… 😉

Maybe, but it sounds like our own Steven (who has spent time in I-Pace) does not disagree with the assessment.

It looks incredibly nice to me as well (wasn’t trying to say it isn’t worthy of the award, just consider source and car origins). I would buy one at half the price (i.e, wait 3 or 4 years and get a used one).

Yes, they are expensive, and the reliability is unknown. Waiting is not a terrible idea, but I am not bright… Like to rush in when others are cautious.

I agree, if it were 1/2 the price, I would consider one.

I’ve sat in one and it made the diesels look like a walrus on rollerskates.

Traditionally a UK magazine would finish every review by recommending VW instead.

No UK nationalism here….nope.

For the price, it should go toe to toe with the Model Y. As it stands, there is no direct competitor to set against the I-pace. Brits have tried hard to pit the car against the Model X but that’s apples to grapefruit. Model X is better and larger in every regard except perhaps poshness of the interior bits. X has three rows of seats and tons more storage space front and rear.

I-Pace awaits Audi e-Tron and Mercedes EQ to duke it out for best overpriced, limited production two row SUVs with no storage room behind the rear seats.

Calling it the best premium EV is rubbish. Unless, of course, they mean, most expensive.

Look at it this way – pit Dual Motor Model 3 against it and that is still like a road test between a BMW 3 or 4 Series sedan against an X3 or X4.

Where do I get the dual motor Model 3 to test? It seems no-one outside of Tesla has driven one.

Actually I-Pace has pretty good storage behind the seats, much more then any Model 3… Seat space is also much larger then Model 3.

Have you seen the capacious trunk in the 3 in person? FYI: it’s huge!

My point being – the I-Pace is a near compliance, low-limited production vehicle costing lots more than it’s non existing competition.

Auto Express, UK publication, is premature in this assessment. I-Pace is’t in the hands of consumers yet and it’s direct competitors (also high priced, limited production 2 row SUVs) are also not yet in showrooms, yet perhaps 3 to 6 months behind the Jaguar.

I like the I-Pace . It’s nose did not need the Big impractical fake grille which indeed compromised any useable front trunk. I think it is a good car, yet like BMW’s i3, positioned to sell in the low 10s of thousands at a premium price. In other words , NOT a world changer by any means,

Give it more practicality, build it in large numbers and at a price many more can afford and just watch me join the fandom bandwagon.

Until then, like e-Tron and EQ, the I-Pace is a nicety.

“My point being – the I-Pace is a near compliance, low-limited production vehicle costing lots more than it’s non existing competition.”

I keep hearing this from tesla fans… but fact is Tesla as of today still has not delivered as many Model 3’s as Chevy has Bolts… Lets wait and see… On I-Pace Volumes.

I doubt few people buying $80k cars buy them because they are practical.

There is no such thing as “near compliance”. Either they are profitable and thus they want to sell as many of them as possible; or they are not, and they thus want to sell them only in ZEV states. So far, everything indicates that it’s not a compliance car.

Having said that, I also get the impression that the price is rather steep for what it offers, and thus it probably won’t sell in very large quantities, even if Jaguar honestly tries…

I will receive delivery of my AWD M3 in three months or so. I stand 6’1″ and I fit nicely in the back seat, legs not cramped even with a 6 footer in the front seat.

True, I-Pace does have an inch more headroom back there, so if you plan on having basketball players in you back seat on a regular basis it might be worth the added $18-22,000 MSRP….Or maybe not.

My 3 will do 0-60 mph in 4.5 sec according to Musk’s Tweets. Faster than I really need, but wonderful just the same. With 315 miles range and a lower center of gravity than I-Pace, I’d challenge the Jag in handling any day.

It’s up to personal taste, but I like minimalism. I think I-Pace’s controls are rather busy. I’m also a bit of a patriot. I’m glad my car is engineered and built in America which does indeed help our economy. Not a former British brand owned by an Indian company and built by Austrians at a Canadian-owned contract manufacturer.

