Plugged In: The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 & Some Tesla Chaos: Video


Price drops, stores close, and oh yeah, the $35,000 Model 3 has arrived

It’s been a busy few days digesting all the moves Tesla made on Thursday when they also announced the arrival of the much anticipated $35,000 Model 3.  In the latest installment of “Plugged In”, Alex from E For Electric and I discuss the busy day Tesla had yesterday, and try to make sense of it all.

The obvious headliner is that Telsa has finally delivered a $35,000 version of the Model 3 sedan. There’s really no denying that this is great news for the company, as well as for the many thousands of loyalists that have been holding out for the promised $35,000 Model 3.

Surprisingly though, Tesla did a lot more than offer a lower priced Model 3; they slashed the pricing on the Models S & X, by $12,000 to $18,000, respectively, as well. The Model 3 is now available in six different variations as follows:

Model                             Range    Top Speed     0-60         Price
Standard Range:            220         130 mph      5.6 Sec     $35,000

Standard Range Plus:   240         140 mph      5.3 Sec     $37,000

Mid Range:                     264          140 mph      5.2 Sec     $40,000

Long Range:                   325          140 mph       5.0 Sec     $43,000

AWD Long Range:        310           145 mph       4.5 Sec     $47,000

AWD Performance:      310           162 mph       3.2 Sec     $58,000

*Prices exclude Tesla’s $1,200 destination and documentation fee

Any other company would have had enough news for one day with the across-the-board price drop announcements, but not Tesla. They also announced that they would be closing just about all of their stores and transitioning to online sales only, with the exception of only a few stores which will be converted to “galleries”. That came to a surprise to me, since I just received an email from Tesla two days earlier asking for my support in their effort to increase the amount of Telsa stores in my home state, New Jersey.

Tesla currently has four locations in New Jersey, and that’s all they are currently allowed to operate. The email stated that they are seeking support for a new bill that would allow Tesla to open ten more stores in the state. I received the message below in an email on February 26th, just two days before the announcement that they were closing all their stores:

Hi Tom —

Tesla’s goal is to accelerate the future of sustainable energy by educating consumers about our electric cars and energy products. We’re also working to make our purchase, delivery, and service processes as seamless as possible for customers in New Jersey.

As you may know, New Jersey state law currently limits the number of licensed locations Tesla can operate in State, which is a major impediment for current and potential Customers who don’t live in proximity to one of our four locations.

New Jersey Legislature is now considering two bills, Senate Bill S3493 and Assembly Bill A5097, that would lift this cap and allow Tesla to open 10 new store locations in New Jersey. This would allow us to deepen our investments throughout the state and create hundreds of local, well-paying jobs in a growing industry.

This legislation would make it easier for thousands of New Jersey consumers, you, to learn about and purchase Tesla products that directly serve the State’s clean energy, clean air, and greater environmental goals. To date, Tesla’s zero emission vehicles have prevented over 3.9 million tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Please assist us by letting your elected officials know that a sustainable future is important to you and that this bill will help us get there.


It’s unclear why they sent this call to action, only to announce all store closings two days later. Did they have a sudden change of direction, or is this part of an unannounced plan? Either way, it’s strange at the very least, and quite puzzling.

Tesla also moved three features from the Enhanced Autopilot option to the Fully Self-Driving option (Navigate on Autopilot, Autopark, Summon). They also shortened the name to just “Autopilot”, and dropped the price from $5,000 to $3,000. The Full Self Driving option is available once again, but now costs an additional $5,000, up from the previous $3,000. They also discontinued the Model X Standard Range.

Was it a good idea to announce all these changes at the same time Tesla finally introduced the $35,000 Model 3?  Too many changes at once can confuse buyers, existing owners and investors. Is this chaos or is Tesla just executing the plan that had all along?

I received this follow up email from Tesla last night. Evidently, they decided they needed to clarify their position on the previous email after the announcement that they will be closing their Tesla stores:

Dear New Jersey Tesla Supporter,

On behalf of the Tesla Policy Team, thank you for your support. Tesla made an important announcement yesterday (which you can read here) launching the $35k Model 3 and announcing upcoming changes to our sales approach. The $35k Model 3 is an incredible milestone for Tesla, and we thank you for all your support in achieving this milestone and driving our mission. Yesterday, we also announced that we are transitioning to an online sales model, one that many of you are already familiar with and have enjoyed. This shift is important because it enables us to make our vehicles even more affordable and accessible, accelerating the advent of sustainable energy.

