Volkswagen e-up! Price Cut Reaches UK: Interior Gets Extra Flair

NOV 28 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Volkswagen improved the e-up! value proposition

The most recent price cuts of the aging Volkswagen e-up! spreads throughout Europe and recently reached the UK, where the manufacturer states it as a £3,250 (€3,664) value boost.

The e-up! is not only £2,935 (€3,310) cheaper, but also received more standard equipment, including height adjustment for the driver’s seat and a rear-view camera, as well as a “stylish new seat trim design” that “provides extra flair”.

The final price is £23,115 RRP OTR (€26,064) or £19,615 (€22,118) RRP OTR including the £3,500 Government Plug-In Car Grant

We believe that Volkswagen needed to adjust the prices of e-up! to keep the sales rolling til the new I.D. hits the market.

Volkswagen UK Electric Vehicles Product Manager Joe Laurence, said:

“The e-up! is a key part of our electric vehicle family, offering the ideal solution for zero tailpipe-emission urban motoring.

“For 2019, we’re offering customers even more value with the addition of several extra features to the e-up! as standard, as well as a major price realignment making the car even more affordable. This is, of course, on top of the tax and fuel cost savings which are built into the e-up!.”

Quick specs:

  • 18.7 kWh battery
  • range: about 134 km (83 miles) under WLTP or 160 km (100 miles) NEDC
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 13 seconds
  • 130 km/h (81 mph) top speed
  • 60 kW/82 hp and 210 Nm electric motor
  • charging: six hours using 3.6 kW on-board charger of 30 minutes to 80% at DC fast charger
  • weight of just 1,139 kg

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This is insane. The ICE version of this car costs £8 or 9k versus £23k for an electric version that goes less tha 100 miles. It’s just an exercise in why not to buy an electric car from an established automaker… does a 19kwh battery plus drive train really cost VW £14k extra??

It’s similar for many other cars – Kona, leaf, Zoe, model 3, … Some EVs don’t have an ICE equivalent but when we look at what they can do, features, size, quality, … all EVs are clearly more expensive. Supposedly that higher acquisition cost can be compensated with smaller running costs… and incentives… and it’s good to be more environment friendly.

So why is the eGolf only $9k more than the ice version?…with a 34kwWh battery too.

If you don’t think about the environment- and only on cost, a cheap ICE car with a small turbo diesel engine will be the cheapest to buy and use, if you drive pretty much in a year. If you drive less, a gasoline engine may be cheaper. If you live in a place with very high fuel prices . Like $2 a liter, and they offer free toll roads, free parking, free ferries, can drive in the bus lane and lot of places with free charging . The EV can cost a lot more – and still be a smart financial choise. . And it will for sure be better for the environment. . And if you drive å lot of km a year, the better the economy will be. There is still a waiting line for the electric Up.. but maybe it’s shorter then before. Since batteries are cheaper, it’s just normal for the vehicle to get cheaper. They should sell it at a price where they can produce close to max of the designed volume. I’m sure they like to have a waiting line too, since it is the easiest way to adjust production at a stable pace.… Read more »

You might want to wait for next years version…
Rumored to have a large battery, more powerful motor and a sub 20k euro price tag…

Wish they would sell in the US…
LOL like that will happen…

14 000 ÷ 18,9 = 740£ per kWh, wow

Yep….it’s BS!

Manufacturers are getting us used to higher costs, so its normal when EVs are the only option.

“We believe that Volkswagen needed to adjust the prices of e-up! to keep the sales rolling til the new I.D. hits the market.”

VW has a multi month waiting list for their eGolf and eUp in the EU so that is probably not the reason…

Embarrassing to spend Money for an ugly crap like this. and ist from The Cheater Company

In Germany just stupid People drive an support VW