It’s Been Two Years Since I Ordered My Tesla Model 3 … Give Up?

Tesla Model 3


Two years ago, I was preparing to watch one of the most awaited events in the Elon-Musk-age: the Tesla Model 3 reveal. 31st of March 2016 at 8:30pm in California.

Touted as the first mass-produced, affordable long-range electric car in the world, expectations on Model 3 from fans and media alike were sky-high. Living in London, I had to wait till late into the night for the live stream, so I set my alarm clock at 4.15am Greenwich Mean Time, 1st of April.

*This article originally appeared on opportunity:energy. Author Carlo Ombello graciously shared it with InsideEVs.

I was to order mine online as soon as lines would open and the car would be revealed. As the alarm rang, I rushed to Tesla’s website to get ready for the event. Much to my surprise, pre-orders were already open (a last-minute decision to open orders one hour before the event to avoid overloading Tesla’s servers), so without thinking twice, I rushed to my credit card, filled in the online form and placed the order for delivery to my Milan address. Sight unseen.

Read This – Tesla Model 3 Depositors Seem Willing To Wait Out Delays

As the unveil event unrolled, expectations got fulfilled. The car looked gorgeous and the technology was exciting. The more I looked at the car and its shiny body, the more convinced I was. A converted petrolhead’s dream come true, the legacy carmakers’ nightmare in the flesh.

As the live stream wrapped up some 25 minutes later (and my girlfriend woke up wondering wth) my focus shifted and I got to reading all the articles and posts the web started gushing by the minute. Madness. My thirst for news and comments was eventually satisfied, and I made peace with the fact that I’d get my dream car almost two years later and not in any event before the end of 2017, after fulfillment of early American orders.

Fast forward two years and here I am, two (or three? I can’t remember) delays later in my personal Tesla order page. Mid-2018 delivery estimate turned into late 2018, then early 2019. Twelve more months of nothing lie ahead. At least I’m not holding my breath any longer, I just… sigh. Not that I wasn’t expecting delays.

Model 3 itself is a huge deal – a paradigm shift for Tesla and arguably the entire car sector. Once on track, its production will mean Tesla numbers to rival those of many legacy car makers around the world. Such a change would hardly happen without a hitch. And then there is Elon, whose innate optimism has fueled his life and companies’ growth, keeps making us dream and will hopefully be a long-lasting mark of our generation (perhaps over Trump, Putin, and stuff). Every single announcement by Musk has historically been sweetened by timeframe promises that are extremely hard to keep. I knew Model 3 would be no exception, so I’m surprisingly ok with this record-breaking three-year crazy wait for a car.

There are however other factors that have since come into play, which are important and can’t be neglected. Elon Musk’s long-term hope to spur investment and competition in the EV sector is fast becoming reality, with the first long-range mass-market crossover electric cars coming to market this year with remarkable specs. Cheers to that!

We don’t have to look at Nissan or Renault anymore for an nonexistent alternative to Tesla, Pandora’s box is now open. Audi, Hyundai, Mercedes, VW, BMW, Toyota and more… they are all here introducing their electric models for sale or teasing production-ready prototypes available for pre-order and delivery in less than Muskian timeframes. What should I do then? Keep waiting in line as American last-minute Tesla buyers skip the line and get their Model 3 ahead of me for geographic reasons, or give up and shop somewhere else instead? The thought is inevitable, the conclusions blurry.

What are my alternatives today? There is no perfect match in size and price, however, they range from the Hyundai Kona electric, first affordable long-range electric SUV, to the uber-stylish Jaguar I-Pace, or the soon available Audi e-tron Quattro and the Kia Niro EV, all with 400-480 km (250-300 mile) range and fast charging of 100-150 kW. None of these choices was available but three months ago. Hell, give it another six months and we’ll probably get just as many more models in production or tease-version, be it from Toyota, Mercedes or VW. What should I do… what should I do?

At the moment the answer is still quite simple. If the latest order update stays true, I will wait – undeterred – for my beloved Model 3. After all, one huge advantage of Tesla is still undisputed: the supercharger network. Tesla alone understood from the start the importance of investing in the creation and relentless growth of a vast network of powerful chargers to enable long distance travel without long stopovers.

Over 1200 supercharger stations worldwide later, this massive infrastructure is now a testament to Musk’s vision. The hard truth: for the whole package, Tesla is still – for another year or two – the best option. But please Elon, hurry, alternative infrastructure is catching up, it won’t be long before that last gap is filled and the alternative is real. Not just for me, but for the half million of us and counting.

Yours truly

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33 photos
2. Tesla Model 3 Range: 310 miles; 136/123 mpg-e. Still maintaining a long waiting list as production ramps up slowly, the new compact Tesla Model 3 sedan is a smaller and cheaper, but no less stylish, alternative, to the fledgling automaker’s popular Model S. This estimate is for a Model 3 with the “optional” (at $9,000) long-range battery, which is as of this writing still the only configuration available. The standard battery, which is expected to become available later in 2018, is estimated to run for 220 miles on a charge. Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.) Tesla Model 3 front seats Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!) Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 The Tesla Model 3 is not hiding anymore! Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs) Tesla Model 3 Inside the Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 rear seats Tesla Model 3 Road Trip arrives in Tallahassee Tesla Model 3 charges in Tallahassee, trunk open.