We also want to be absolutely clear that Tesla is committed to our customers and the state of New Jersey. Although we are shifting our retail strategy, we are continuing to invest in and strengthen our service presence so that we can provide an even better ownership experience to you and other Tesla owners. This area will continue to expand as the Tesla family continues to grow.

We will certainly have new opportunities to use the policy making process to advance our mission, and when those opportunities arise, we will continue to count on your support.

Thank you, again, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions or comments. Our team will keep you fully apprised of what you can expect as our company continues to grow and evolve.

Ryan Barnett, Tesla Policy Team

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Having worked in several startups, this is typical. Advantage is that they can shift on a dime. Disadvantage is that they can shift on a dime. I know Tesla is almost 20 years old, but the guy at helm is internet startup guy.

Makes sense, but the point is that Tesla should no longer be acting like a start up. They seem to be very impulsive with certain decisions. I hope they succeed.

Wrong, in some areas they definitely should act like a startup! thex need to be super flexible and adaptable. Tesla is far from a “stable company”, they can not lean back and push decisions around for 6 month.

The term in the industry is “Agile Manufacturing”.

Being more Agile is considered the very best thing you can be as a manufacturer, and will lead to your company being more competitive than companies who are less agile, and take as long to turn as an aircraft carrier.

Agile Manufacturing isn’t just for startups. It is mainstream manufacturing industry stuff now. Yes, it came out of the startup mentality, but the move to Agile and Lean has been happening for decades. A company that can’t Pivot will get left behind in the new quickly changing global economy.

I’m not sure where the idea is coming from that the ability to change and Pivot is bad, when in the real world the massive trend in manufacturing is to INCREASE a company’s ability to quickly change and Pivot.

What Tom describe is about Tesla stores, not about manufacturing.

“Agile Manufacturing” is NOT just the actual putting together of parts.

Agile (which is highly overrated) is a software development methodology — and it’s responsible for the overall low consistency and user friendliness of much of today’s software. It’s certainly not transferable to heavy manufacturing, which requires long-term decisions on things from metal stampings to supply chain contracts that need to be planned years ahead. Especially not transferable to products like cars where a wrong design decision can kill you.
I’ve been a SW industry professional for 40 years… I’m not sure Tesla does design & manufacturing in a full-on Agile manner, but if they do, that’s sufficient reason for never buying one.

Actually the software industry got the idea of “Agile” and “Lean” from the manufacturing industry.

It all has roots dating back to Deming’s work with Japan’s post-war manufacturing industry, and has since been adopted by the software industry. This became very popular starting in the 1990’s in the software industry, becoming widespread in the 2000’s, decades after Deming first brought the idea to US manufacturing.

Now it has simply come full circle as refinements of the Agile and Lean approaches from the software industry are being plowed back into the manufacturing industry where Agile and Lean first began.

Not quite. Deming was concerned with quality, not speed or adaptability. He believed that if you studied problems and fixed them correctly that this would just naturally increase speed and efficiency. Toyota is basically Deming’s ideals carried out.

Lean sprouted from Deming’s ideas and is concerned with using the minimal amount of material/time/labor to produce a product. Again look at Toyota.

Neither of these philosophies is how Tesla behaves. Nor is his ideas just now making is full circle.

Software companies are not concerned or focused on “lean” principals based upon how they code. They are only concerned with speed above all other things, and to the detriment of all other things. This philosophy is Tesla.

they have the capacity(and they should !!!!) to back-pedal……and adjust!!!!!

thanks for this informative article.
Orders in Europa are much weaker than expected, Sales in the US are weak as expected after end of 2018, in Q1 Tesla will return to losses and deeply negative cash flow, a Moody downgrade is to be expected.
I think, selling cars and give customers the right to return it at full refund within 7 days and 1.000 miles will lead to great problems. How will they sell a car with 800 miles on the odometer ?

I think, these latest moves are simply desperation. Elon openly admitted, that “there is no other way”.


