Watch This Tesla Model X Do Some Off-Roading: Video


When the terrain turns nasty, can the Tesla Model X cope?

Surely, the Model X isn’t designed as a true off-roader. So, what happens on the occasion that it leaves the pavement?

As it turns out, the Model X will likely get you where you need to go. Just make sure to set the air suspension to its highest setting first. A decent set of all-season tires should be installed, too. No summer rubber is designed for an off-road excursion.

We wouldn’t recommend the Model X (nor any other Tesla currently available) if your daily drive takes you off the pavement. But if you venture into the backcountry just every now and then, the Model X should be just fine.

Watch this video to see how the electric SUV handles some tough off-roading.

Video description:

Offroading with our Model X

Milovice, Czech Republic

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I was a bit sceptic when I saw the thumbnail. I thought this was just going to be a Model X on muddy roads. But, I’m actually impressed, this is not bad for a minivan. (no sarcasm)

Mmmmh it is indeed bad, did you really watch the video? It really were only muddy roads. Compared to other SUVs the model X has a high weight and little ground clearance. Its outer shell is not rugged at all. Have a look at Bjørns video as well, were he ruined his model X going mildly offroad.

You see nothing in the video any other car (especially a 4WD/AWD) in the world could not do as well. The model X was designed for normal roads. Thats ok, but please do not advertise capabilities, which do not exist.

Compared to which SUVs specifically?

Yes, that’s why I didn’t say this was good performance for an SUV. The X is no SUV, the Model X is a minivan. Elon exlicitly compared it to a minivan. And for a minivan, the deep mud is actually well handeled. Maybe you can compare it to the Audi Allroad (not cabin, but the slightly-higher-than-sedan clearance and AWD) and if you watch videos, the Allroad does not do that much better.

Again, you are right in that the video does not show a car climbing over rough terrain (see Audi e-tron videos for that… yes, I am an Audi enthusiast) but it shows the car off road in deep mud.


Tough off-roading? I could easily drive my 1984 Toyota Celica through that. However, I would love to see Tesla produce a decent crossover. Although I don’t own one, I am a fan and I appreciate the work Tesla does. The cultish culture surrounding the owners is a bit iphonish and smacks of Scientology, but I’ll just shutter through that.

Just needs some decent mud tires.

This is more appropriately described as “mudding”.