80% Of Poll Respondents Says Chevrolet Should “Absolutely” Offer A PHEV Silverado


2019 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss Edition

And the results are in…

The vast majority of poll respondents “absolutely” think that Chevrolet should offer a plug-in hybrid version of the upcoming 2019 Silverado light-duty truck.

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado made its grand debut just a couple weeks ago and it’s already the topic of a plug-in hybrid poll.

The folks over at GM Authority took it upon themselves to post a poll asking:

“Should the 2019 Silverado offer a plug-in hybrid model?”

The overwhelming majority (79.91%) of respondents at last check selected “absolutely.”

Only 5.48% responded “absolutely not” while 13.7% were “on the fence.”

We’d be all for a plug-in hybrid full-size pickup truck. If priced right, it would sell in massive volume. No doubt about that, but will Chevrolet actually offer a PHEV Silverado? We have our doubts, but we’re not counting it out just yet.

The 2019 Silverado will get its full-on debut on January 13th, 2018 ahead of the 2018 North American International Auto Show. More details should come out then, but don’t expect a PHEV announcement at NAIAS. If indeed a PHEV is in the works, we likely won’t see it until much later, like 2020 or beyond.

It does however seem inevitable that a plug-in hybrid truck is coming, but when is the question.

GM Authority adds:

“A plug-in hybrid variant of the new Silverado would be quite intriguing, since it would provide several benefits, the most important of which is the ability to drive 40-50 miles on pure electricity and without using a drop of gasoline.”

Would you be on board for a PHEV full-size pickup? How much of a premium would you be willing to pay for say 30 miles of electric range in such a truck?

Source: GM Authority

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GM should make sure that the Volterado has twice the torque as the regular Silverado, that’s not hard to do with electric motors and it would provide a compelling selling point. It’s doubtful that pickup buyers care about fuel economy or emissions but they do care about towing capacity.

That’s pretty narrow minded. My family has always been concerned about the fuel economy of our pickups and SUVs. Right now I have a gas guzzling SUV sitting in front of my house just in case I have a job my FFE can’t handle.

If you’re not driving it much, let your insurance know, to give you a lower rate, based on mileage.

Are you so far away from a selection of regular car rental agencies, that it would be difficult to Rent an SUV or other more suitable vehicle if really needed?

Or would it not work to swap the FFE with an SUV owing neighbor, when the need arose? Or does such need happen more than once a month?

The SUV is long paid for and it’s still pretty nice. I’ve threatened to sell it and get what I need through Turo many times. But it’s still nice to be able to fire up the old SUV when the need arises, I just wish it didn’t run on gas.

Just a side note; gasoline and diesel vehicles are very inefficient over short distances. ICEs use a lot of fuel when you first start them just to heat up. If you don’t go very far and then turn the engine off all that heat is lost.

Even PHEVs do this. My SUV gets about 20 mpg on the highway but the mpg drops to about 10 in the winter just running errands. BEVs on the other hand are very efficient over short low speed trips as long as you avoid climate control.

Seriously for yours I said we should make a working man’s truck make it a little bit wider why not make it 8′ wide or may be close to that. And make it look a little better if I want a Toyota I’d buy an F and Toyota. Are working man’s truck may be a smaller diesel nothing wrong with that these flats in there but it’s a truck why not all tracked diesel and make him get mileage not this BS 15 miles a gallons a joke

I personally would never buy a plug in pickup,HELL NO !!!!
No one in their right mind would order a plug In truck to work or drive around in, it is just not worth the headache 9f plugging it in all the time.

300 Million in Pre-Orders says you’re wrong.

With the way the DCFC networks are growing the need for a PHEV pickup is disappearing quickly. In two or three years when this PHEV hits the market the DCFC networks will have grown considerably. If Chevrolet really wants to take the lead, they should skip the Volt experience with a pickup and jump in with at least a Bolt EV range BEV pickup.

Let’s start somewhere. Getting a PHEV Silverado out would not be that hard, start with the two-mode hybrid and add a front axle el. motor (from the Bolt EV), a larger battery pack, and an onboard charger. It can also benefit from DCFC.

Why are we worrying about this BS build an efficient diesel powered pickup truck. Like I said for Years and Yearsmake it wider make it a working man’s truck and you’d outsell every other manufacturer in the world. And I don’t mean make it a dog it can be luxurious and a lot of creature comforts but there’s no reason getting ripped off Paying enormous price for this BS In all reality it really doesn’t cost them much more too but all the options on than a plain Jane were just getting Ripped off bunch of BS

Yes when i buy a truck i want it to have a long box and roomy cab and not all this fancy crap that makes a truck cost 70 grand

An ICE backup may be of limited use by then, but I’d guess that the perception of need is quite large, and the perception of its convenience is even larger, especially for pickup owners.