There is always a dropoff in US EV sales, including Tesla, in January because of everyone rushing to get their tax credits as close as possible to the end of the calendar year.

Sales in Europe are going up, not down, because the Model 3 is just now being delivered to many 10s of thousands of reservation holders, but slowly because it takes time to ship the batches to Europe.

There is no such thing as weak demand for the Model 3. Certainly not now, and not in the foreseeable future. Too many people know about them, too many people want them, and with the $35k price point, and very attractive $37k and $40k options, plus cheaper autopilot option, and the sales (both US and global) will continue to grow by staggering margins throughout 2019.

Yeah, for sure! The model 3 is a very competitive prices mid class car. Even the high class versions! And we, here in Europe are really waiting for the long range ones.

No weak demand? The numbers say otherwise. Model 3 2018 deliveries from August to December, respectively: 17800, 22250, 17750, 18650, 25250. Now, 2019 Jan 6500, Feb 5750. Drop off a cliff with no availability issues. No wonder the base model was introduced sooner that planned.
Now, lets see if the moderators will remove my comment like the other times when it didn’t fit their narrative.

No you just like talking crap with no facts

I stated facts. Where are YOUR facts, genius?

You take half the facts, and twist them into the most ignorant conclusions, while ignoring the bigger picture of the seasonality of EV sales.

Facts speak for themselves, mr generality. Go ahead and dispute them, show us the “ignorant conclusions”. Seasonality only explains so much. This drop is abysmal.

Here are the real facts to refute your “alternative facts”, Mr. Shorty Pants:

Tesla’s global automobile sales totals:

2012: 2650
2013: 22,300
2014: 31,655 (+41.95%)
2015: 50,580 (+59.8%)
2016: 76,230 (+50.7%)
2017: 101,312 (+32.9%)
2018: 245,240 (+142%)

“To put our growth into perspective, we delivered almost as many vehicles in 2018 as we did in all prior years combined.”

Your ” facts” are irrelevant to the point we are discussing, mr predictable. No one is disputing the 2012-2018 sales numbers. The last two months is the issue. Too much coolaid hampers clear thinking.

“The last two months is the issue.”

The last two months, when Tesla has been frantically building the Shanghai Gigafactory as fast as possible, and moving forward with plans to install assembly lines at Gigafactory 1, all because they can’t make cars fast enough at the Fremont assembly plant?

Good grief! You apparently think readers here are as clueless as your Tesla bashing FÜD is. 🙄

Shipments went to China and the EU.

He’s talking U.S. sales. Now take into account the rest of the world.

He is a Trumpster and to those dummies there is no rest of the world.

Stalin is thinking FOR you in the Kremlin. I’m a concerned TSLA investor that recognizes reality. What are you, mr blinder?

Hate to break it to you, but Stalin has been dead for 70 years, and your personal Fuhrer in the Trumpster is the one letting the Kremlin think for him as he parrots Russian talking points that helped him get elected thanks to useful idiots here like yourself.

Now that you have been schooled in both reality-based history and politics, Tesla continued to produce as many Model 3s as they could and transport most of them on ships (because there is this thing called the oceans) because they are selling them finally in Europe and China.

As far as US demand, Tesla still leads by a wide margin in selling EVs here,

and will continue to do so for years because they are now releasing their base model 3 which is a good percentage of all the existing reservations and demand going forward to school you in very basic economics.

Hey! Trump NEEDS Trump Towers MOSCOW.
How Dare you stop him from selling US Policy Positions to get richer.

That was the Clinton’s shtick.

You forgot to throw in Benghazi while you are parroting Russian/Republican funded disinformation while your at it.

I have one word for denizens of Trumpistan—Mueller Report.

You are wrong they worship Russia and Saudi Arabia

US sales fell off a cliff the last two months. We don’t have data about the rest of the world at this point.

Nothing fell of a cliff. Tons of vehicles were delivered and are being delivered every day. They just aren’t being delivered in the U.S. Honestly, going into February, before we did our homework and put our numbers together, I thought Model 3 U.S. sales for February would be near zero. Especially since the automaker stated that it was building all cars for Europe and Chine and all deliveries would be diverted. With that being said, some 6,000 deliveries in the U.S. for two months in a row is a pretty epic feat to say the least.

