U.S. Model-By-Model Market Share Plug-In Electric Vehicles – BEVs & PHEVs


It’s that time of month again…

“..here is how the two flavors of pie slice according to your stats.”

Tweets InsideEVs contributor Mark Larsen who forwarded us these two representations of U.S. plug-in electric vehicle sales.

Above you’ll see the model-by-model breakdown (by category – BEV & PHEV) of U.S. sales to date (through end of September using sales figures obtained via InsideEVs).

To check out a recap of September 2014′s plug-in sales, and the year-to-date chart – go here.

For a look at some of InsideEVs’ previously published works with graphical contributions from Larsen, check out the links below.

Cumulative US Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales – Model By Model Breakdown With Market Share Data

US Electric Vehicle Market Share – Model By Model Breakdown

Nissan LEAF Versus Chevy Volt – Cumulative Sales Graph With Exponential Curve

Cumulative Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales With Model-By-Model Breakdown For US – Behold Mount “EV”erest

*For more of Mark Larsen’s electric vehicle related works, check out his website here.

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7 Comments on "U.S. Model-By-Model Market Share Plug-In Electric Vehicles – BEVs & PHEVs"

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Kind of an interesting perspective since we usually see all of the EV and PHEV together in one chart. But looking at it like this it is clear there are only 2 real players in the EV field, Leaf and Tesla. Although I imagine the BMW i3 will eventually fill more of that chart in time.

What I see is the LEAF & Tesla still void of competition though I believe that soon to change for Nissan. Not bagging on the LEAF, just no one outside of the Ford Focus even in the lineup of 5 seat/multi state/economy class. I feel the LEAF will hold its place of dominance, but it can’t help but give up some of the pie when VW and Kia show up. The more the better though. More players also increase the pie.

While the US model break down by mdel is interesting … when are you going to do a global BEV & PHEV model breakdown?

Missing from the US only view are Mitsubihi Outlander, VW eGolf, etc are currently not available in N.America. Also a greater number of BMW i3 have been delivered in Europe. Globally the LEAF tops the global EV list at 140,000.

Also interesting would be a model by model comparison of US numbers vs. global numbers. We know there are 64,000 LEAFs in US vs. global … but how do the Volt, Model S, i3, etc. compare?

And the Asian models?

I am somewhat surprised by the Ford PHEV numbers. Of course, I know that Ford has been selling the Fusion and C-Max Energi cars and doing fairly well, but I hadn’t epxected their sales to be over 30,000. Not spectacular, but for 2 cars that I have never seen advertised, not bad…

Since we know more REx are sold than BEV, i3 should be put in PHEV category, like I do.

Yep, pretty amazing how fast the Ford PHEV sales have taken off. I expect their combined sales to overtake the Prius PHEV. I am guessing a better ride, more horsepower and a longer EV range are the reasons along with a higher EV only speed.