We can all observe on the road that only a small percent of total pickup truck miles actually make use of the flatbed or off-road ability. Overall, trucks are purchased to be prepared for unusual circumstances (realistic or not), which is why a PHEV is a much better fit.

You’ll have a tough time convincing the vast majority of them to go pure EV, IMO.

You could be very wrong. There are so many advantages to a BEV including lower operating costs and better performance. A lot of farmers and people that live on remote properties have large, messy, stinky fuel tanks so they don’t have to go into town to fuel, I think a lot of those people would prefer to plug in at home and get rid of the fuel tanks.

So, the Solution of offering a EREV type of PHEV then, should be able to support those who won’t wait for a Tesla EV Pickup, hence – Silverado PHEV for 2019, which, if it made it, would likely beat the Tesla EV Pickup to market by 1-2 years! If they used a Bolt EV Drivetrain in the rear, plus a Volt Drivetrain in the front, exactly as the motors and gear boxes are now, it would be quick to market, and only need some programming changes, but such power might better suit a smaller Pickup, like the older S-10 or the new Colorado Sizes! Also, keeping the same 60 kWh pack capacity should give a smaller truck like those, some 160-180+ EV miles! Paired with a 10 gallon fuel tank, it should be able to get 32-35+ Mpg in Hybrid, Range Extending Mode, for another 300+ miles, or a total range fully charged and fueled of 480-530 miles! If such a package could tow the same as a present Colorado, it could move metal. If it towed more, and eliminated numerous other usual issues, it could grow in sales quite quickly! Such a combined 4 Wheel Drive package, already offeres… Read more »

The diesel tanks aren’t for the pickups.

The gas tanks are. (among other things)

Something the size of a Silverado is going to need a huge battery to have any range, assume 2X a Bolt battery i.e 120KWh. If you assume a cost of $100/KW which is the common near term price projection, that’s still $12,000 for the battery in a Boltec Silverado. A Voltec Silverado makes more sense for the near term, a Boltec Silverado would be ideal for the generation after this one, maybe in 2025.

Have you priced a Silverado or an F150 lately? The high end models are going for up to $70k. With the lower maintenance costs factored in I think a lot of truck buyers would not even flinch at the cost of the batteries.

There are still real advantages of a EREV vs a BEV in winter. Batteries suck in cold weather and what makes it much worse is that electric heaters drain the battery in nothing flat. I have a Volt. The Volt is rated at 103MPGe, in good weather I do much better than that, typically around 145MPGe and sometimes has high as 160MPGe. Last week it started to get cold, in the 20s, and there were some storms which forced me to use the heater to keep the windshield clear. With the heater on the MPGe is in the low 60s, 40% below the rated value and less than half of what I get on a good day. In the next couple of days it’s dropping below 0, the Volt turns on it’s engine at 15 degrees whether you want it to or not so I don’t know how bad the MPGe would be if it didn’t have the engine to fall back on in really cold weather. As it is if I need to defrost my windshield I always flip the car to Hold (engine on) so that I can use the free heat from the ICE rather than drain… Read more »

I wonder if it will be one of the 20 new electrified vehicles GM is going to offer.
Yeah, Right.
GM is running their buy a vehicle for what we (our employees) pay for it. In fact they just extended it, trying to dump excess inventory.

So, do you think they see the writing on the wall, and have realized they are caught with their pants down?

Or is this just normal year end push, for maxing sales, and they still don’t see the future coming?

I think the later, though they are not really sure what to do about it.

oops, I meant the former.

I love GM products and they are durable. However they are priced beyond what their market is willing to pay. Not because of quality but due to other family expenses like healthcare, mortgage etc!

while this would be an awesome pickup to own if priced reasonably, I just don’t see GM offering a product that would cannibalize sales of their probably most profitable product…..via truck has already done it but at 80 grand for a base work model……

they do currently offer the e-assist option…..

Why would a PHEV-based Silverado be any less profitable than an ICE-only Silverado? By 2020, with cell costs < $100/kWh (Mary Barra's state goal), a 20 kWh pack (good for 30 miles AER) would only add $3K. The CT6 Voltec RWD transmission isn't much more complicated than the massive 9-speed automatics now installed and a FWD electric motor/drive unit wouldn't cost any more than the transfer case/front-end differential of a conventional 4WD vehicle. If anything, a PHEV version would be an "up-sell", with a higher price tag and more profit because of the higher torque, quieter operation, and better mileage.

IMHO, a Voltec PHEV 4WD full-size PU is a no-brainer.

