2020 Dyson Electric Car Rendered



The EV will use solid state batteries.

It’s not a secret that vacuum maker Dyson plans to launch a fully electric vehicle on the market before the end of the decade. We have more than speculations on the matter, as Sir James Dyson, founder of the company, announced earlier this year it will invest no less than £2 billion (almost $2.7B) into the project.

Dyson promises the new EV will be radically designed, simply because “there’s no point in doing one that looks like everyone else’s.” He already confirmed it won’t be a sports car, neither an affordable EV like the Nissan Leaf, but our artists toyed with the idea of a sleek two-door sports coupe.

We can assume the project is still in the very early phases of development, as there’s still no prototype assembled. A team of 400 people has been working on the vehicle for approximately two and a half years with some of them developing the chassis and others focused on the batteries, which will be of the solid state type.

Dyson has already hired a number of high-ranked Aston Martin employees and will continue to expand its team as it is “recruiting aggressively.” Even BMW board member Ian Robertson could join the project, but nothing is confirmed at the moment.

Basically, we have no technical details surrounding the future electric vehicle and the rendering you see above is based entirely on our own ideas. However, as mentioned above, we do know the final production car will use a solid state battery, which is expected to power a number of small, but highly efficient electric motors.

At this point, it’s also not clear whether the EV will produced in the United Kingdom or in Asia. “We’re going to make it ourselves, whether we make it here or somewhere in the Far East, we haven’t decided yet,” Dyson confirmed in an interview to AutoExpress in November this year. “It’s really about component supply and skills. We will go where it’s best to make the car from the point of view of getting the supply chain, which is crucial, and the skills necessary to build it.”

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Where does Dyson make it’s vacuums?

Time for a joke about their vacuums really sucking!

Only dirtbags make terrible puns.

They started to move production to Malaysia in 2002, and later they started a motor factory in Singapore.

Lower cost, and a cooperation with a company that sourced parts and raw materials was the reason they stated back then.

This was back when they made their special washing machine.

With the comment on where they could source parts. . I bet it will be made in Asia somewhere.
Parts can be ordered from anywhere in the world. It has to do a lot with will, to produce it in a western country.
I’m sure the low wages in Asia is what’s tempting them.

Very foolish if they base it on wages.
The reason why Tesla builds in the west, is because labor is a small part of their work and constantly shrinking.
And by building in the west, they keep their manufacturing IP safe.

And the difference between them and Tesla is that Tesla paid for the machine to build the Model 3. Tesla has a 400,000 car backlog and Dyson has maybe a 0 backlog. All the difference in the world.

He said it’s not a sportscar and they render a…. Sportscar. Sigh

Maybe it just looks like one, but the specs are just like a more normal car.

I’m thinking sporty look, and average performance – but long range with a fair price?
Maybe wrong on the price, since Dyson has expensive products, with cool tech and design.

This drawing has a silly-huge front “box” despite the fact there’s no engine, and very little internal volume compared to the footprint; obviously — 0 on practicality.

Complete lack of imagination.

They beat a Leaf, i3 and Opel Ampera any day, in my eyes.

Stop these rendering. If if is not from the automaker i dont car

If it will have solid state batteries it will not be released in 2020.

More Expensive Cheap Junk for the Car market!

How did you reach that conclusion?

Judging by the outrageous prices of his Fugly vacs,that are Made in some 3rd world country & are not much better than the other much lower priced ones.

This car will clean up.
Are we ready too Roomba!
Comes with lots of attachments.

Roomba, Now there’s a good Vac!

Interesting with Dyson´s car is not so much the car but the battery pack.
He bought sakti3 some years back, hoping to see some SSD battery technology there

They should take over Italy from within and use Lambo factory.

If I comes with a long retractable cord, it might be a compelling EV.

Yet another exorbitantly expensive(ergo non-disruptive) boy-toy elitist EV.
And rich kids have still gotta wait two years for it.

Paul G

..and not a single negative word or criticism – even from InsideEVs’ scribblers.

You put in words exactly what I was thinking.

But imagine how great the air vents will be. They are years ahead on air-vent technology 🙂

Looks way too much like the Mclaren P1.

Another Euro point of view

Yet another billionaire who wants to be parted with his money ??
I mean it is hugely hard to make profits making cars so I have a hard time giving credits to those experiments from companies having no know how in this specific sector of activity. IMO if you cannot secure access to at least 15 billions $ it is either better not to start at all of become a little player like Rimac, but a full size car maker, chances of success would not even be 1 on 50. Now if I had a personal fortune of several billions I would like to blow 95% of it in a big bonfire as long as I have fun doing it. So why not. The remaining 5% would be more than enough for retirement.

Dyson plans to build a car. We have no idea what it will look like, but here is what it will look like. Why don’t they make two separate articles, the first that Dyson plans to build a car and the second, here are some sketches that we drew that may have nothing in common with the Dyson car.

Hopefully it won’t be built with the same level of ‘Quality & Durability’ of their other products…

Seeing is believing

So, will it be CCS, or Chademo, or a proprietary Dyson connector?

Until it’s for sale in Pennsylvania, it’s vaporware to me.

There will be the first EV to use air filter. Cool

Dyson should stick to poor quality short lived & overpriced vacuum cleaners. It is the only product they make that doesn’t suck. Wait that doesn’t sound right…

I wonder what an AI would answer to what is the best location for an ev company?
It would compile data from potential customer’s locations, raw materials locations, unit assembly cost for each place, tax and other legal constrains etc…
In the end of the compilation perhaps it would come up with a totally unexpected location like Nuuk in Greenland or on a giant barge at sea. No one has ever done such an AI based best location determination.

Dyson’s R&D facility is in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK.

I hope whatever comes out of this will be something more in keeping with Dyson’s general ‘theme’ ie innovative, effective and highly efficient designs for day-to-day items (eg vacuum cleaners, fans and washing machines)… if a tad on the expensive side.

Ergo, I hope what we will see will be more of an EV-for-the-masses, not another sporty (and probably highly impractical) number.

If it’s anything like their vacuums it’ll suck.

Just another oh so late article. Lol.

What about charging infrastructure ?

Why has no EV site reported on the mysterious departure of Ann Marie Sastry from Dyson? I can only guess that it’s because details are difficult, if not impossible, to come by. I saw it in one google alert on a relatively unknown site. It’s big news if you ask me!