You are talking as if the extremely low deliveries of the past two months are supply issues. According to Elon, Model 3 SR+ in “2 weeks” and the base SR in “2-4 weeks”. If the factory was busy filling overseas orders, how could these timelines be possible? And Wall St certainly doesn’t see it your way.

So… your argument is that Tesla improving its domestic delivery system, and reducing delivery times, is somehow proof that demand in the rest of the world has dropped off a cliff???

Dude… you couldn’t win an argument with a 4-year-old with “logic” like that!

As for your “Wall Street” reference — Since you are clearly short-selling TSLA, you obviously know that the reason the stock took a short-term drop recently is because Elon said there would be essentially no profits in this quarter, due to all the changes with Model 3 production and closing Tesla stores.

I think if you were called on to actually write something honest, you’d curl up and die.

Tesla still sold more Model 3’s in the US in Jan and Feb than any other car maker has EVER sold in ANY month.

Excluding prior months of Model 3 sales, Jan and Feb. would be the #1 and #2 best selling months for any EV in the US ever.

So all you have done is correctly identify that every single year, EV’s see month-over-month drops in sale after Dec. Thank you Captain Obvious.

The error in your fake meme is that it somehow reflects a bigger demand issue beyond just the simple yearly seasonal sales dip that all EVs all see.

Going from 25250 in December to 6500 in Jan and 5750 in Feb is just a seasonal adjustment? Delusional.

It’s a bigger world out there then just Trumpistan where you are.

This “delusional” thing happens every year, Mr. Shorty Pants, and if you have done your due diligence as a TSLA short investor, then you know that. You’re just playing dumb because it fits your Tesla bashing narrative.

Um, we have data in the multiple ships carrying this thing called Tesla’s.
So I guess the So called “wisdom” of Wall Street’s ship has already sailed.


Tesla was only delivering Model 3s in the U.S., and some in Canada later on. They are now sending all the cars overseas. They haven’t even been producing Model 3s for the U.S. market over the last two months. The only vehicles available to sell here are left over inventory or models that were built back in December. So, nothing fell off a cliff and there is no narrative. You are just not counting all Model 3s sold, which used to be in the U.S. and are now in other markets. Some 6,000 Model 3s and 8,000 total Tesla vehicles being delivered in the U.S. in January and February is massive in comparison to any other EV. In addition, it’s up leaps and bounds year-over-year, which is how all other automakers measure progress. It’s not looked at on month-over-month basis. It doesn’t work that way.

“Jan 6500, Feb 5750. Drop off a cliff… No wonder the base model was introduced sooner that planned.”

Yet another Time Machine conspiracy theorist. You think that after they found out Jan. sales numbers, that in Feb. they suddenly decided to put a brand new battery size and new trim levels into production as a response? Utter idiocy. Tesla would have had to use a time machine to go back in time to go through all the steps it takes to get the new suppliers for stuff like cloth manual seats, and to get gov’t signoff BEFORE THE GOV’T WAS SHUT DOWN, etc. Nothing to do with being Agile, the EPA just doesn’t move that fast.

It cracks me up how you nutters whine endlessly about how long it takes Tesla to get new vehicles out the door, but all the sudden you think Tesla can magically bring new cars to the market and get them cleared by the gov’t at record speeds not seen anywhere in the automotive industry.

In reality, Tesla released the SR roughly half a year after they said it would be releasing it in roughly half a year.

A ton of words to say absolutely nothing.

Which sums up your command of the bigger picture and arguments so far.

You have said absolutely nothing whatsoever of any value. All you’ve done is regurgitate the same long-discredited FÜD we see from hardcore Tesla bashers every single quarter.

Go peddle your pravduh on some coal-rolling site where it would be appreciated. And don’t forget to collect your check from the Russian troll farm on your way out.

“esto_perpetua” has been identified as a serial Tesla basher, and it’s too bad that he fooled enough readers to get 7 up-votes.

Tesla bashers always, always use figures from Tesla’s 3-month quarterly rotation and U.S.-only deliveries as fake “evidence ” that demand for Tesla’s cars has “fallen off a cliff”.

To those giving up-votes to his comment: You’ve been taken in by a con man. And this is why Tesla no longer reports monthly sales/delivery totals.