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If you cancel now, you have a significantly reduced chance of hurtling into the back of a fire truck however.
Join the thousands making the brave choice to cancel. You didn’t want a 60,000 quid car anyway.

That’s a little extreme. The car itself is very nice and worth the $50k that it costs. Their autonomous tech is bogus, though and best avoided.

By late 2019 the base model will be available and $50k won’t be the starting price anymore.

Right. We still don’t know the prices in Europe anyway.

Tesla will be out of business then so why bother.

I mean that’s really the argument, right? Get your money back while Tesla still has some cash in the bank.

if you wait another year– you’ll be in line with the $30 Billion in unpaid debts coming due. Oh, and that triggers all the CALL options on the credit lines.

I got an e-mail and it said you can order your model 3 owe just the expensive one they are not going by order number and screwing the people that wanted the 35 grans car i gurantee they will push delivery again BBB BBB BBB

Wow. The shorts are desperate.

Not Desperate Enough !

Do you actually think other cars crash less than a Tesla? They crash so often that nobody puts it on the news. There are far too many to be able to dedicate air time to them. At least with Tesla when one crashes it still a rare enough event so that it can go on the news.

Or are you simply trying to get other reservation holders out from in front of your reservation?

Yes, it looks that other comparable cars crash and burn their drivers less. Especially electric ones, Volt and Leaf so far as safest in “small 4 door car” category. Look at IIHS statistics. Look at highway fire statistics. All cars crash and burn, but chances are not the same.

Part (and only part) of this may be attributed to “hot rod” hype factor attracting reckless drivers or encouraging them to drive recklessly. It is part of the car sales pitch after all. But the end result is the same regardless.

Your last paragraph is a big factor. Leafs and Volts aren’t driven by people seeking 2-4s 0-60 times, people doing drag races on public roads, people driving 100+ mph, etc.

Your first link shows Lexus at both the highest (ES350) and lowest (CT200h) death rates in the luxury car category. I bet Volt and Leaf buyers have more in common with the latter than Tesla drivers

Not leasr because Leaf and Bold can NOT do >100mph.

Well they could go faster. I assume you mean they’re software limited because their is no legitimate reason for a road car in the US to drive faster than 100mph.

No, the Bolt is motor RPM limited to under 100 mph. The software limit is actual only 90 mph.

They are also limited in Germany.

BS detected.

You prove frequency of events with …. amplitude in artificial tests?

How would you like to crash into another vehicle at 60 mph without ever hitting the brakes? That Tesla’s does all the time.

Troll or home grown idiot?

No Model 3’s have been involved in hitting fire trucks yet. It appears to be an issue for the guys who have become complacent with EAP abilities.

Being complacent with EAP and AEB (lack of) abilities is part of the Tesla cult mythology. If somebody doesn’t believe the grand story, how many incentives are left to pay $1000/month for some BEV sedan anyway?

Oh please.

You don’t have to be complacent with Autopilot to see immense value in it. Nissan’s ProPilot is definitely less capable than Tesla’s Autopilot , but I still find it very useful in my Leaf without being complacent, and it was the primary reason I didn’t buy a Volt or Bolt (which have no similar tech).

Speak for yourself only, and stop making inane assumptions about others.

Little troll.

Self crashing cars are good for business

I would say, keep the deposit money in and see what happens. Doesn’t cost that much to carry $1,000 for a few years. I’ve had all ours for one month and everyday I appreciate what it is more. As an example, our family has been in crisis the past week. Coming home from the hospital at 5 a.m. with 4 family and friends in the car, I was tired, upset and fatigued. But I was comforted that on the empty freeways headed home I could set autopilot and have it drive us home much more clear-headed and thoughtfully than I could. It’s an incredible car.

If you’re an idiot, you will hurtle into the back of that fire truck whatever car you drive, unless you hurtle into a ditch in a drunken stupor first and kill yourself, (probably your greatest contribution to humanity since you won your primary school egg and spoon race). If you are not an idiot, and use autopilot as directed, you’ll be fine.

Yeah, that guy in Mountain View had a good job at Apple… must have been a real “idiot”, as you call him. RIP

What does having a good job to do with making poor decisions as a driver?

Looks like you roused the Muskites with that comment. Well done. Come 2020 this will all be moot. So many choices will be available by then.

I suggest anyone with more than 100 thumbs-down gets suspended for two weeks.

No worries here … this one is forever.

If you need your deposit money, by all means cancel. If you get out of line now though, you will probably regret it later, WHEN deliveries begin in England and you see and test drive the real thing. I know, it’s a long wait, but it will be even longer if you cancel now and then come back later.

So he should but the car in England with the steering wheel at the right (wrong) side, and use it in Milan, Italy which use the steering wheel on the left side. . .

He’s not buying a RHD car, he ordered it for delivery to Milan. The car is probably coming in through the UK regardless of it being a LHD car.

