Amsterdam Is Electric Taxi Capital Of The World (w/video)

APR 30 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

Tesla Model S Taxi in Amsterdam.

Tesla Model S Taxi in Amsterdam

According to Nissan, Amsterdam is the electric taxi capital of the world.

Three companies, Taxi Electric, Connexxion and TCA operate more than 170 Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 electric vehicles for private hire by hotel and airport clientele, businesses, and those with restricted mobility.

We note that there are 167 Tesla Model S taxis at Schiphol Airport too.

There are a lot of charging points in the city too. On average, 25 more chargers are added each month with a goal of 4,000 by 2018. By 2025,Amsterdam’s goal is to be emission-free.

Taxi Electric began in 2011 and now has 22 LEAFs – each one was bought with 10,000 euro per vehicle of local and national subsidies.

Taxi Electric co-founder Edvard Hendriksen said:

“In 2011, we started Taxi Electric being the first fully-electric taxi company in Amsterdam. We started this company because we wanted to have a major impact in this city.”

“Apparently we had a good idea three years back, because other companies are seeing the potential in EV taxis.”

TCA has a fleet of 1,300 taxis, including fifty e-NV200.

“Chief Financial Officer Richard Olling says TCA’s EV program, now in its second month, is steadily gaining attention, resulting in more trips and profit for drivers.

“Sustainability is a big issue for TCA and we try to make models for our drivers to make also sustainability profitable…The demand for electric vehicles and zero emission vehicles will be much bigger. We think it’s the future,” he says.

TCA driver Atilla Selcuk says customers are taking notice.

“The electric car is very good, it’s very smooth and you don’t hear any noise, any sound, and that’s why a lot of customers like it and we drivers like it, too.”

“The car is very practical because I can fit four people inside and I can fit a lot of luggage…And it’s quite easy to charge. It’s click and play.”

The third company, Connexxion, is Europe’s largest public transport company.  It’s going bold with 100 e-NV200:

Connexxion CEO Bart Schmeink said:

“This sustainability agenda is not just ours. We see with government and local communities that cities want to switch over to more sustainability, and by delivering an active approach that we are able to win more contracts,”.

“Nissan is not only a manufacturer of cars but is a strategic partner able to think with us in the longer term how we do fleet management as Connexxion.”

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It just makes so much sense for Taxis to convert their fleets to full ev.
The economic, social, and environmental benefits are most fully realized by this conversion.

Looks like a Nissan Leaf add to me.
I live in Amsterdam (de Pijp) and the ev’s I see the most are Teslas 85. They come from the Airport and charge at the Tesla dealer. In the latest Bjorn Nyland video you see how many Teslas charge there. In fact, too many.
But yes, there are many chargepoint here now. Almost on every other street.


“In fact, too many.”

Yeah the noise and fumes must drive you mad 😉

also less downtime for repairs 🙂

I wonder if those Better Place ZEs are still running there… they used to have a demo fleet at Schipol too.

What happens when the only pollution left in Amsterdam is from smoking marijuana (et al)?

We will cross that bridge when we come to it, Dude.
(appropriate for Amsterdam)

“We note that there are 167 Tesla Model S taxis at Schiphol Airport too.”

I am astonished there are that many at one location. In the past when I read about Model S’s being used in taxi fleets, I assumed they were used more like limousines, kept in reserve and not driven like normal taxis. But with 167 in one location, it seems as if they are using them exactly that way.

I wonder how the economics works out for keeping a luxury car in constant commercial use, so that it wears out a lot faster than cars usually do? I don’t understand how the company can turn a profit that way. Are the purchases of the Model S’s heavily subsidized by the government?

Yes, that is a lot… Not a typo though, as it’s been reported both here and elsewhere (the 1st taxis were delivered almost a year ago).

I wonder whether they to strike some special deal with Tesla re warranties — over here, there’s no such thing as an unlimited-mileage warranty, even for luxury vehicles, and commercial use is usually explicitly excepted (there are different warranties for that).
On cursory googling, I see that in North America, Tesla does have a 8-year, unlimited-mile warranty on the drivetrain, at least on the 85 kWh models, although not on the rest of the vehicle (it’s a 4-year, 50k mi. warranty); however, it does say “normal use”, and I don’t know if taxis would count).

The economics work out because of the low running costs.

But yeah, there are some pretty compelling incentives for commercial use of a Tesla.

Taxi’s, like planes, make money when they are used a lot. A plane in the air, a taxi on the road.

Because of the relatively high upfront cost, but the low variable costs electric cars make sense, these are generally making a lot of miles each year. It’s also the only way to effectively establish any ROI.

They have quite a few chargers at Schiphol, and the queue for the Taxi’s at the main arrival pickup point is generally filled for pickups. The sight at night is also very cute with the Model S Sedans having the leds on the door handles lit for easy recognition.

167 Tesla’s is not really a lot in the grand scheme of things compared to the sheer amount of Taxi’s on the road. Realize that Schiphol moves 55 million people a year and is the 3rd busiest airport in Europe.

Marketing, I’d say. For Tesla, striking a special deal with the airport is extremely logical. 100s of thousands of travellers pass through an airport daily, and a great many of those take a taxi into the city.

Tesla’s best interests are to support the airport, because potentially tens of hundreds of travellers daily use the taxis and word of mouth spreads. “Those Teslas were awesome!”

That’s excellent perfect use, charge off wind power, city work – Ev’s should be reliable.
This is definitely a winner.

They could even charge at the airport if they invested at the taxi pool.

All things are do able & good on them for doing so!