Alex On Autos Checks Out Kia Niro EV


Alex says the Kia Niro EV is the compact electric vehicle he hoped the Chevrolet Bolt would be.

Watch out Chevrolet Bolt EV! Alex on Autos is impressed with the all-new 2019 Kia Niro EV (e-Niro). We’ve found that many automotive reviewers, as well as some “average joes,” seem quite impressed with Kia’s upcoming all-electric crossover. However, Alex is one of few reviewers with incredible consistency and opinions we tend to trust. This is especially true when it comes to his electric car reviews. So, his take on the Niro EV is sought-after.

What makes Alex believe the Kia Niro EV is a Bolt killer? Being that this is just a first look, he doesn’t dive deep. Instead, it’s a very informative walkaround. He’ll have a much more in-depth review in the near future. Nonetheless, the Niro EV’s strengths are its range, passenger and cargo volume, and long list of standard and available features. He also mentions the all-new 2020 Kia Soul EV and says he’s surprised that Kia is releasing two very similar EVs. After a brief comparison of the two models, Alex admits that he’d probably buy the Soul over the Niro.

If only Kia would sell its electric cars nationwide. If that was the case, we’re pretty sure sales of cars like the Chevrolet Bolt EV would be significantly impacted. Even with Kia only selling these vehicles in select areas, we’re confident that numbers should still impress, but it also comes down to how many cars the automaker produces for the U.S. market. Regardless of how you look at it, Kia (and Hyundai) are paving the way for a substantial EV future.

What do you think of the Kia e-Niro? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Alex on Autos on YouTube:

Kia’s latest move is to bring not one but two EVs to America for 2019. First up comes their Niro crossover with a 201 horsepower electric motor and 238 miles of EV range, this is the compact vehicle we hoped the Bolt would be.


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Seriously. The Bolt EV is a 3+ year-old car.
It would be a shame if the Niro could not surpass it.

Bolt Doesn’t Stand a Snow Ball’s Chance In Hell Against The Niro. ………… 🙁

Again, one is not even here and the other is 3 year-old.
This is an eternity for electric cars. What did you expect?

And actually, the difference between the cars is far less than it should have been.

I would wait until leasing pricing is announced…you may be surprised.

The real question with Hyundai/Kia is availability. Where and in what quantity will it be available?

We do know that the Hyundai/Kia EV’s are available in RHD where the Bolt and Volt are still not available in RHD.

That’s not the point! It’s real SUV! Higher with same or better range! Physics law harder to conquer! I understand you all rooting for USA cars. Bolt is essentially a Korean car too.

The Bolt is its own killer. Why wouldn’t GM package this car in a more appealing body?

To limit sales. It’s a CARB compliance car.
GM only now sees they need to build real EV’s.

Funny considering they released the first sub-$35K with more than 230 miles range about 3 full years before Tesla.
Or anyone else actually.

What is the funny part? The point here is that they purposely made it look bad. Price is of second relevance to some.

It’s pretty silly to say they purposely made it look bad. That’s supposition and conjecture regarding a subjective conclusion about appearance.

The leases are more than decent and they still can’t move them! Hell, if they keep dropping them i will jump on board too. 1500 per month for the only long range ev under 35k (more like $32k before credits)? The people have spoken, nothing subjective about it. Put the Model 3 or Kona at that price point and see what happens.

Like I said, subjective. You may not understand what that means, but it still accurately describes the conclusion of whether or not something is good looking, whether or not a good tastes good, etc.

Did you mean $150, not $1500 ? !

It looks good.

They’re Forced to Build “COMPLIANCE EV CARS” For Carbon Credits , This Allows Them To Build More 0f The Hi Profit BIG GAS GUZZLERS …So, They Purposely Make EV’s FUGLY & Unattractive That Only EV “Die Hard’s” Will Buy , In Order To DISCOURAGE MASS* EV Sales ..THis in Their Minds Will Prove That Most People Don’t Want EV’s , S0., MOST People (Sitting On The Fence) Won’t Buy Their FUGLY EV’s , NOW****They Can Begin The BRAINWASH By Falsely* CONCLUDING That People Don’t want EV’s AS They Attempt to Carry On “BUSINESS AS USUAL”>>>

And it launched with major flaws, most definitely the charging rate. At 56 kW maximum and ~40 kW typical, the use case for this vehicle is dramatically limited. Furthermore, they used their Daewoo division to basically alter a Chevy Trax/Buick Encore platform to make the Bolt and de-contented the interior to a ridiculous level to rush it out the door. It would have been better to spend proper time to make a better vehicle and scale up production to make it profitably. Instead, we get a compliance car since it only makes financial sense with CARB ZEV and CAFE GHG credits.