That said, what would be involved to purchase a vehicle in the US and ship it to Italy yourself? I’ve known several Volvo, Mercedes, and BMW owners that purchased US-spec cars in Europe and had them shipped to the US.

differen’t charging adapter

Yeah, it would need an aftermarket modification to be able to use the European Supercharger network.

Plus warranty is normally void upon export. Maybe not tesla?

That’s the problem, Tesla can “pull the plug” on you at any time… basically can turn the car into a paperweight if they don’t like where the car is being used, how you did an out of warranty repair or where you bought your parts.

so, yeah, if you export against their wishes they’ll pay you back somehow.

Hi Shane / John,

Yes it will be a left-hand-drive Model 3 for Italy’s right-hand-traffic. I may and probably will bring it to London, however here in the capital it doesn’t make much sense to use anything but public transport (I live central). When in Italy instead I often travel for 4-500 km at a time (holidays!) hence the need for as long a range as I can get from an EV. And suitable charging infrastructure! 🙂

I’m going to respectfully disagree. After Tesla converts the 200-300k of the reservations that will turn into actual purchases, there won’t be any significant wait. I cancelled mine back in January. Haven’t regretted it once since, even as some folks I know are getting theirs.

When the folks who lined up for the $35k Tesla find out there will never be such a thing, you may find that you are in a much shorter line than anticipated.

I’m a Tesla fan, but the 3 has missed many marks.

It’s sad to see even Tesla fans buying into the FUD that Tesla will cancel the $35,000 version of the Model 3. We know hundreds of thousands of reservation holders are waiting for the “Standard Range” version of the car; why would Tesla voluntarily blow up that much of its own market, and get everyone ticked off at them at the same time?

Adolf Hitler showed that repeating a Big Lie over and over does work. Unfortunately, hardcore Tesla bashers are having some success with the Big Lie too. 🙁

“why would Tesla voluntarily blow up that much of its own market, and get everyone ticked off at them at the same time?”
It’s about the money and the need to show a profit. Tesla is burning through cash like it grows on trees and investors are getting worried. The base model 3 is the first casualty. It’s about staying alive. There’s very little profit in the base model 3. There are some who actually wonder if there’s any profit at all in the base model 3.

Impatience is your Hallmark, it seems! In the Model S, you had to put down $40,000 USD to get the 1st shipped ones, there was no 100D, not even the D, at that time, no AP1.0 also, and the Model S 85 was only rated about 265 Miles, when it came out, and Superchargers were also not out yet, too!

So, the fact that the Dual Motor will come out before the Base Model 3, with the 220 Miles Range, is not evidence that there will never be a (Black) Model 3 for $35,000.00 USD!

There will never be a $35k model 3 that is eligible for a $7.5k discount. There will most likely never be a $35k model 3 at all.

The car is just not good enough to justify its current cost. It should have been simpler and cheaper.

He said Milan which is in Italy

2 years? That is nothing, I’ve been waiting for a decade…

There isn’t even a decent alternative to settle for if giving up the Model 3.

How do you think Tesla got 450,000 reservations? Because people across the worlds have been waiting for an affordable, good looking and usable EVs with decent range (> 200 miles) for decades…

That is the ONLY reason why it would have this many reservation to start with.

I know the feeling – waking up at a crazy hour in London, credit card ready. I actually cancelled my TM3 order a few months ago because I had to hand my Leaf back to the leasing company and my other car, an 8 year old Prius looked like it might give up. As it turns out, the Prius probably has a bit more life in it and I am starting to regret the TM3 cancellation. But, living in the UK my estimate was mid-2019 when I cancelled and a brand new one ordered today is for delivery in ’12-18 months’, so mid to late 2019. Therefore, my dilemma is: do I get back in line for the TM3 now or do I wait to see if the Prius gives up so I have to buy another car before mid 2019?

Prius regularly do 500-700K km. What are you doing to your poor beast?

220K and it has never broken down. Problem is: I am not technically minded and the garage know that. They have a green/amber/red rating for the service with the ambers being optional fixes. I usually say ‘yes’ to those, but the costs are increasing. At some point, it will be more economical to sell to someone less gullible than me.

Save Yourself Grief . Keep that Prius Going a Little longer Avoid an Extra car Purchase & wait , You’ll Never ‘t Regret it

Prius means oil and gas pollution though.

Hi Doubledutch,

I feel your pain. At least mine is LHD hence won’t be as delayed! Once I get mine I’ll write about it and probably organise a Grand Tour in UK… everyone invited! 🙂

If you don’t need the deposit, keep the reservation. As we’ve seen from the S and X, the cars continuously get better. So yes, your car will be very late, but it will be even better and up to date at time of purchase. In the meantime get a used Nissan Leaf, drive it into the ground over the next two years, and ten give it away when you finally get your M3

Actually you may want to keep the Leaf, especially now that Nissan intends to offer a refurbished battery in the U.S. for under $3k. In fact a used 2011 Leaf for $6k, plus a “refurb” battery could turn out to be the best EV deal going. I have a 2011 SV; it’s down 1 bar at 30k miles in 7.3 years; I find it to be a good solid dependable EV and I intend to keep it along with my TM3. when that gets here. The Leaf has cost me a replacement 12V battery and brake fluid.