How and why would I be a ” serial Tesla basher”, when I own TSLA stock, moron? Pointing the reality to fanbois is a lost cause.

Short sellers don’t own stock; they only borrow it.

You apparently think readers here are as clueless as your regurgitated anti-Tesla B.S. is. Fortunately, most of us aren’t — despite the 9 up-votes you got upstream from those new to the discussion.

pp: “Tesla bashers always, always use figures from Tesla’s 3-month quarterly rotation ”
At least they use figures. Tesla Bulls prefer to talk of “tons of cars” “ships full of cars” etc. – as if that would tell anything meaningful about the demant situation

Gagagag me is a long time serial anti-Tesla troll who only comes here in desperation to spread FUD.
With Tesla lowering its prices across the board they will have no problem easily selling every car that they can make and this scares the living crap out of the trolls whose employers are being disrupted or shorting Tesla.

I admit that I am short Tesla via Put Options.
I deny being desperate – quite the opposite !

Agility wins. I work for big pharma and it saddens me to see how slowly the ship turns. We stagnate in our aversion to risk. As soon as a tech company enters our industry (like Amazon is), we are screwed. It’s going to drastically drop prices. They are so much more able to respond to change than we are and so much more effective at making iterative changes to adapt.

Looking at Tesla, I see risk, but I also see agility- and that’s what keeps them above the likes of Nissan, GM, etc…

Most startups making headway don’t blow up their marketing and sales strategy mid-stream, though.

This seems like a tactical over-reaction to their declining demand on the LR versions, complicated by inability to drive out COGS $$ directly. Q2 and Q3 will be Ugh-Ly.

Small typo in the chart. SR+ is 5.3 seconds to 0-60mph, not 5.6s. See

Good catch. I was about to post the same thing.

I am so happy that it is 5.3 in stead of 5.6s

From article: “…Was it a good idea to announce all these changes at the same time Tesla finally introduced the $35,000 Model 3?…”


Once a decision has been made best to action it and move on to next task. Too often company executives will endlessly “what-if” a decision to point of paralyzing progress.

Regarding the Tesla Store closures:

The store closure decision was likely made for more reasons that cost savings to offset the lower cost $35k Model 3… the timing of the store closure announcement served to shape the narrative.

Tesla is a smart company… the stores closures will be done in a way that will net benefit Tesla. Many of the stores will be converted to Tesla “Galleries”; Tesla already operates those in states that local laws don’t allow Tesla “Stores” to operate. Tesla has learned that “galleries” in some respects are better than “stores”.

Two years from now there will likely be more Tesla Galleries than today there are Tesla Stores.

Here are (in my opinion) the 3 additional reasons why Tesla is killing Tesla “Stores”:..

Well, if by stores, they mean they need Finance Staff, plus Test Drive Staff, plus Tesla EV Educators, and by Galleries, they can trim one or two job categories, and not spent time filling in orders for buyers, making staff more available for Q & A of visitors, then I guess it can trim costs, AND be more time efficient, too!


Here are (in my opinion) the 3 reasons why Tesla is killing Tesla “Stores”:

1) Tesla has been fighting to open Telsa “Stores” in several states that don’t allow car manufacturers to do direct dealership sales. Also, Tesla is currently operating Tesla Stores in states that are being legally challenged by local franchise dealer associations. Lastly, it’s no secret that NADA is supporting a muti-state effort to shut down Tesla Stores wherever/however they can. Converting Telsa Stores to Tesla Galleries (where sales order taking is done online by the consumer) allows Tesla to kick the costly and distracting “Tesla Store” legal battle to the curb.

2) The Telsa sales model was from the beginning intended to be a no haggle, no hassle, supper easy online process. A Tesla “Gallery” achieves that better than a Tesla Store.

3) Rumor has it that Tesla employees working at Tesla Stores were often gaming/abusing for personal gain the Tesla Incentive Program… I hear when Elon learnt the extent of the abuse he went ballistic… a contributing factor why Elon suddenly closed down the incentive program… and now perhaps contributing to closure of Tesla Stores.

So does that mean the 27 new stores they just opened are now closing?

Doesn’t seem like consistent business plan to me, I think the financial pressures of the cost savings aspect put them in a position that they didn’t really have a choice.

I give them credit for being realistic on just how big or small they have to work with budget wise.

