Video: Nissan Commercial Touts Passing 87,000 LEAFs Sold Worldwide

DEC 9 2013 BY JAY COLE 13

Nissan LEAF GB Promotes The Car And "The Number"

Nissan LEAF GB Promotes The Car And “The Number”

Nissan is ramping up the media anticipation level of being the first automaker to sell 6-digits worth of an electric vehicle as they have produced another in the series of commercials touting sales of the 75 mile EV.

Heading into November, over 87,000 LEAFs have now been sold worldwide, and it appears given the continuation of recent sales trends, the magic “100,000” will fall very early in 2014.

Last month, Nissan sold 2,003 LEAFs in the US, 1,257 in Japan and another 1,200-odd for the rest of the world (but mostly in Europe).  These numbers combined (4,460) bring the LEAF up to a current total of around 91,500 heading into December – which is traditionally the best selling month of plug-ins.

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the magic “100,000” will fall very early in 2013.

I think that needs to be fixed to say 2014.

Sure does…Thanks

The Leaf & the Volt were the first plug-ins to the market. It’s interesting that Nissan has sold more than 1/2 of its Leafs outside of the US (the plug-in leader), but GM has sold most (by a large majority) inside the US. This tells me either GM needs to sell more plug-ins outside of the US, or the Leaf should have been more popular in the US. I assume the US, being a larger country leads to the range extender route vs. Europe’s smaller countries, but still, this is a big discrepancy between the two vehicles. Price is also a factor and local laws/credits. Maybe it’s time for a worldwide BEV from GM. They could use the Spark, but I think a larger vehicle is in order too. Every year they wait, more of the international plug-in market is going elsewhere.

It may also be a function of where production lies. Until this year, all Leafs were made overseas. Chevrolet has chosen to make Volts in the US.

I agree though that demand should be greater in the US for BEV/EREV tech. I hope that changes soon.

Leafs sell reasonably well in Japan. Volts? Not so much.

Indeed pricing surely plays a role (the Ampera isn’t cheap), but mentalities may be what differs the most, along with the availability and efficiency of public transportation.

As far as I can see, Americans like to have vehicles that can do as much as possible, “just in case”. They tend to overestimate both their needs and their means, and are ok paying sometimes much more to cover that 1 day/year situation. Perception of freedom, or fear of not having enough, I don’t know.

Europeans, especially in the Northern half, are more likely to do the math and be ok with an EV that covers, say, 95%+ of their needs, and use another mode of transportation for the rest, like vacation: rent/borrow an ICE, or more likely fly or take the train.
Northern/western Europe tend to be more environmentally-conscious as well, maybe like US coasts.

Incentives favor BEV such as LEAF far more than cars like Volt over in Europe and Asia…

In the US the difference is smaller. In the State where the incentives vary greatly such as GA, the LEAF sells FAR MORE than Volt. So this proves that cost matters…

The 87,000 number was first published Nov 20 when Nissan reaffirmed its Zero Emission vehicle fleet (including BladeGlider, eNV200, Mobility Concept, and LEAF Aero Style) at te Tokyo Auto show.

LEAF: 87,000 global
LEAFs in US: ~40,274 as of Dec 3rd
– 2010: 19 (first LEAF was delivered 12/11 2010)
– 2011: 9,674 (Japan)
– 2012: 9,819 (Japan)
– 2013: 20,081 (sales Jan-Feb: 1,303 built in Japan & Mar-Nov: 19,778 buit in US)

Note: The number of LEAFs built in last 9 months of 2013 (in US) almost equals number imported/sold in the previous 27 months (Dec 2010 – Mar 2013). Also means ~50% of LEAFs in US are less than a year old! It’s just the beginning of EV evolution.

Volt: ~50,000 global (built in US)
– 2013: 20,702
– over 80% of Volts have been sold in US (making it highest volume US EV to date)

Spark BEV: 463 US (as of Dec 3rd, built in South Korea with motor built in US)

Styling , both exterior and interior is a major blocker to larger sales in the us.
Nissan needs a new design style.

I like it a lot.
Last seconds in the video. White is my favorite one.

Happy Birthday LEAF, at 87,000 plus sold – you’re the World’s Best Selling Electric Car!!!!

How let’s get the range up to 150-200 mile for a updated model MY 2015!!!

They should offer the Leaf with a 110KW motor option