Best post yet

If you drive a lot into cities, I’d check out the BMW i3 / i3 REX / i3Sport / i3Sport REX.
You can get a good lease deal, and then check out the market in 3 years.

Rather misleading title. I hasn’t been two years since his Model 3 was ordered. It has been two years since he put down a fully refundable payment to reserve a place in line to order when the car was available. Very different.

Yep – Came here to say the same thing.

Hi PapaSlabes,

Very good point. I swear it didn’t even cross my mind, tells us a lot about my conviction then! It probably helps that my Tesla page has a totally hypnotic “Your Model 3 delivery estimate” title on it. 🙂

Also, consider this: Tesla is really “Betting The Farm” on the Model 3! It’s success even drives savings for the Semi, leads buyers to the Coming New Roadster, and makes it easier to have a Win when they bring out the Model Y!

Not really. Tesla could continue on infinitely at just the 2,000+/week build level they hit for3 weeks last month (100K/yr build rate), and continue to sell just in the United States and they would STILL outsell every single small and midsize luxury car sold in the US. That would be levels double and triple many popular cars in those classes. They could still make a profit at that level they’ve already hit, and then use the Model Y and future line of pickups as their cash cow.

Too much has been made out of the Model 3 as if it were the last chance ever for Tesla if they don’t hit their own self-imposed high target numbers. The reality is that they’ve already made it with mass producing the Model 3, and production increases from here are all icing on the cake. The current 2K+/wk level puts the Model 3 comfortably into the top 20% of US vehicle sales. To claim it isn’t already successful would be to claim that 80+% of cars and trucks sold in the US that sell in even fewer numbers must also be unsuccessful.

My big thank you card that Elon sent said “Thank you for ordering a Model 3.” -Elon. Technically true but Elon is misleading too.

One of the Most Important thing that keeps me hanging on is the Tesla Charging Infrastructure ..If it weren’t for that I’d Probably “Consider” ? .. Jumping Ship Too. The other thing is, There isn’t any Real Attractive EV’s out there other than “Jaguar” With No Charging Infrastructure , Which I understand is the Size of KONA , and Jaguar will be Stupid “EXPENSIVE” with a So So Range. In Conclusion : Tesla Does have Superior Electronics Influenced In By “SPACEX” and Battery Technology Ahead of all others . They are HIGHLY CRITICIZED because they are Slow to Deliver ., They are NOVICE Co. That Started From “Scratch” and are Working Through Their Growing Pains . Most People Don’t Realize The Grandeur of Tesla’s Accomplishments in such a short time, As a New Comer Who Never Built Cars Before ..I Say, Give Tesla a Chance to catch up & get their feet Wet in the car business …They Create Excitement with Great Cars & Innovation that Only Tesla is “Willing and Capable of Doing” …As The Traditional Auto Makers Work their HARDEST to STOP EV PROGRESS & Keep us all in the 0ILY SM0KEY SMOG of the Dark Ages ..

Exactly, My favourite thought experiment is imagine if tesla disappears from the whole EV scene for some reason. how long would it take all of these wannabe EV pioneers ‘discover’ the high cost of batteries again and start abandoning the EVs, especially in the american markets.

right now short sellers goto line is tesla cant execute fast enough thats why its going to lose the advantage (as if) and run out of money. So essentially the entire short thesis is essentially ‘people love teslas, tesla cant build them fast enough so when they need money they’ll have trouble raising it’. needless to say pretty flimsy line of reasoning.

IMHO Elon should NOT try to build them as quickly as possible. if he does that bowing to market pressures that would not be good for Tesla brand recognition as bugs & defects will creep in thereby eroding the faith in brand. I suspect that is the ultimate motives of traditional automakers.

Well said 👍🏼

I too put down a deposit over 2 years ago on a Tesla Model 3. I have since canceled. It was the right decision for me. I didn’t want to spend more than $38,000 for any vehicle (electric or otherwise). It is clear to me that Tesla and Elon Musk have no intention of manufacturing the base model in any significant volume. If or when the base model is manufactured it will be in small numbers and sold to very high profile customers so they can get the word out of the base model being manufactured. If you’re waiting for the base model, I think you should cancel. If you’re not waiting for the base model, hold your place in line. Within the next two years you will get your model 3. Tesla has never delivered anything on time so I wasn’t expecting that to change (they have a tradition to uphold). I will settle for a used model 3 when the price drops below $35,000. Since canceling my reservation I bought a used 2014 BMW I3 Rex. It doesn’t have enough all electric range, but it has to do for now.

Timing Same 0ld Complaint, People Have ZER0 Patience and want everything they Order Today ,Yesterday . IMO. I would think that Very High Profile Customers will want a Very High Profile Loaded Up Model 3, and Not a Cheap Entry Level Model3…

Tesla will get the word out that they have made a few base model 3s when they finally do.
I will not hold it against Tesla for not making significant numbers of the model 3. For most of Tesla’s existence they have been operating in the red. If Tesla fails it will be a huge setback for alternative fuel vehicles in general and electric vehicles specifically. By selling the more expensive premium model 3s they can show a profit sooner rather than later and that should satisfy nervous investors, so I understand.

Can you hardcore Tesla fans try to take a step back and consider how your comments would be viewed by a normal person?