I remember when Chevy first announced the Bolt, I was stoked and 99.9% sure we were going to buy one….until the wife and I actually sat in one at the SF Auto show. The super low rent interior was a deal breaker.

If Chevy would have put more effort in it’s interiors, something the foreign automakers have figured out a long time ago, we would be driving a Bolt right now. We ended up leasing a e-Golf for $110/mo!

As it is the Niro EV and the Hyundai Kona EV are on the shortlist come early next year.

How it will kill the Bolt:

Front : Independent, MacPherson struts, stabilizer
Rear : Independent, multi-link

Not a cheap torsion beam “suspension”. in name only.

The Bolt has a front independent, MacPherson struts and stabilizer bar. The rear is torsion beam suspension. It’s a suspension given it has shocks and springs. It just not fully independent. Out of all the critisms of the Bolt this is probably the weakest reason.

Charging speed is the biggest difference IMO. And interior design. We love our Bolt. It’s a goofy little thing, but it’s got some real strengths (driving dynamics, above-view camera, rear-view camera rather than mirror). We haven’t noticed anything about the suspension nor have our kids who ride in the back.

How can you kill something that never really came to life.

For a car that never came to life, there’s a fair amount of them on the road.

True, but it really never reached mass production, but I suppose you could Half-Mass production, sans “M”..

Do you consider the Model S and Model X in the same light? Are they also half-ass production? Why doesn’t Tesla sell more of those models? I think they are deliberately holding back.

“However, Alex is one of few reviewers with incredible consistency and opinions we tend to trust.”

Didn’t he have some awful hit piece on an EV a while back, that was pretty ill informed? It was covered here; maybe it wasn’t Alex but someone else’s EV review? This was several months ago, possibly over a year now. Glad he’s come around, in any case.

The Kia Niro looks very appealing, it and the Kona EV are on my short list for my next vehicle, since GM can’t seem to get a larger-than-Bolt CUV out to market.

The Niro isn’t bigger than the Bolt either. So Kia has the same problem as GM.

Both the Kona and Niro have the same wheelbase as the Bolt EV.
In fact, the Kona has even less interior space.

This has been covered in length by Bjorn Nyland a while ago.

Yes, I guess I should’ve been clearer. Due to my wife’s preferences, a vehicle that is larger externally (or at least looks less like a subcompact) is going to be a requirement. Compared to the Bolt EV, both the Niro and the Kona meet that requirement. I’d personally be fine with a Bolt EV and the internal space if my wife wasn’t against the looks “from the outside” :-/

Kia Soul ? 🙂

Alex don’t do hit piece

Alex actually owns a Kia Soul EV.

It won’t be available in my state, so i could not care less about this car.

People in currently “red” states shouldn’t be allowed to buy EVs until they wise up and use some brain cells when voting.

Say what? I am in a blue state that doesn’t need CARB laws because we already have beautiful blue smog free skies. Why punish us just because we have been environmentally responsible all along?

The roof of the Niro is shorter than Alex’s shoulder…

So, it is a short hatchback.

Hate the infortainment and console. Kona have a better interior

Niro is pretty much irrelevant unless you live in one of the ZEV states.

All I know is that GM discontinued 2 of its current 3 evs, so now only the BOLT ev is left, besides the fact that soon it will be $7500 more expensive due to expiry of the tax credit. Whether it is better or not than the Hyundai and Kia won’t matter, since being $7500 more than those cars will cause the BOLT ev sales numbers to drop to near zero. Then GM will discontinue it and they’ll go back to making Zero plug-ins.

Alex, is All the lighting LED? ,, Thx … 🙂