Watch Tesla Model 3 Take On BMW M5 F10 In Drag Race: Video


Model 3 versus M5 and it ends in a photo finish.

The Tesla Model 3 is back out on the strip against a strong challenger in the form of the BMW M5 F10.

Without saying which car wins, we will point out that this is for sure the closest race yet featuring the Model 3 Performance. It’s literally right down to the wire.

Can the Tesla Model 3 take down the BMW M5 in a drag race? Or is the heavy-hitting gasser too much for the electric Tesla? Watch the video to find out.

Here are the specs for a stock BMW M5 F10, which does have power figures that far exceed the Model 3:

Engine Specification

  • Power (kW)  412 kW
  • Horsepower  560 hp
  • Horsepower  552 – 553 bhp
  • Rev. at Max Power  6000 – 7000
  • Torque  680 Nm
  • Torque (lb-ft)  502 lb-ft
  • Rev. at Max Torque  1500 – 5750

And some figures for the Tesla Model 3 Performance version, as featured in the video:

Telsa Model 3 Performance specs:

  • 450 horsepower
  • 471 lb-ft of torque

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14 Comments on "Watch Tesla Model 3 Take On BMW M5 F10 In Drag Race: Video"

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The BMW won by 0.1 seconds.

I’m sure the BMW world breathes a sigh of relief… since they’re not embarrassed by Tesla’s $60,900 “baby” car made for the mass market.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Posting this idiots videos again? Considering his rude and homophobic behaviour, why bring attention to his garbage?

Exactly. He’s completely anti-EV and he shows clear homophobic views in his comments. Why promote his crap? Would be nice watching those two cars race from rolling at 10-20mph. Or at least a race where both drivers react at the same time, looks to me the BMW got the jump at the start because of the driver.

Each car is timed separately and the timer doesn’t start until the car trips the sensor, so the times aren’t affected by reaction time.

I wasn’t so interested in the time at the end, more the acceleration at the start. The journey, not just the end result.

These drag race videos have gotten stale – despite the BMW winning in this case.

Agree. As I said in my other comment, I’m more interested in how the cars perform at each stage of acceleration. I’d prefer to see a race with more “real world” conditions. Things the average driver could find themselves doing. From 15mph up to 70mph maybe. Although I think I know what would happen.

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the ingress wouldn’t have been saying “it ends in a photo finish” if the result had been the other round, but whatever…

Actually a very impressive performance by BMW. It’s not easy getting those fossils off the line…

Here is more information on this race (since I was the one racing) – This was my best race of the day, timeslip – – inside of the car:

R/T 0.061
60′ 1.843

Thx for the vid, the top end of the M5 really showed at the end. Wow.

M5’s run sub 11’s. Lost M5 driver. LoL to this race!

Tesla is only trapping 114mph with the M5 over 120mph. HUGE difference. M5 can run quicker with better traction and drag radials. But you cant run faster traps without more horsepower. FYI the newer M5 is much quicker due to AWD. Some are hitting 10s at higher 120mph traps. Although i saw a tuned RWD M5 like the one in the video run high 9s at over 140mph.

For those people who are not familiar with BMW’s, the F10 M5 was discontinued in 2016 and has since been replaced with the F90 M5. There is also an M5 Competition available. So yes, that M5 in the video is at least 3 yrs old and from the previous generation.