Getting tired of waiting after a year, let alone two years is not a sign of someone being impatient. It sounds absolutely ridiculous to put it like that. And it doesn’t help Tesla at all to go after people who offer the least bit of complaints/criticism like a pack of rabid dogs.

Are you really waiting to the base model? No other colour choice than black, no bigger wheels, no EAP or FSD? I suspect that most will not buy the ‘base’, but the ‘base plus’ some option. This is the same as all other cars: most do not buy the base.

I wanted the base model in white. I know that would have added $1,000 to the price. I made allowance for that.

So then, you just disproved your own argument! Tesla won’t make many of the rock-bottom “stripper” $35,000 Model 3’s, and not because they will refuse to make them, but because very few people will want them! Almost every Model 3 buyer is going to want at least one option which will raise the price above $35k.

Pushmi- pullyu, Tesla is not giving anyone a choice at this point, and they probably never will. I would take the “stripper” as you called it, opposed to what Tesla is offering now. The “stripper” will never happen. Tesla should be upfront about that. Anyone waiting for the base model 3 should cancel and put their money to better use some place else.

Just base. No autopilot junk. The hardware is there, if i want i could get it later. Hate glass roof, might shater of a rock is thrown at you while on the freeway.

“It is clear to me that Tesla and Elon Musk have no intention of manufacturing the base model in any significant volume. If or when the base model is manufactured it will be in small numbers…”

That is most probably correct… But not for the reason you insinuate.

Very few no-optioned “stripper” units are made by any auto maker. Most people actually do want at least one or two options on a car, which will raise the price.

But since Tesla allows a customer to choose his options when ordering, then Tesla will make a base, no-option “stripper” Model 3 for anyone who orders it, once that version of the car is available for sale.

“…and sold to very high profile customers so they can get the word out of the base model being manufactured.”

Tesla didn’t do this with the Model S or the Model X, so why do you think they’ll do that with the Model 3? It looks to me like you’re just expressing a fear of not getting what you want to buy. You have no reasonable or rational basis for that fear.

35k model would be sold to high profile customers 😂 yes when pigs fly. High profile costumers usually buys models with top spec since money is no issue. They won’t settle with fabric seats and no self driving capabilities. Have patience and give it some time when they are profitable they will introduce the 35k version which I think will happen before Christmas.

Good decision cutting the cord and ceasing to be rope a doped by Elon.

tsla at 294 you must be mad LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

I’m leaning towards getting the KONA, or maybe the Niro (if that doesn’t mean another eternity of waiting), but also keep my reservation. The long range version is likely too expensive for my liking (but I’ll have to know the price in Norway and the financing deal to say for sure), and I don’t know if there will be a dual-motor version of the short range, or, if so, what that will cost. If the base version is the only option for me it may well be 2020 before it arrives, if it arrives at all…

That’s why I reserved the KONA once I became aware it could be reserved at no cost, and that’s why it’s tempting to just buy it and postpone the decision about Model 3. The Kona will also be in short supply for a while, so I think the second hand value will hold up reasonably well.

Yea , But, The Kona is a Compliance car . Not a True Design Build EV..


Battery issues. Just like the ioniq

?? IONIQ has epic good efficiency and no known battery issues.
More FUD?

EVs sold in Norway are generally not compliance cars since there is nothing you need to comply for in Norway. Compliance models are more often dominating their import numbers since then you make your EU numbers look better first.

No Deposit..? ..You usually get what you pay for……

Kona is too small. Like a ford Ecosport

I was in the same boat and gave up. Its not the delay, its the recognition that the standard range model will always be at the end of the line. Its delayed indefinitely until Tesla can’t sell any more expensive version that it can come up with. There’s the real possibility that Tesla may never make the 35k car because they can’t do it profitably.
Its also worth realizing that there’s no advantage to keeping your 2+ year old reservation. Making a new reservation gives the same early 2019 date. No reason to tie up $1000 for 3 or more years.

Just keep the reservation. If a car that fits your wants becomes available before the Model 3, then cancel and use the $1k on it. Simple.

Money is cheap these days so just waiting shouldn’t be a problem. I’d be more worried about the possibility (however slim) of losing the deposit.

Greg, waiting is not the problem. Waiting in Vain is the problem. What are the chances of someone who wants a base model 3 getting one in the next 5 years? Slim to none! I think Tesla should come out and say something similar to this, “based on our projected Financial Obligations we find it necessary to cut back on the production of the base model 3 for the foreseeable future. The only version of the model 3 that will be produced at this time will be the premium version.” Or they can say like they did with the 40 kilowatt hour battery in the model S, “there’s no demand for the base model 3.” I think that would be better, rather than giving customers false hope.

I am just saying there is a risk, albeit small, people will not see their $1000 again. I agree waiting for something that may not arrive at all, or will arrive when there are other options available is not a great proposition. It is still a good idea for someone who wants to get model 3 asap and is willing to pay extra.

Hey Nix do Tesla put that non refundable deposit in escrow or saving account where they can get interest or no? I have been wondering

Tesla has two different kinds of deposits. Tesla’s refundable deposits for reservations are not put in escrow or savings. They are co-mingled with all other Tesla cash used for operations.