Hope the new sale model works well for them.

@Bunny said: “So does that mean the 27 new stores they just opened are now closing?…”


Several of those new Tesla Stores will be converted into Tesla Galleries… meaning some of those locations will not close and remain same as they currently are now except sales order taking by Tesla employees will no longer be conducted… the consumer will place the order themselves online.

Interesting comment about the employee incentive program abuse… haven’t heard that before.

The problem with any “incentive” program is it opens opportunities for “gamers” to fudge the system for gain. If that was going on, he was right to shut it down. And hopefully to terminate the employees involved.

Ah, I said the same thing about the stores below, before I saw your comment – I agree completely, particularly with the shameless dealership protectionism. This will save a lot of lobbying costs and legal fees by simply going online and thumbing their nose at all of those pathetic charlatans at NADA and in statehouses nationwide that are so easily bought by NADA.

There’s probably additional red tape (licensing and regulations) involved with a car store vs. a gallery that would not sell anything (or nothing more than t-shirts and hats, for example).

My guess is that online sales would make it harder for States to block direct sales without running afoul of the Interstate Commerce Clause.

What is the incentive for salaried employees to ‘game’ the system? Makes no sense, and has there been any vetting of this ‘rumour’, or is it another Seeking Alpha ploy?

Well, I remember some Tesla sales reps did get in trouble for offering “special deals” on “inventory” cars… which are mostly demo models and service loaners. I haven’t heard that this situation cropped up again recently, but Tesla is or was offering commissions for upsells to Performance level cars. I suppose it’s possible that some employees did figure out a way to game *that* system, possibly by getting those who were gonna order online to order thru the employee instead, so he would get the bonus.

Just speculation, but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this as just more serial Tesla basher FÜD. Maybe it is, but maybe it’s not.

Interesting thoughts. “Online only” does help the disruption narrative. “Completely eliminating” the mostly-hated dealership model makes a stronger statement than having “company owned dealerships”.

I had not heard about store people abusing the incentive system, but it makes sense.

Closing stores that aren’t contributing meaningfully to revenue or profit should be closed.
Today’s buyers buy everything on line. Just look at Ebay they’ve been selling thousands of used cars online for a decade.
The online model saves cost to the manufacturer and gets passed on to the consumer.

Yep. Same with Craig’s List. I think CarMax started doing some things online several years ago, if memory serves…

Don’t these stores have service centers as well. I know the one in Cleveland have both

Tesla is increasing the number of service center locations. So it’s unlikely that any existing service centers will be closed, altho perhaps some will be moved to a new locatoin. Yes, some Stores are currently co-located with Tesla service centers, like the one near me in Kansas City, MO.

Sometimes things change.

“Once a decision has been made best to action it and move on to next task.” Indeed! Far better for everyone, both customers and employees, to go ahead with planned changes in a timely manner rather than drag it out. I remember being employed at company and finding, by accident, a “Minute manager” pamphlet laying around. The pamphlet recommended a “spoon fed” method of introducing major changes to employees a bit of a time, instead of all at once. Well, I was once subjected to that very thing at that company, and I distinctly remember becoming very angry once I realized what they were doing; treating us employees as children rather than adults. And here was advice to managers actually promoting that as though it was a good thing! Likewise, you can see from comments posted to current InsideEVs about recent changes to Tesla cars, that there is a lot of second-guessing and some “buyer’s remorse” from recent Tesla customers who wish they had waited for the changes. That is something we’ve seen time and time again, after every significant change Tesla makes to its cars. Introducing changes gradually over time would just stretch out that problem, which seems to… Read more »

That’s not chaos. That was exactly the right thing to do. Take the 35k launch as an excuse. Pretty smart to make the big shift of online selling.
It gives them a huge advantage over the competition. They are totally free to act as they want, to gain bigger margin and put pressure on the competition with an excellent price/feature ratio, difficult to match.

This guy Tom is knocking Tesla for offering too many options for the Model 3, but folks do like options. I think if Tesla limited options they’d get knocked for that, too. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. No car company is as microscopically analyzed as Tesla, most of the time they can’t win.

True, but even for Tesla, this is a lot of stuff all at once in diverse aspects of their business. People are concerned that the limited brick-and-mortar presence will hurt solar roof sales, etc. Who knows, really?