You are so concerned that you replied twice…? I hope you enjoy your Tesla, sounds like 0-60 is about the same as the I-Pace, and 60 to 0 will not be as good in the Model 3. Can your Tesla go off road? Multiple laps on the track in hot weather without burning up the brakes? Handling, I will be interested to see…. We will need some testing to find out which car is better handling. The I-Pace is obviously luxury focused, and the list of features not available on any Tesla is long… So really not direct competitors, maybe the Tesla Y can compete, but that is many years from reality, Jaguar will be refreshing the I-Pace by the time Model Y is for sale.

I don’t want or need an off-road car. I have a pickup truck for that which I seldom use.

Have you read the statistics behind what percentage of SUV buyers actually take their cars off-road? Most spend more for the ability and never use it. AWD is great for traction in the wet or getting home when snow or ice is a factor. Ground clearance for humping over rocks and ruts in your $80,000 Jaguar? It makes for good pictures.

We all fall victim to buying more than we need. The sales pitch for SUVs often includes the “sport” factor, meaning you could go off-road if you wanted to. Except almost nobody does. We just end up wasting tons of money.

I love Bjorn Nyland. He got his Model X for free and God bless the guy for entertaining us all by beating the bejeezus out of his Tesla. It’s fun watching the guy bust body parts and get his SUV stuck in ruts and holes. You and I will not treat our $120,000 car like this. At least he shows us what the car is capable of. He’s great.

Hopefully you will be happy with your Model 3, hopefully the build quality meets your standards, and the the features you consider important are included. For me its not even close, starting with the lack of a key FOB, and the funky entry system. That would be a problem for me. Also my wife would not want to open the trunk manually, also the lack of dash instruments and HUD is weird. Tesla made too many design compromises in my opinion, and that is why they have gotten so many mixed reviews, where the I-Pace has had extremely positive reviews, even from the non EV people. Even Ben Sullins who is a big time Tesla bull and his wife made a critique video about Model 3. Check out this video at 18:50 I am not trolling, these are real issues when a Telsa fan boy goes into this much detail with a critique.

that’s an unfair synopsis of Ben Sullins’ video. Lots of things they loved about the Tesla – they didn’t like the key card, but this was always intended to be a secondary ’emergency’ entry device if the smart phone app couldn’t be used. In a previous video, Ben also discusses an I-pace vs Tesla comparison where he has real concerns about the Jag. I like the idea of the I-pace and I’m test driving one soon but Jaguar are new to EVs – let’s reserve judgment until they’ve been driven for 6 months by real customers

100% agree… Jaguar and Magna have to prove they got I-Pace right over the long haul…

The X is significantly more expensive than the I-Pace and there is no Model Y to go toe-to-toe with.

I wish the Y was out… It would be fun to see that competition. I-Pace is a leap past the current Tesla’s in features and quality if build. Tesla has a lot of catching up to do… Worse, it looks like E-tron is also going to have a beautiful interior and amazing features…

It is cheaper than a Tesla.

Who crowns car of the year July!? Which year?

I love Jags, my brand before Tesla showed up, yes is nice design, premium interior, however Tesla is the king in EV technology, engineering, will see how well Jaguar does in time.

Tesla’s EV tech is good in some areas and lacking in others. Drive units are not their thing. Model S 75 was outranged on the highway in Consumer reports by a Bolt… Thats just crazy!

Doesn’t sound that crazy, considering that the Model S is a *way* larger car.

And the Model 3 is way more efficient.

S is more aerodynamic, and 22% bigger battery 57 vs 75KWH

I think it’s a good car too, though lets have 20k on the road or so with 50k miles on them before we go all gaga over them.
It’s typical of car magazines to like whatever is new, just like the Bolt and all its awards, or even Tesla, which received numerous cars of the year awards. It’s good for evs that better ones, not like the Leaf, are showing up.

Model 3 missed the Motortrend car of the year which was very surprising… Lets see for 2019… Maybe the Model 3P can take a run at it…

I really like this car, but I love Autosteer and the Supercharger network.

I-Pace has Mobileye steering assist, which is not bad, but no supercharger network.