Audi e-tron GT Concept Shows Up In Camo

NOV 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 20

The lights are electrifying.

Audi e-tron GT concept

One day ahead of the unveiling at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi presents photos of the e-tron GT concept in camouflage, as well as a sneak peak of the left front with some cool lights that reminds lightning bolt.

Audi said earlier this year that the e-tron GT is scheduled for production using a second e-platform (the first was developed for the e-tron and e-tron Sportback), which shares tech from Porsche models.

The e-tron GT, together with BMW i4 probably will be the closest competitors to the Tesla Model S.

Here a little more on the first two BEV platforms from Audi:

  • Audi’s modified platform for first BEVs: for Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback
    “The Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback use components from Audi’s modular longitudinal platform. This and numerous innovative technologies primarily in the area of drive systems are giving rise to a separate product family of e-SUVs with electric quattro all-wheel drive. Fast charging with up to 150 kW and ample range suitable for long-distance journeys are benchmarks in this class.”
  • Second e-platform: for Audi e-tron GT concept
    “Audi will present the first member of another e-platform by the end of 2018: The Audi e-tron GT concept showcar, a highly dynamic coupe with a flat floor assembly, is debuting at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The technology in this automobile was developed in collaboration with Porsche; the design and character of the e-tron GT concept are packed full of unmistakable Audi DNA.”

Audi e-tron GT concept

Audi e-tron GT concept
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Audi e-tron GT concept Audi e-tron GT concept Audi e-tron GT concept Audi e-tron GT concept

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“Audi will present the first member of another e-platform by the end of 2018: The Audi e-tron GT concept showcar, a highly dynamic coupe with a flat floor assembly”
I’m sorry, but a coupe does NOT have four doors. That is just another sedan.

Yes, you are totally right. But since a time ago the traditional concepts are mismatching due the marketing manipulation.

Anyway, this car is a Porsche Taycan with an Audi dress, so is very interesting. A quality car with top technology from Porsche at a more affordable price. I hope it will be soon on sale. I had read that could be released in the begining of 2020.

Four door coupes have existed since the 60s (Rover P5 Coupe)

Yeah, and the Bolt EV is advertised as a “compact crossover”.

Bolt has a “high floor” due to battery in the full floor. When you want to make comfortable back seats it means the car becomes ~15 cm taller, so it fits the taller car type, which car industry calls crossover.

The vast majority of Crossovers and SUV’s aren’t anything more than wagons. But the public wants to believe what it wants to. Marketing just feeds them whatever they want to hear.

You can pretty much blame VW for spinning a 4-door with liftback rear hatch as a coupé, starting from the Sport Coupé GTE concept in 2015. In reality, that shape is no different from the 1978 Passat sedan, which had two variants, one with trunk & one with liftback hatch, but both had the exact same sloped rear profile. They were even called sedans in German.

The Mercedes CLA “four door coupe” pre-dates that.

And the Mercedes CLS “four door coupe” pre-dates that.

Drop dead gorgeous. And pure Audi as the same time.
Bring it. Period.

Agreed ….will be interesting to see how they price this and the Taycan since both use the same platform.

Easy, in europe the diference will be +- 15.000€.
You just have to see the diference between the Audi A7 and the Porsche Panamera 😉

Specs yet or is it unveiled at LA?

Too bad Audi reeks of Dieselgate. It was only Audi’s for me up until then. Never another one again. They can take this étron and do what everyone does with their caca, flush it down the toilet.

Get over it. No one cares truly.

Dave: The spokesman for all of humanity.

Cool headlights. How long will we see this in camo? I already like the camo, just like the e-tron. Saw the e-tron at an Audi dealer and missed the camo 😊
Will they show this car in a hideous blue color when it’s ready to be ordered too ?
Looks sporty. . Kind of a mix between a Panamera, TT and an A6. .

Another Euro point of view

Cut 20 cm at the front and 15 cm at the back, in present form it looks yet again like an old fashioned product from German car industry which apparently has a bit of a hard time to get a grip of what new generations wants (I mean mainly Audi and BMW, seems VW designers are doing quite OK).

Not every car needs to be designed for you.

This is not the concept, but the FINAL version on cameo, just saying