Who is “GM Authority”?
Are they related to company management?

From their website:

“GM Authority is not owned, operated, supported, or otherwise condoned by General Motors, its brands, subsidiaries, or partners.”

So, exactly ‘Who Are They?’ (Thanks for telling us Who they are not!)

They are just a website like insideev’s that publishes content for GM enthusiasts the same way that insideev’s publishes content for EV enthusiasts.

Hasn’t Via Motors already shown them how to do it?

I’m just waiting to be able to buy something like that.

Cadillac CT6 PHEV gets 31 mile AER with 18.4 kWh pack then 26 MPG combined.

The Silverado PHEV would probably do much worse. I don’t know how sales would fare with such poor numbers,then again (unlike the CT6) it would probably be made in the USA.

No one so far has been able to get as much as 22 miles from that joke of a car, the Caddy CT6 PHEV. The same battery gets 70 miles for many people in the somewhat smaller Volt.

A ‘deluxe’ Silverado with 2 bolt drive trains should easily get 300 miles range if a BEV.

A practical Silverado PHEV should get 40 miles with a 25 kwh battery, as long as they don’t do the bone-headed stuff they did with the CT6..

But what do u expect when an EV-Hater heads the division?

Almost every day I seem to get stuck behind some old pickup truck belching exhaust fumes that some how make it into the cockpit of my electric car. I know that all of the new pickups on the road, no matter how fuel efficient (even PHEVs), will someday become old exhaust belchers going down the road. I dream of the day when zero emission vehicles rule the road and old pickups will never become old exhaust belchers.

I saw and add on TV recently that the courts required the cigarette manufacturers to air. The add said that breathing second hand cigarette smoke in any quantity is hazardous to your health. I think the courts should require the auto manufacturers to start running adds that say that breathing exhaust fumes from gas and diesel burning vehicles, no matter how fuel efficient the vehicles are, is hazardous to your health.

Boo hoo Go live in a bubble green piece lover

My wife had to go on disability because of asthma. Not only is your gas guzzling smoker making her sick, YOU are paying taxes for her not to work. How many people does your smoker kill every year?

Are you next?

“Are you next?”
We can only hope…

Actually, I heard about a city recently talking about building a Geodesic Dome over their Whole City! I guess those people would then be living in part of ‘a Bubble’ then!

Stephen King beat them to the idea

And in that “bubble” the only car that was running was a black Toyota Prius.

A mild version of Silverado/Sierra is being sold and GM reveals only the sales of Sierra and that is in low 100’s making up just 2% of the overall Sierra sales.

This shows that GM is least interested in selling even the mild hybrid trucks. Do you think they will sell a plugin version.

GM mocked at Ford when they tried to sell F Series built using Aluminum. All that GM is interested is to sell heavy steel trucks with V8 engines to make the big oil happy.

GM did a better job than what Ford did by strengthening the body, and removing over 300 pounds to make the newer Silverado lighter than the F-150 without using aluminum.

You guys and your hybrid crap… Do you think electric is the answer to global warming?? What are they going to do with all these batteries when they stop working?? And try making a battery truck can run up in Canada’s climate… Good luck Tree huggers stay in the city with your hybrid cars.

You’ve just inspired me to invent a “6.6L turbodiesel powered iPhone 8”, carried on caster wheels.

It might not make sense to tree huggers, given the fact they go to unreasonable extents to save that one limping squirrel. But nevermind them, they’ll never understand.

I’ll even add an interchangeable nightime muffler for silence and high quality carbon monoxide so we can we text-message and sleep better at night!

Just like city have laws against people smoking in restaurants, cities are passing laws against smoking vehicles and even against ANY fuel burning vehicles in the city. I can just see you now driving around in your rusted out smoker, dripping oil with a glove box full of air pollution tickets.

Hey Tommy Redneck:

You’re a Redneck and you believe in Global Warming? How is that so when there hasn’t been any in the last 18 years.

Historically, after the end of an 18 year ‘Global Warming Pause’, the temperature in the past has gone straight DOWN, with the majority of the decrease early in the cycle.

2014 was a VERY cold winter around here, and this year, according the radio (which is not all that reliable admittedly) has just said this Christmas was the coldest on record in the Northeast).

2019 is on track to be colder. And since at times the moon’s pull due to gravity can expand the diameter of the equator by 1 1/2 miles, expect BIG volcanos in the 2024-2026 time frame.

Such comments show that you know little about climate change and should not embarrass yourself by displaying your ignorance.

Oh hell…. I discussed ths subject at length with a Physicist friend, and he didn’t dismiss my comments out of hand, while not necessarily agreeing with me.

