Western Europe’s September BEV Sales Hit Second Highest Monthly Level

OCT 31 2014 BY MARK KANE 9

At the end of the month, EagleAID released the latest numbers for all-electric car sales in Western Europea and, as it turns out, we see the second highest result ever.

6,164 sales comes mainly from sales surges in France and the UK, with stable levels in Norway and Germany. All the results do not include plug-in hybrids of any kind.

“According to provisional figures compiled and published exclusively by AID every month, West Europe’s September’s electric car registrations – energised chiefly by a combined Renault and Nissan registration spree in both France and the UK – hit the second-highest monthly level on record.”

In September, BEV sales went up by almost two thirds year-over-year.

Part of the EagleAID’s reports ends:

“Is this a first sign that Europe’s still circumspect new car buyers have finally warmed to the real life viability of electric car transport or a mere transitory blip?”

Western Europe 2013/2014 Quartely electric car sales trends. Source: www.eagleaid.com

Western Europe 2013/2014 Quarterly electric car sales trends. Source: www.eagleaid.com


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I have to say that Germany is a big laggard when it comes to EVs.

It was a lack of German designed/built EVs for a while. They also have high electricity prices. But they are finally getting on board and their big 3 automakers have now jumped into plug-in cars more than our big 3 automakers.

But they did certainly drag their feet for a few years.

Yup, AFAIK the German govt. just went about it differently, prodding automakers to make EVs via direct subsidies rather than using buyer incentives.

As of 2014 this strategy is working, with the leading German automakers collectively much more committed to EVs, and already cranking out a broader and deeper lineup, than any other national automaking industry, including the US Big Three. German consumers are now catching up as well.

If you want to diss genuine laggards among major European markets and auto industries, look no further than Italy 🙂

Yeah, Italy is the laggard. Sergio is going to harm his company if he doesn’t get with the program.

Isn’t electricity about .30/kWh in US currency there? Quite a bit of cost for electric fuel. Considering 20% charging losses during recharge, they have a possibility of limited ROI, if any, over a fuel sipper or diesel.

I hope this gets things snowballing. People will talk to their neighbors about their EVs. The high gas prices in Europe should be something that pushes people toward plug-ins. But they need both pure EVs and PHEVs since people have different needs.

But I think the lack of private garages for parking will remain a difficulty. You really need a private ‘home base’ where to install your charger for any plug-in. Perhaps some laws that help people with this will help sell EVs.

In Holland, with few garages, you could call a charger company and they would place a slow charger in the street front of your apartment. For a few years that was done for free; that has finished now.

It was a good way for these companies to grow while being sure that the charger would have at least one client, while the client to have a charger in front of the door, even when living in een apartment block.

Trust EagleAID to try and put as many negative spins on these news as possible.

“Is it a blip?….” They didn’t ask this question when they rushed to bury European EVs last month, just because August sales were lower than July’s, which was totally in line with seasonal expectations.

Problem is, it is likely that most news consumers do swallow those spins, at least to some extent.

If anyone has a doubt about EagleAID negative view about EVs just check this editorial piece (full access):