Actually Tesla always wins. The Susie
Downers just keep moving the goal posts.

Still waiting for the dual motor option with standard battery. Although I noticed in Tesla’s Model 3 specifications, the weights of the standard, standard plus, and mid-range cars are all the same (3,686 pounds), which is more than a hundred pounds heavier than the previously published weight for the RWD standard range car (3,552 pounds). That means those three variants all share the same battery, to wit, the standard and standard plus have software-limited ranges. Certainly simplifies the production line. 🙂

Actually, the SR’s are both 3,627 lbs.
The MR is heavier at the 3,686 lbs.

Not that any of this information proves anything, because the rules for curb weight are pretty flexible. For example, it is unlikely that the SR and SRP weigh the exact same, because we know there are some different interior pieces like power vs. manual adjust seats that likely weight different.

Okay, but yesterday the weights given in the specs were the same. Changed since then. Agree that the “premium” interior parts are heavier, but not nearly so much as a larger battery would be. It certainly would not be the first time Tesla software-limited battery capacity, and they’ve made great efforts to streamline the production process. Having four different Model 3 battery packs would not be consistent with that.

So far as I know, there are three Model 3 pack sizes: Long Range, Mid-Range and Standard Range.

I very seriously doubt the Standard Range Plus represents a different battery pack. Perhaps just a software upgrade, or perhaps better power electronics. I note this from Electrek’s announcement:

Along with these changes, Tesla is going to release firmware updates that is going to enable a 325-mile range in the Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3, which was the first version of the car.

Looked at the specs again. Tesla describes the batteries for both the Standard Range and the Standard Plus as “Standard Range,” and the battery for the mid-range as “Mid-Range,” so apparently two batteries for those three variants. Standard and Standard Plus are 75 pounds heavier (nominal) than last year’s specified weight for the Standard Range M3. I’m now thinking the Standard Plus has a bigger battery to give it 240 miles range, and the Standard has the same battery, but software-limited. But until Tesla clarifies, I agree that it is speculation.

Must be an error… battery packs are different.

Although it would seem technically feasible, I’m not sure if Tesla plans on providing an SR or SR+ dual-motor. Did Musk ever say that at some point? I don’t remember, offhand.

Yeah, I don’t *ever* recall Elon or any Tesla spokesman saying that the SR would have a dual motor option. I won’t swear he didn’t, but I certainly don’t recall any mention of plans for such an option.

“Still waiting for the dual motor option with standard battery”. Then you will wait forever, it will never happen. If you want to and are willing to pay the price for dual motors, why would you want the smallest battery unable to deliver the full power for the motors?

Maybe he wants AWD with Standard Range. I don’t think he’s going to get it.

Today we went for a small trip to Sweden, in a Shoppingcenter emporia, where they have a Tesla store, hoping to see and sit in the model 3, guess what! Shop was closed!, this was a bit annoying, I can understand them closing some stores, that does not attract a lot of people, but announcing it just on-line it a bit strange.
Buying my model S 4 years ago I whent to the showroom 4 time, tried the car 2 time first with 85 then the 85D, checking, different things talking to the sales people, and first then I order it on-line. I Think the Tesla stores will bring more costumer to buy the car, and I think and hope they will change this strategy again. also think about they are selling solar panels and battery storage.
Also Don´t like this sudden change of car versions, make it clear what you are selling and keep that strategy, making the S and X less expensive though sounds like right thing to do, battery prices has dropped over the years and mass production is helping reducing price.
Congratulation finally getting to the 35000 Dollars price point on the M3

I wonder if the galleries will have an area with several laptops so you can sit down and place your online order

Why when you can get on your phone and do it in less than a minute?

You don’t have a smart phone? You can order right on your phone from anywhere you get signal.

Sounds reasonable … in fact, a smart phone is the default device you are assumed to have with you in order to get into your Tesla after you buy it. 🙂

The store near me in Texas has computers you can use to place an order. The store itself can’t take the order or even offer one for sale. Store personnel just refer you to the web site.

The stores -> galleries wouldn’t even need to have computers. They could just offer free wi-fi so that people will save on data costs and poor connections due to heavy cell traffic or building interference. The information staff could just have tablets to show people some things.