That is the trouble with many people here. They cannot discuss an issue – or want to know more about it, they just stomp out of the room.

What are your great qualifications that I may quote you as a ‘source authority’? You don’t have any qualifications? Not a big surprise.

The amount of crap you put together in your post is something that has to be seen to be believed. Truly unbelievable! What’s next? Are you going to tell us how the temperature in your fridge fluctuated in the last year?

Hey I put down hard dates with hard predictions. It will be easy to see in a few years my accuracy.. Why not wait until then? What is your area of expertise anyway? Are you also some ‘source authority’?

I’m not claiming to be with either paragraph, but time will tell who is the more educated.

If you didn’t reason your way into a position, you can’t be reasoned out of it.

Global warming is real and was caused by human activity. If you don’t believe this, you’re willfully ignorant.

Well, I just made very specific statements, not the generalizations that others make that they can easily WEASEL out of later.

No offense, but seeing as your previous comments have shown you’re one of the dullest tools in the toolshed – makes it just slightly difficult to believe that suddenly you’re an ‘expert climatologist’.

I suppose you could be an ‘Idiot Savant’.

But I think, in view of your past statements, its more the former than the latter.

You are obviously forgetting that “global warming” is a Chinese hoax designed to put hard-working American coal miners on the unemployment line. Or, worse yet and Heaven Forbid, at work in a 21st Century job instead of one from the 1880’s.


What I think is a SCREAM is that a dim bulb can come on here saying how fabulous Diesel vehicles are (Now someone might be able to defend their use in certain circumstances, although I’m not sure this is the dude to do it), but yet, the brainwashing on other subjects is complete.

Lithium batteries are recyclable, gasoline is not.

Go suck on your gas car/truck exhaust pipe with the engine running!!

This shouldn’t be a question of whether “GM should offer a plug in Hybrid?” It’s “Should the Government pay for a GM plug in Hybrid?”
We have done this before…. and GM sold little to no Hybrid SUV’s.
It cost tax payers millions of dollars and ended up being nothing.
The majority of people who stated their opinion, probably don’t own trucks and won’t buy one if a “Hybrid” is offered.

You are wrong! The Government never paid GM to make and sell hybrids or electrics. The tax credit is for those who buy one and get a $7,500 discount. No one is “paying”, only that the buyers pay less. You can do it, too!

The answer to when a PHEV Silverado should be offered is before GM’s Federal Tax credit expires. A $7500 incentive would really bring the costs down to something more afforadable. GM will hit the 200,000 plug-in mark in late 2018, after that the credit dwindles away. But the way the tax law works GM can sell as many plugins it wants during this phase out period and still qualify for the applicable credit. So sometime in 2018 is the ideal time for the 2019 Silverado plugin.

Forget the electric truck for now. Don’t do it. The elect cars don’t have all the bugs worked out yet. Trucks don’t need to weigh more or loose towing capacity because of the added elect crap. It cost more to make it. It causes more problems to the environment to make and dispose of the batteries. Make the V8’s they sell. Make a good turbo for a smaller engine that will last. Forget the plug in Truck.

Oh CSbump I wouldn’t throw in the towel that completely. Hybrids at least should be attempted (which they will with the increasing CAFE standards – and they’ll eventually become more stringent with trucks since more people buy them than cars currently).

Dynamic (aka regenerative, recouperative) braking is an easy low cost feature which greatly minimizes the need for expensive brake jobs, and a ‘full PHEV’ makes the engine last much longer, besides smoothing the loading on the electric infrastructure, without spending any additional funds.

PHEV’s will probably, just like VOLTs, primarily just recharge by plugging it into the existing wall socket. As many are found of saying, it just doesn’t matter if absolutely every day the truck is fully recharged, or not.

My prediction is this will go on the Colorado first which already has created hydrogen versions…

I do not believe a PHEV Silverado would be profitable and if for whatever reason California bans them from the HOV lanes (public may cry foul), forget about it…I believe GM efforts may be better spent making a Silverado full EV…

Only way I’d be allowed to get a truck is if it was a PHEV or BEV. Get on it GM, I’d love to be able to tow a camping trailer and get good mpg around town.

GM has been making hybrid pickups since ’09 but refuse to sell to all areas of the country nor does GM, educate dealer’s on how to promote or inventory their hybrid SUVs from Caddy, GMC, and Chevy as well as pickups. Would love to have an electric to pull my 14k lbs trailer or an ElectroVette.
I ain’t scared of new tech.

Absolutely not! I can’t afford a new 1500 gas powered Silverado and now you would consider building a 160,000 electric. Why wouldn’t they build a poor man’s pickup for the average person instead of taking out a 7 year mortgage on one.

