White Interior Now Available In Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3


The gorgeous Ultra White synthetic leather is going to be a widely selected option for new customers

When Tesla revealed it, the gorgeous Ultra White synthetic leather was envisioned to be an option for only the more expensive Performance version of the Model 3. But now, the American car maker deemed it was time to expand the availability of this gorgeous interior option to the Dual-Motor Model 3 as well. The announcement was made in an e-mail sent by the carmaker earlier this week.

“We’re now offering Premium White Interior for every Model 3 Long Range car with dual motor all-wheel drive. Inside, a continuous white décor replaces open pore wood on the dash—providing a more open, modern feel. All seats and door trims are wrapped in stain-resistant material, for a polished feel throughout the cabin.”

The popular option was first introduced with the Model X, finding its way to the Model S, and finally, it was planned to slowly roll it out for the Model 3. But, since Tesla had issues producing more than 1,000 units of this interior per week – as was mentioned by their CEO, Elon Musk – they were only going to be available for the Model 3 Performance. But right now, it seems that the company has increased the capacity and are now able to offer the white interior even with the dual-motor Model 3.

The Ultra White synthetic leather is a $1,500 upgrade over the standard black premium interior. It doesn’t include any animal products – making it a ‘vegan option’ that’s surely going to be appreciated by many Model 3 customers. For now, these two are the only interior color options available for the Model 3. With Tesla struggling to keep the production rates for the Model 3, the company seemingly wants to limit the interior options availability – at least for now – in order to streamline their production process.

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Lol. ‘Vegan leather’ means it’s made from oil stock. What is worse? A steer that I ate anyway, or, oil that I am avoiding by driving electric.

Most leathers are mostly synthetic anyway (shaved incredibly thin, stamped with a pattern and adhered to a synthetic substrate). All the animal should be used completely, which we are very good at, but generally synthetic PU/PVC seating material will be less environmental impact than cow leather. Maybe other animal leathers could be more efficient.

I avoid the term vegan leather, as the context is vague. Is vegan leather the hide of a vegan or is it perhap vegan approved leather substitute, aka polyurethane or polyvinylchloride.

I don’t think you can get good leather off a vegan; they’re too thin-skinned 😉
(Seriously though, I’m just kidding, but I couldn’t resist the joke. It’s a respectable lifestyle choice, and I even tried it myself, but it felt unnatural and just not for me.)

Still better than refining it into gasoline and burning it for a one-time use. At least as a car seat it’ll be useful for a couple of decades, and hopefully it’ll get recycled

Leather and Cattle are very bad for the environment and green house gas emissions, and water pollution. You can do more the environment by going vegan, than you can by buying a new luxury sports sedan, even if it is an EV.

So if I drove a 15 mpg car 15,000 miles a year I would generate 20,000 lbs of CO2. 2 lbs of beef a week for 100 lbs a year, at 13 lbs CO2 per lb beef, that is 1300 lbs. Much less than the car. Since leather is generally counted as a byproduct, its CO2 is counted against the beef. Yes, beef generates a lot, but not as much as my cars. I agree, in general cutting back on beef is helpful, but so is switching cars.

It’s more like 60lbs CO2 per lb of beef production. Leather production involves a lot of water and nasty chemicals like chromium.

Additionally you need to add up other animal products, chicken, pork, lamb, etc.

So wait for the cloth interior. *shrug*

Or, really wait for the Hemp infused, thin skinned, responsibly shedded Vegan pelt, that was sustainability sourced from a recycled organic certified fleecing operation.

Sometimes it is worth it to be patient!


FYI — Ford developed seat foam made of plant oils more than a decade ago, that was perfectly suited for hemp oil. Damn Ford Hippies!! ‘)

I eat meat, but I think a vegan might reason that making seats out of oil doesn’t hurt animals as much as skinning them.

I don’t have an electric car, but I think someone who drives one might reason that turning oil into a seat doesn’t cause global warming.

Cattle are slaughtered for their beef. Cowhide is just a byproduct. Eliminating the leather market for cowhide by throwing it away would not reduce the market for beef by a single cow.

If there is an environmental argument against leather, it’s because of all the very nasty chemicals used in the tanning process, and the resultant water pollution. But how much better is using a petroleum-based product? Is it really much better?

I’ll be glad when we stop using petroleum as the basis for plastics, and start using renewable starch- or sugar-based plastics instead.

That’s a good point. I’d prefer to have leather in my TM3. The “vegan leather” seats that are installed by deufalt look all right but definitely feel less luxurious. The saving grace is that they are easier to clean and require less care.

I’m not in a leather boycott, but “cows will be slaughtered anyway” isn’t going to be very convincing to people appalled by it. Don’t try that argument in India 🙂

As a byproduct, it helps lower the overal cost of beef by essentially subsidizing it. With the revenue from leather and other byproducts, the cost of beef would be substantially higher, so fewer people would buy it.

Leather counts up to 10% of the revenue of the cow, and pound for pound, is the most valuable part.

“a vegan might reason that making seats out of oil doesn’t hurt animals as much as skinning them.”

I hope the animals are long past the point of being able to feel by the time they actually skin them. *shudder*

it is not from oil ,is really vegan ,get informed well

White interior looks nice, now I wish I had waited for it. I was in too much of a hurry to get dual motors, but I didn’t want to spend the money on the performance version.

Looks nice, but I really wouldn’t want to keep it clean.

The interior is synthetic, and it should be very easy to clean (according to Elon). You can use most chemical solutions without worrying about discoloring the seats or other surfaces. I do that with my black interior and most of the time plain water does the job just fine.

Here’s Tesla’s recommendation from the manual:
Polyurethane Seats
Wipe spills as soon as possible using a soft cloth moistened with warm water and non-detergent soap. Wipe gently in a circular motion. After cleaning, allow the seats to air dry.

Personally, I’ve only used water moistened microfiber cloths on my 3’s interior plastic and seats.

I really don’t get why anyone would want white car seats or couches. But i understand that some folks do like it.
I would like love to see some more classic leather color options come to the Model 3.

Wish they would bring the cream or brown interior and green metallic paint to the Model 3.

I can’t wait until 4-5 years from now- the amount of white interior performance Model 3’s that will be on the used market is gonna be EPIC! It’s crazy to think about the Tesla options a few short years from now..

It’s interesting that both the Model S and X offer black or white vegan seating for the same price. However for the Model 3 it’s a $1500 option over the black vegan seating. Is that because they can get away with it to simply pad the profit margin. It seems a bit gougey to me.

That …and you also have to think these options are compensating for more basic short range version later.

Economies of scale. It costs them less to mass produce 1000s of black interiors vs 100s of white.

Within the year, Tesla will probably be making more white interior Model 3s than the entire production of Model Xs. So I don’t think economies of scale applies here.

Perhaps, but I wouldn’t think an “ultra white” interior would be that popular. Too much glare and hard to keep looking clean. Off-white or beige would be much easier to live with.

Too bad that Tesla offers only black or ultra white in the pleather. Hopefully they will offer more colors soon.

My last car had a cocoa brown leather and my wife’s car has a dark brown leather. I’ve previously had light beige leather and it was hard to keep clean. Yes, more colors would be great.

Hello There, TESLA is just my dream Car, Last month My Father was bought a KIA Instead of Tesla. papa says that he’ll buy a Tesla for me in 2020. My dreams will Comes true