If my understanding is correct, State laws prohibit that in some States.

I don’t know if Tesla deciding to close all its Stores, and just retain Galleries, will be a business success in the long run. But it certainly will simplify things in being able to conduct business in all 50 States the same way, instead of dealing with the hassle of State by State differences, and feeling it necessary to lobby certain State legislatures to fight the misapplications of various auto dealer protectionist laws.

Right after the introduction of the automobile in the early 1900’s, the Church of England made a call for a 10 year hiatus on new inventions and new technologies, because the Church though life was too chaotic for the 1800’s sensibilities of their aging members to keep up with all the changes. The Church wanted a decade rest from all the changes so everyone could get caught up.

Chaos is relative. We say we want to see EV’s completely disrupt the current ICE system of transportation. Rip out and replace the entire ICE car and oil economy that is deeply entrenched in our global economy.

But then an EV proponent website complains about the “Chaos” of a new set of prices and models in a single line of EV’s from one single car maker.


Hear, hear! Well said, Nix.

I am often exasperated at EV advocates who can’t envision that nearly every place people park their cars at night will, within a human generation, be equipped with a L2 charger, or at least a 220v outlet to plug in a portable EVSE. That will be a far, far less significant change than building paved roads and putting in parking lots everywhere, as happened during the motorcar revolution of the 1910s-1940s.

Interesting about the Church of England story, Nix — thanks!
Of course it sounds funny today, but very consistent with Alvin Toffler’s famous 1970 book “Future Shock”.
While I dislike some changes Tesla makes (in particular, less numerical specs, and changing the actual models available more than once a year), flexibility cuts both ways, and apparently enough of the potential customer base is fine with the actual ordering being online.
I’m surprised that there’s a difference in costs for Tesla between maintaining a gallery (which I assume offers test drives? Teslas aren’t available in my country yet) and also allowing the gallery personnel to take orders, but Tesla knows its expenses better than I do (-:

I wish Tesla would give more insight into the impact this might have on solar and storage residential sales.

To some extent, they already have. Supposedly, about 75% of their powerpack sales were online. I do not recall whether that number applied to their solar business, as well, or if they provided a different number. I’ve seen so many articles lately that it’s hard to keep it all straight!

I know that there is a substantial amount of consternation regarding the drop in brick-and-mortar sales presence, particularly regarding their solar and storage businesses.

However, this article reminded me of the elephant in the room: arbitrary, backstabbing limits on Tesla “stores” and “galleries” imposed by various states. Thanks to the Internet, Tesla can save many, many $$$ on lobbying costs in each of those states, in addition to saving tons of overhead on buildings and sales reps nationwide (unfortunately for those sales reps). Flipping the bird to a few dozen State legislatures is a heck of a lot cheaper than lobbying for the right to sell direct with physical stores 😉

With the possible exception of Michigan, I think every state lets them have service centers, so hopefully, the spiteful charlatans responsible for propping up the dealership model will have a harder time screwing over Tesla going forward. My guess is that legislatures will have a much harder time blocking direct internet sales, since that would more likely run afoul of the Interstate Commerce Clause, allowing the Federal Gov’t to prevent such laws.

Absolutely! Tesla finding other outlets or partners for selling its solar roof tiles and its solar panels will likely be much easier than continuing the fight against the various State legislatures which are in the pockets of Big Oil and/or the various State auto dealer associations.

Well today is the day my dream of working at a Tesla store talking about electric cars and solar power goes down in flames like a burning sinking ship luckily I can still push carts though.

The reality after having some horrible luck buying things on line that costed me hundreds of dollars loss I’m not going to take the risk and buy a $40,000 car that is half smart phone without a human being to talk to or get mad at if it malfunctions so it will be leaf then.

A Tesla basher like you was never planning to buy a Tesla car, let alone apply for work as a Tesla store rep.

So don’t pee on our legs then try to tell us it’s raining.

Dude, you will not regret buying even a base Model 3 now that they are cheaper as long as you inspect it thoroughly at delivery. You would be smart do it soon so you can capture the 1/2 tax credit.

You most definitely will regret choosing a Leaf over a Tesla.

I applied for like eight jobs at Tesla as a Tesla rep over the last year.

Well now I can’t afford no Tesla as a baggier now can I?