There’s already a poor man truck on the market…a 10 year old silverado.

For those of you whining about smoker trucks I have to laugh. The idea of american hybrid vehicles is still lost in the very old idea of gasoline power. Diesel engines remain more efficient than their gas equivalents. If a diesel/electric hybrid truck were to be built perhaps we would have a starting point. This is where the nation’s railroads have stood since the 1930s. Trucks that pull heavy loads over a long distance have different requirements vs. a putz to the store truck. Lightweight materials aren’t standing up to normal wear and tear for a working pickup. The ICE powered trucks will be around for a long many years. Technology has a very long way to go before they will be replaced. Modern battery packs are probably more toxic than combustion byproducts and have to go somewhere when they die. There are many vast and desolate expanses in this country where you aren’t going to find a charging station, sometimes not even a fuel station. Some of the earliest trucks were electric, primarily for urban areas. ICE powered trucks had numerous advantages and continue to do so. For now I’ll just keep my first generation Cummins powered dodge ram.… Read more »

While some brands of electrics seem to “fall apart when you look at them or cost $80K”, there are other more High Value brands that are quite Robust.

Some of those high value brands also make high value trucks. There is every reason to believe they could make excellent PHEV or BEV products should they have the desire to do so.

Should do a poll on remodeling the front head lights

May as well go solar. Stick solar panels on the roof. Don’t be afraid to be a truck if you are a truck.

Seems that the purpose for trucks is to haul stuff. Add weight to the vehicle, more than passenger s, in cold climates, and you will see your miles between charges drop like a rock. I need a truck to haul hay, rock, cattle, etc. And home chores, firewood, etc. Gas diesel vehicles are reliable and needed for those that need them. Those that want a truck for whatever reason and don’t require hauling capacity can have the electric when their needs would be just as well met with a crossover or van.

Do you even know what a PHEV is? The electric drive would be auxiliary and used when traveling without load.

Someone please archive this comment thread. Someday technology historians will want to use it as the basis for journal articles.

GM.ca listed the Silverado with a plug icon instead of fuel pump on their website last I checked.

I know it’s an error, but part of me wants it to be an accidental slip up of their upcoming surprise.

Nobody they polled could afford the option anyway. PHEV could be useful in many cities but a van or SUV body would be moreso. Not many small businesses can afford to gamble on the option though. I’m not going to comment on range or payload as I’m not familiar with the current technology, but personally I think a PHEV truck is more of a novelty than anything.

What the hell are you talking about, man? PHEVs are usually cheaper than the gassers when you factor in all the credits and savings. In my area most trucks are grocery haulers anyway.

I know I never understood full listed pick ups (living in Ireland, a Ford transit is as big as they get)

But a capable, competitive PHEV (or EV) in any kind of flavour of work vehicle is my kind of vehicle!

VW’s alleged new Electric Bus is still high up in expectations fo me.

I will never buy an electric car ill stick to diesels

Better hurry up and buy that diesel before they’re banned as is happening in many European cities. Their NOx and particulate emissions are killing city dwellers.

let our future generations worry about worn out e/v battery waiste

I don’t understand why GM hasn’t offered the voltec drivetrain as a trim level on every make and model they build. It’s been 10 years! Do they honestly believe people don’t want 30 to 50 miles AER and then 40 MPG on their SUVs and Trucks.

I think this will happen. Bob Lutz once said the Voltec transmission costs about the same to make as the then standard 6-speed automatic. It also has similar physical characteristics. So there’s no problem substituting a Voltec transmission in a conventional powertrain. The problem is the Voltec transmission needs a battery which have been costly and require a lot of space to house it. What about a plugin Silverado? GM says they plan to get the raw battery cost down to $100/KWH. The VIA plug-in Silverado has a 25 KWH battery which is good enough for 40 miles all electric before the 4.3 V6 kicks in for hybrid operation. Using GM’s numbers, th e raw cost of this battery would be $2500. But it would need electronics for inverters and charging. It would also need active thermal management and a place to house the battery. My Guess is this adds about 100% to the cost bringing the all up cost of the battery to around $5000. You have to also add the additional costs of electric A/C and power steering to replace the traditional ICE driven components. Not sure what these would cost as they are already being used in… Read more »

Taking your word regarding the same cost of a voltec compared to an automatic transmission, I like the voltec instead for these reasons:

Unlike ‘bands’ in an automatic transmission, the Voltec Clutches engage or disengage under no-torque conditions – greatly minimizing wear.

Also, just by varying the speeds of the 2 motors, speed reduction is changed without really overtly changing anything.