Tesla’s deposits for orders when people’s reservations come up, and buyers have configured their car and finalized their order are different. Those are the transferable but non-refundable deposits. If you don’t like a car you ordered when you see it, you can transfer your deposit to a different car, but you can’t request a refund. Those are subject to individual state laws. Some states require these be held in escrow, even if they are contractually listed as non-refundable in the contract. In case Tesla cannot deliver, the order deposit instantly becomes refundable since Tesla breached and not the buyer, and the escrow amount is returned to the buyer.

Tesla does get preferential line of credit interest rates for holding their cash in banks that give them those credit lines. So they do benefit indirectly. But they don’t list any interest income in their revenue reports.

Most analysts think they’ve quietly shelved the Semi and the Nuevo Roadster– no mention on conference call. Nikola has been booking all the big orders since Tesla put their truck on the back burner.

One has to assume that the $35K car, which they’ll never be able to build at a profit, has an even lower priority than the Semi.

That’s Tesla solution on how to make the money losing $35k (or $36k for those wanting non-black) reservation holders to go away. Keep delaying the base SR Model 3 delivery until the majority of the people that reserved wanted the base 3 cancel their reservations.
Then when enough people cancel, Tesla can claim “Look! See! No one wants the (extreme money losing for us) $35k Model 3! So since no one wants it, we’re gonna kill it and reset base Model 3 pricing to $40k since everyone wants AP anyways!”

It’s so obvious to see. To think anyone actually believed $35k Model 3’s were going to be delivered (outside of a few eventual token deliveries to keep the $35k promise) is laughable. Credit to Elon for that con job in his desperate attempts to keep the stock price inflated.

I’m in East Anglia and can’t see any real alternative for the Model 3 just yet.

I’m happy with my 2014 LEAF and will make an ordering decision when the time comes after test driving the 2019 LEAF and one or two other EV’s.

I’m on my third EV since Model 3 reservations started. I’m not a big fan of the Model 3 or Tesla but waiting three years for any car is just ridiculous. If you keep waiting for perfection you will never have anything.

In the meantime buy 3 cars that your “Not Happy With” and Waste Your Money ..

My opinion is that a lot if American buyers will be surprised at what Q3 brings.

Indeed! Judging by several posts in this discussion, a lot of people are going to be surprised when Tesla starts offering the $35k base model, which will probably happen in the third quarter this year!

Unlikely. Semi is cancelled, Roadster-II on the back burner.
Anything that doesn’t optimize cash flow is a very, very low priority right now.

Keep in mind, with all the talent fleeing Tesla lately, the one “boomarang” guy is the head of Finance– he does know the margins and he’ll tell them to NEVER build the base as long as they can book orders for the more expensive version. Do you guys really think the ATP is going down with AWD and dual-motor? Average test car so far is over $60K, with dual motors and new goodies they are shooting for $70K– which will easily be 60K pounds by the time it hits the docks in England.

Yep, Elon wants everyone to let the Semi fade into the background. Wait for the eventual announcement Semi production has also been delayed. Not nearly as many put down deposits compared to what Elon projected, so it has been sidelined indefinitely.

4th quarter

I wouldn’t bet on that. Standard range, yes, but not base model. I don’t expect the base model till 2019.

I gave up last Fall, waiting for the $38k M3 model that will never be built, or only in small numbers. I cancelled my reservation and received my deposit back from Tesla to purchase a Volt. My old ICE clunker became too expensive to maintain, the Volt purchase made the most sense. The LT model was discounted, costing me only $21k after tax incentives. I have driven 7000 EV miles since then and only 2000 gas miles for a few longer distance trips. The Volt is fun to drive and very economical, as long as tax incentives are available. .

Congratulations on your new Volt! With 50+ miles of all electric range this should save you lots of money not buying gasoline, especially with gas prices going up. The Volts I have been in were nice cars, comfortable and well appointed. Getting rid of the ICE clunker was the best decision! No more surprise breakdowns that suck more money into an end of life car.

I don’t understand the 2 thumbs down replies to this post. I love my 2017 volt!!! I can afford a Telsa, but choose to to spend my money differently. I don’t need a “status symbol” or a car that does 0 – 60 any faster than the volt does. People on this forum should support ALL cars that use less significantly less gas ( me, I went from 500 gallons a year to 40).

I’m planning on keeping my 2017 Volt for another couple of years before I get a BEV. I get 65-70 miles on my battery this time a years so all of my local driving is electric and I can still go anywhere without worrying about charging infrastructure. I did a 445 mile trip to Maine on Saturday without refueling (came back with 1KW in the battery and mayby a pint of gas in the tank so I cut it close). That trip would have been very difficult in a Tesla because of the lack of superchargers in Maine, the only option would have been Freeport which I would rather avoid. By 2020 the second generation GM EVs will be available as will the German EVs. Tesla should be in full production of the M3 which will make it possible to buy one without waiting for years. I want an EV with at least 350 miles of range, preferably 400, so I don’t have to rely on fast charging. By 2020 or 2021 there should be some good options. Until then the Volt is a good choice as a transitional electric.

