Woz Says “I’m Betting On Tesla”


Steve Wozniak and wife Janet with their new Tesla Model S P100D

Apple co-founder and outspoken Tesla owner, Steve Wozniak (“Woz”), chooses Tesla as the industry leader in electric vehicles and self-driving tech.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Canada, Woz praised Tesla for its initiative to put tremendous effort into risky pursuits, well ahead of the competition. He also had nothing but positive words to share about Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and his ideas and vision. Woz even endorsed The Boring Company, which hasn’t received the utmost support or praise from several others.

Steve Wozniak and his wife own a few Tesla vehicles. It’s been bit confusing with different media reports as of late, but we know that he bought his first Model S back in 2013.

In fact, he almost folded on that deal, but his wife Janet convinced him to move forward. There was a time recently when Woz bought a Chevrolet Bolt as well, and it wasn’t quite clear as to whether or not he still had the “old” Model S. Then, Janet bought him a Tesla Model S P100D this past Christmas.

Woz hasn’t had the most positive words to say about his former company, Apple. He doesn’t believe that Apple is quite what it used to be, and has gone so far as to say that the tech company is no longer the top innovator. When asked in the Bloomberg interview, which company is going to be the next key player with tech breakthroughs, he responded:

“I’m going to bet on Tesla.”

He points to Elon Musk for the company’s drive and success. Musk built a car to match his own life, regardless of expense or practicality. Other companies have dabbled with electric cars and self-driving tech, but Tesla has gone in head first, despite analysts thinking that the ideas were crazy or far-fetched. Woz continued:

The Model S “was really built for Elon Musk. When things come from yourself, knowing what you want in life and being in control of it, not letting others get every little aspect in it, that’s when you get the best products.”

“They start with a car, the Tesla Model S, that made little sense in engineering terms, in how much you have to build for what price and what the market will be. But it fit one person’s ideal of this will be the most beautiful, you know, a very beautiful, elegant and simple device to use.”

Woz also spent some time addressing artificial intelligence (AI) and its imminent use in the automotive field. He actually said that although some companies are researching and testing multiple uses for AI, like having computer systems eventually run entire companies, the technology is best suited for cars at this point. Woz shared:

“We’ve got artificial intelligence in driving cars. That’s probably the biggest, most obvious moonshot because everyone knows it is probably going to be very successful in changing our lives hugely. And so many companies, almost every car manufacturer in the world, is secretly running self-driving cars in the background. In my mind, we are not far off where a car will be sold with no steering wheel.”

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most cars still have a spare tyre. It’s under the boot (trunk) mat.

Actually, the Model S does not have a spare tire. (as is the case with many new cars these days)


Woz will see Tesla sales and all things made in the USA drop in sales due to the USA against the rest of the world.

Horse owners had similar statements when cars came along.

“What about the smell of the saddle and the relation with the animal!”

Ok, the “move forward” “get with the times” social Darwinism thing is really, really getting old. Not everything needs to hop on to autonomous bandwagon just because “daddy Musk” or some IT guy says so.

What you are referring to is like a dystopian world where people who don’t believe in taste, smell or texture of food and they just eat nutrition powder to get nourishment.

For us car enthusiasts getting from point A to B is just a small part of traveling. It’s the journey in between thats matter the most.

Please change your perspective or driving a car, try a manual gearbox, try some country roads or mountain pass,then u see the whole picture.I am a hard core petrol head but I don’t mind EVs, but the idea of autonomous driving is what haunts me the most.

Yeah, next they will come after your BRAIN!

You’re lucky that you don’t have to worry about that. 😉

How third grade of you tinman.

So says the Scarecrow. I too wish you had a brain. 😉


Ya like ‘Ghost in the Shell’

Just to remind people, Woz is a very knowledgeable and historic individual in the tech world, but he also has a well documented history of being a paid spokesperson for various products over the years.

As such, any Woz endorsement should be taken with a grain of salt.

Link to such info or I call BS

ibid. I’ve posted a ton of links many times before. Spend a bit of time searching and you will uncover product after product that have hired the Woz to promote their stuff.

Unless you really think Woz has some miraculous love of stuff like Mattress Firm mattresses where he just promotes them for free, the Woz is clearly for sale:


“Mattress Firm—the 31-year-old national chain with 3,600 stores—is aiming to be the trendy player of the sleep industry. On Tuesday morning, the retailer will host a live keynote address with Silicon Alley icon Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, to announce two new tech-infused mattresses, much like Steve Jobs or Tim Cook have done in the past in unveiling Apple products.”

Just to be clear, the “Silicon Alley” [sic] was in the original story. I’m pretty sure it is a typo, and not a reference to Oakland. =)

If had millions of dollars I just couldn’t imagine bothering to shill like a money whore. No way Woz was even remotely honest about the Chevy Bolt shilling he done last year. I’m on the fence if he is whoring for Tesla or genuine.

He tried to like the Bolt so he knows what he is talking about.

Gotta love that plate: “BATT CZY”

Woz was an electronics genius, but not a good future teller; look at what he did with his share in apple…