Volkswagen e-Crafter Walkthrough And Interview With Execs – Video

SEP 23 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

The new Volkswagen e-Crafter concept, (full details), was presented in great detail via a recent Autogefühl video.

Volkswagen e-Crafter

Volkswagen e-Crafter

The first electric Crafters are expected on the streets next year, and come equipped with a 43 kWh battery and 208 km (129 miles) range.

Volkswagen execs said that lineup electrification will be done step-by-step and that they are optimistic about electric drive.

Electric vehicles in commercial use do add to the upfront costs (over an ICE), but low operation costs over the vehicles lifetime are generally a much easier sell to global fleet managers.

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Very poor concept, more a conversion than an EV…
An electric engine in the front with a drive shaft to the rear axle through the battery pack, how silly is that?
The middle seat has the totally unnecessary shifter compartment in front of the knees, although there is no mechanics inside…
208 km NEFZ range is poor. This translates to 85 miles real world range, no wonder they have limited the speed to a ridiculous 80 km per hour!

Just be glad it’s not a diesel. How did we become so cynical that we have to make everything that’s not perfect the enemy of that which is? Any electric range in a delivery type vehicle in an urban setting is A plus over the alternative. I say Bring It On.

Nice electric van but I’ll have to wait for the Mercedes eSprinter Van for RV conversion … unless VW decides to make an e-Crafter capable of highway speeds (70 mph or 110 kph) and has options for at least 100 kWh battery capacity.

I think it’s excellent for its intended purpose. If offered at a fair price, it could sell very well. Large payload capacity- volume and weight.
If you want 65 mph and 200+ mile range, wait a few more years instead of bashing this vehicle. You are not the target market.


This could compete well with the Nissan NV200.

Why do they insist with such small useless batteries in these? This type of cars needs at least 100kwh to be usable, and dont get me started on the drivetrain layout… This is just pathetic.

I think the presentation by the CEO of the Commercial Vehicles division in this video was very weak. He did not seem to have any figures for how the TCO of the e-Crafter compared to the ICE Crafter. He only talked about the need to reduce the cost of batteries in the future and how they have to make money. It would be much more logical to talk about how they had to set the price high for the current model, but it still had equal TCO for example at 5 years usage. It could be better than that, but he did not address it directly, perhaps because they are not talking about actual pricing figures yet.

The presenter creeps me out. I feel like he’s going to sell me flounces.

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone made a scateboard chassis that other manufacturers could then drop a body onto? Batteries along the floor pan (30kw to 100kw depending on the length of the vehicle), option of where the motors are located (front, rear, dual), and all the required electronics. Then you just do a van body onto it, or you drop a sedan body onto it, etc. Maybe iOS and/or Android interface so you just drop that in as the main screen. You would have so many different applications it would be instant EV adoption.