Video Overload Of New 2018 Nissan LEAF – Presentations From Around The World


SEP 8 2017 BY MARK KANE 19

The 2018 Nissan LEAF’s premiere attracted some 2,000 journalists from around the world in various locations (we were in Las Vegas ourselves for the simulcast and to check out the 2018 LEAF in person – check out our first drive report here). It was a huge, but very professionally run, event.

2018 Nissan LEAF

Now we have gathered together the prime videos, from all kinds of media and, put them in one place for your perusal: Nissan presentations, mass consumption reviews, some factory assembly video, and even some Japanese video. 

Quick specs:

  • 40 kWh battery
  • 150 miles of expected EPA range
  • 110 kW, 320 Nm electric motor (FWD)
  • DC CHAdeMO in 40 minutes
  • longer range/high performance 60 kWh/200_ mile LEAF to arrive in late 2018 as a 2019 model

Editor’s Note: Check out our wider written coverage on the 2018 LEAF here.

New Nissan LEAF in the media:

Assembly of the 2018 LEAF in Japan at Nissan’s Oppama plant:

From Nissan LEAF live/local presentations:

New LEAF in Nissan promo presentations:

Japanese reports:

And finally: the full New Nissan LEAF World Premiere

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Leaf 1.5. lands with a Thunk..

+1 Nissan

“longer range/high performance 60 kWh/200_ mile LEAF to arrive in late 2018 as a 2019 model”

The target apparently is 225+ miles for thie LEAF (source: NISSAN):

PS: More specifically…

Nissan’s Schillaci says that bigger battery Leaf “will have more than 225 mile [EPA] range.”

Source see above in Twieed.

I asked in another story, I’ll ask again here. What are the odds of the 60kWh becoming available before the tax credits dry up? I (and probably others) would appreciate an update on each manufacturer’s standing WRT the credits.

I will say that it won’t affect 60kw until fall of 2019. They have to sell 100k until the e+ comes out which they only going to sell 50k at that point

Here’s hoping you’re right. I’d hate to wait on Nissan, only to lose the credit on a 60kWh Leaf. At that point, it’s too late to pick up a Bolt with a credit.

Just get a Bolt. You won’t regret it. It is faster, has liquid cooling & CCS charging isn’t a dead end like Chademo.

Now you sound like Bill. Or Cote.

In truth, you have no idea how tempted I am. The extra $8k up front is what’s holding me back (I priced the Bolt I want versus the 2018 Leaf I want – $44k for the Bolt / $36k for the Leaf). Of course, the 60kWh Leaf would likely cost more than $36k when equiped the same way.

Chademeo is not dead. Chargepoint and evgo still install it with the ccs/ sar. Plus dealers are installing them

CHAdeMO is more available than CCS in the PNW. I’d consider a vehicle with CCS to be at a major disadvantage here.

I wish someone would release an adapter (or even better partner with Tesla).

Current USA sales 113,282
Roughly 14K sales in 2016. They are tracking to sell more in 2017, but we’ll have to see how inventory will be impacted by the manufacturing switch. I’d guess 120K by EOY.
Even if they quadruple sales in 2018, they’ll still be at or under the 200K limit. I think Will is on the money, it’ll be Q2 / Q3 2019 before the full credit expires. Of course, this assumes gov. doesn’t change/kill the tax credit.

If the Nissan Leaf had Adaptive Cruise Control back in 2015 I might have bought one. The 2018 Leaf with ProPilot is definitely going to be setting the standard for other EVs to follow. I’m still reluctant to buy anything that doesn’t CCS charge but I think anybody that buys a Leaf with ProPilot will get a very nice car.

Nissan says it doesn’t need active cooling, because the battery is bigger. I doubt it.
They made some bigger fins, and air ducts.

Do not listen to shills paid and given trips and perks by Nissan, with their glowing revues, they are not trustworthy in my view.

Quite the contrary, to Nissan’s view, it has been established when it comes to battery life, that active cooling is far better. It’s like battery 101, but then Nissan says, oh no, we have re-written the laws of thermodynamics.
I think they were just too lazy to
re-engineer the car, and now they are making excuses for their stubborn refusal to address this glaring oversight from Leaf 1.0.

That’s right! Instead listen to some random, anonymous font on the Internet.

Lol… Seriously though, is there any real battery information out there in regards to the 40Kwh setup? I’ve yet to see any data, but I’d like to be directed to the info if available.

Look, here’s what you do. Whatever Nissan’s battery warranty is, assume that’s what you’ll get. Right now, it’s 70% after 8 years. I seriously doubt Nissan is going to release a car into the wild with a warranty it can’t meet.

That said, I don’t fully understand these random fonts who spend all day spreading fear and doubt about the LEAF. It really does seem orchestrated.

Watch the fade data, quit blaming it on others.