All-Electric Outlander Sport Among Three Electrified SUVs Mitsubishi Will Launch In U.S.

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Mitsubishi eX & Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi eX & Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi is changing positions of its lineup in the U.S. by switching more plug-in versions of its SUVs and crossovers.

Conversely, the company has no plans for a new sedan as well as no new i-MiEV successor is in the near future.

Next year, beginning in May, Mitsubishi finally will introduce Outlander PHEV in the U.S. – an international best seller already.

“We are strong in SUVs and four-wheel drives. And that is what we would like to focus on as core models in the U.S. market. We have changed direction,” CEO Osamu Masuko told Automotive News this week, “We are going to allocate more resources to the areas where we are strong in the U.S.”

Then in late 2017, there will be a plug-in hybrid “small, coupe-styled crossover“, after which there is an expected redesigned Outlander PHEV to be launched (we hope with more energy dense battery and longer all-electric range.)

Beyond that, an all-electric eX probably will spawn in 2019 as the Outlander Sport EV (along with a gasoline version) when the new generation is introduced.

In other words, on average, every 12-18 months, the Japanese company will be expanding its U.S. offering by one new plug-in vehicle.

Mitsubishi plug-in offer in the U.S. (source: Automotive News)

Mitsubishi plug-in offer in the U.S. (source: Automotive News)

Source: Automotive News

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All talk. When it’s five years out it’s vaporware. Might as well say they’ll have a hovercraft due in 2020.

Waiting patiently for 2020 to get my hovercraft. Lol

Only if it’s a plug-in, though.

Does a hovercraft count as a “flying car”? I was promised a flying car by now!

What is meant by the second asterisked line? PHEV – no gasoline version. 2016

Does it mean BEV or Diesel PHEV?

Also, where is the PHEV/BEV version of the smaller RvR. I would like a 40 KWHr version of the RvR. That would suit my needs just fine.

That makes it look like the Outlander PHEV coming next year to the US will be Diesel PHEV and not Gasoline PHEV ?

It means that in the middle of 2016 Mitsubishi will bring the PHEV, but won’t bring the regular version until 2017.

Ah yes, now I get it. Just the PHEV and no gasoline version.

I didn’t actually realise there wasn’t any Outlander’s (Diesel or Gasoline) in the US, I assumed it was just the PHEV version ! Wow !

Mitsubishi already sells a gas Outlander in the US.

The graphic is a classic case of row overload. They are trying to put lots of information into a small number of rows to simplify the graphic, at the cost of clarity.

All the * means is that that the vehicle titled “Outlander PHEV” will not be sold as both a gas and a PHEV version. The gas version will be continue to be sold under the name “Outlander” (without the “PHEV” in the model name).

This is basically one of those DUH moments. As in “duh, the PHEV version of the Outlander will be a PHEV”.

Unfortunately the wording makes it into a HUH? moment. Because in trying to state the obvious, it instead makes people wonder if there is something deeper than the obvious statement that the model labeled “Outlander PHEV” will (by definition) only be a PHEV.

This could be big. If Mitsubishi starts selling PHEV SUVs big time then that will force all the other automakers to start building them. The lack of bigger PHEVs problem will finally be broken.

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Venezuela, and Nigeria are not going to be happy.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will be very successful in the US.

Unless it’s priced too high.

Mitsu appears to be planning on going out of business in the U.S.

They have huge reserves of money at Mitsubishi Bank. The auto division of Mitsubishi has been long known as a tax write-off. They ain’t goin’ nowhere.

I need a eX Outlander EV 2017, hurry up Mitsu!

I have been waiting for 5 years now, what is another 5 years? LOL.