BY all means, please give up. I encourage everyone to cancel their reservation now.

As for EV “competition” to Tesla, there isn’t one. Whatever you get will be limited to charging at 2 kW often times even with 350 kW or 10000 jigawatt charger thank to those who charge for free; they don’t care about your time, and you will wait. If you value your time (life), keep a gasser until Tesla catches up in production. Until then, CANCEL your Tesla reservation!

SparKEV, I Agree , Buy any other EV car and you are basically settling.

Or accepting reality that the base SR Model 3 will never come.

$1000 doesn’t break the bank and the production is ramping up, is the worse time to cancel, maybe a year ago but now the deliveries are happening faster.

You think the ongoing year in, year out, Model 3 wait is a bit long in the tooth?

Try the ongoing, seemingly on hold for an eternity, Model Y wait, to just place a reservation.

Or, if available by some chance, before the Model Y base vehicle hits the streets, the wait for The Bollinger B1, or, as a last ditch EV/ICE compromise, a 80 mile PHEV Workhorse W-15 truck.

Currently Limping along in a Lack Luster Leaf until then.

Come on Elon, your customer base is going to be gone, before too long!
It’s going to be a Production Hell Sad Song!

“After all, one huge advantage of Tesla is still undisputed: the supercharger network.”
I’m living in Germany. You can drive here like 350km (175km to your destination and back) mainly on the Autobahn without coming so close to any supercharger so using would make really sence.
But you’ll find at most Autobahn rest stops 50kW CCS chargers. Nearly every other BEV here is available with CCS, except for Renault/Nissan and of course Tesla. Renault is already a CCS member. I think the Zoe II will also be available with CCS. And 22kW Typ2 chargers are also in some cities more commons than e.g. CCS.

So the Tesla SC network is already just an advantage in certain situations.


I don’t know about Germany, but in many places Tesla’s can charge off of the chademo side of CCS/chademo combo chargers. Tesla is also a CCS member.

That doesn’t change the fact that you’re not using the SC network = the SC network isn’t an advantage in that case. And now read again what I quoted…


You have to work fairly hard to drive on the autobahn in Germany for 175 km without hitting a supercharger. And those 50 kW chargers are fairly useless on long trips.
By the way, 350 km is within the range of all Teslas sold so it’s not like you would need a charger anyway unless you drive poorly.

The SC network is and advantage in basically all situations even in Germany.

With that said I hope that the Model 3 comes with native CCS for Europe because it would increase the options.

“hope that the Model 3 comes with native CCS for Europe because it would increase the options.”

Eventually, I think that will happen. And hopefully for the North American market too.

Read again what I wrote. There’re (even Autobahn-like) streets beside the Autobahn without SCs.
According to the range oft a Model S (can’t find the battery capacity there) is far less than you said – even when driving slower than the officially recommended speed on Autobahns without speed-limit (130km/h).
Even the Tesla website says for Model S 75D (BTW: smallest was 60kWh, which was also available limited to 40kWh), 120km/h, 0°C and AC/heating on only a range of 318km.


I was at a show last night and one of the performers was outside talking with the audience afterwards Someone tipped off this woman, still in stage make-up but out of costume that I was the owner of the Tesla in the parking lot. She broke through the crowd around her and came up to me asking if I could give her a ride in my Tesla. I waited 2 1/2 years for my Tesla and it is still turning heads and stealing hearts, over 5 years later. We tore up the wet night roads and made the wind howl, blurring indigo skies into the amber lights along the way. There are no end of naysayers and TSLA short sellers, FUDsters and pragmatists alike. What you are asking all of us is whether you should give up on your dream. The wait is neurotic at a minimum. I feel you. From someone who has waited longer and spent more, I can tell you that patience rewards. You could keep waiting and be one of the first in your country, bringing thrills to strangers everywhere you go, long after the warranty expires. Or, you could regard your passion and excitement as… Read more »

Vexar, we are like-minded. 🙂
I just truly hope I won’t wake up to more delays, hopefully not. Actually hoping to get news this week as Musk promised to give details on 4WD and P version. I’m waiting for long range 4WD, P may even be an option if reasonably priced (impossible).

Definitely up for a Grand Tour with my new car when I collect it in Italy, particularly for my fellow British reservation holders!

Carlo, I picked up my Model 3 yesterday. Don’t give up your reservation. It is a car that inspires passion, that responds brilliantly to Grand Touring in the 1950s Italian sense: fast motoring with brio and style, a smooth fluid sense of oneness with the road, in great comfort and ease.

Don’t give up hope. She is coming to you…

Hi morrisg,

I honestly can’t wait! 🙂


What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

I picked up my used (1 year old) Mercedes BClass EV the day before and still went into a UK Tesla store to put my deposit down more than 12 hours before the reveal (lines open 8am local).
At the time I was a little concerned I’d be trading in the B250e too quickly but Even being ahead of you in the UK queue I’ve already had 2 years 2 months use with at least another 12 months to go. Even now that would be my advice; go buy a used first-gen EV to get most of the benefits now. Used values are holding well so you’ll probably save more in fuel than you lose in depreciation! That will keep you going 12 to 24 months for the version of model 3 you really want (the experience will help you decide if short range is enough as well as allowing you to wait for the $35k version (or whatever the GBP price ends up at).
Best of luck; it’s rare that anyone regrets buying (any) EV.

Used Volts and Leafs are super cheap- well under $10k what with so many coming off lease. Depreciation of new ones has been high. Depreciation on a $6000 car should be minimal.

2 years ago you did NOT *order* a 3.

Our 2004 Hyundai Sonata was up on it’s service life having logged 260K miles and had to be replaced. The Model 3 was not a good choice as a commuter car but the Chevrolet Bolt was! We took delivery and we love it. I dont want a Model 3 because of the ergonomics and Tesla’s ongoing issues with reliability, maintenance, logistics and costs. The Bolt EV fits nicely at only half the cost. The Model 3 was too late and not a good deal for the money.

I don’t know anybody who ordered overseas who didn’t already expect around a 3 year wait in the first place when they put down their deposit. Those that I know were surprised to see the much earlier than expected dates on the Tesla website for their deliveries, much like US reservation holders who were surprised at how early the initial delivery windows were on the Tesla website. Now many people are seeing dates that now line back up with their original expectations. Some may have forgotten what those original expectations were when they put down their deposits…

Rich people complainig about thier cars. Wait for model 3 if its delay another year then go with the Audi or ipace

“the Hyundai Kona electric, first affordable long-range electric SUV”

Look, I like the Kona. It’s a great entry into the EV space. But it is not an SUV. it’s a small hatchback. I love hatchbacks. Hatchbacks are great.

It is not as if there’s no waiting line for other ev’s. Here in Denmark there are a one year waiting list for a Nissan leaf if you want one with optional equipment.

I had to choose in 2016 and went with a BMW i3-REx and Prius Prime. Both plug-in hybrids solved my problem with limited numbers of slow charging networks. Today my decision might have been a Model 3 because of the SuperCharger network.

Tesla autopilot systems do not snatch the steering wheel, brake, and accelerator from the driver. Our plug-ins have dynamic cruise control and automatic braking to avoid a collision. But I drive the cars as these safety systems augment, not replace, the driver’s responsibilities.

It doesn’t take a Tesla and autopilot to crash a car. With proms coming up, we’ll soon see plenty of fatal car accidents in dumb cars. It is the driver who needs to do the right thing.

Is this the same Bob Wilson of Prius fame? If so, WE’RE NOT WORTHY! WE’RE NOT WORTHY! As you transition to EV, I hope you make as much contribution to EV as you did with Prius.

Give up, no way, (and my Model 3 is not due until October 2019). Why? Because supercharger network. Without it, I am stuck in Scotland (lots and lots of free public charging, one within 100 metres of my front door), or the UK at best (multiple expensive subscriptions, but manageable at least). Not beyond.

When (if?) Tesla ever catches up to to demand, it’ll take only a month or two delay before you get yours in Scotland. As such, reservation would make little difference. CANCEL!

What are you driving today? If it’s a gasomobile, buy or lease Bolt EV and keep your TM3 reservation. When it is time to turn in the Bolt, you can convert your TM3 reservation.

Get a pre-owned Model S if you need a car right now. Else wait…

I put my deposit down on March 31, 2016 and just got my car. It’s amazing!!! I love it. It was worth the wait. I would say – Don’t give up!

Nobody dreams of owning a Hyundai Kona or Kia Niro. That’s where the Tesla Model 3 is different – it just looks so much better.

There is a real advantage to being pushed out to 2019. Tesla’s manufacturing and quality problems should be mostly solved by then, the early Model 3s had Soviet levels of fit and finish, supposedly that’s much better now but if I were you I’d want a car that was fully built by automation not one that’s partially hand built. By 2019 the full range of options will be available. They are just now introducing the AWD option, you wouldn’t want the first one off the line, by 2019 AWD will have been in production long enough that they will have worked out the bugs. There is also the possibility that they will bump the range up a bit by then. The M3 will have been in production for 2 years by 2019, 2 years should translate into a 10-15% improvement in battery tech, maybe they will offer a longer range version. Finally by 2019 there should be more alternatives to look at. Every auto company has promised a fleet of EVs but until they actually ship them there is no way of knowing how good they will be.

I was running out of patience 3 weeks ago and received Tesla emailed to configure my 3! My car will be ready in 2 weeks. Worth the damn wait. Btw, screw the trollers above and below!

I had joined the reservation list the day of the announcement, paid usd 1000. Yet when I wanted “to get ready” and buy a home charger they refused claiming I am not a customer … I bought a Wallbox Pulsar instead and made 3 more reservations one for each Microlino, Sondors cars, Uniti one. And if Honda delivers my favorite will be the Honda Sports EV replacing my Tesla reservation.

Be patient and woke!

The reservation is meaningless, the high-end Model3 will go on sale first then that’ll be opened up to everyone at least a year before the UK sees a single “low-cost” Model3………..assuming it is even real.

In the meantime there’s a reasonable chance that all the people who have collectively loaned Tesla a half a billion dollars (not in escrow but used for working capital), interest free, for goods like “full self driving software” and “model3 reservations” will never see their goods or their money.